Keepsake Book ~~ The Guys Receive Them in Palermo!

Hey, Everyone!

We received this e-mail from Lydka this morning:

Hello Marie,
I have to ask because I’m curious.:-) I saw photos in which boys received presents from fans.It can be seen on the pictures that they also got a book and Piero views the book and me came to mind this idea, that maybe it is book from Il Volo Flight Crew ! 🙂 Marie, is it possible?

She provided pictures from someone named Victoria (Lydka, tell me if I’m wrong so I can give correct credit [CORRECTION:  Thank you to Philly Sara for taking/posting these pictures!]), and…..

…YES!  It’s more than possible!  IT’S TRUE!

I knew that they had received them, because LiJoy told me before she boarded  the plane for home last night, but it is still very exciting to see how it happened.  For some reason it never occurred to me that they might have received them during the show!

Thank you, LiJoy, for taking our gift to them! 


Here’s how many people saw the presentation of our Keepsake book!

15 thoughts on “Keepsake Book ~~ The Guys Receive Them in Palermo!”

  1. Marie, at photos it was written Teatro Di Verdura by Pilly Sara, she added the photos. I don’t know whether she made pictures by herself.

    1. Kelly excuse me, I have erred, because usually communicate with Marie. 🙂 Later I noticed that the post is from you, not from Marie. Again Kelly, I apologize you !

  2. That’s ok Lydka, Kelly and I are interchangeable.

    Kelly, what a great job you did from finding the publishing company to gathering greetings and making sure it got printed and then to Lijoy at the correct time and place. The Guys are obviously impressed. You made us look good! By February and March the Boys will know that Flight Crew badge (same as the front of the book) like the back of their hand!

    Flight Crew..whose greetings are Piero reading on stage? Yours?

    1. Oops! I was so excited and grateful to Kelly that I forgot to thank YOU…The Crew…You paid to have the book made and you all sent in all the wonderful stories and well wishes. Hope you’re all proud of yourselves!!

  3. What an awesome finale to such a great gift…seeing the photos of them actually receiving the books! This can make us all feel a little closer to them as they now have us right in their hands. Oh wait, they have had us in the palm of their hands for quite some time now, and we love it! Thank you to all who put such love and effort into making this gift a reality!

  4. hi all
    i was at the palermo concert and saw the guys receive their gift. they looked really surprised and very chuffed, that’s northern english for appreciative. the concert was more awesome than ever, magnificent !

  5. Thrilled about the books! Palermo loved them!
    I want to share my favorite Il Volo video of the week. Marie: you will love the big guy at the beginning and end with his antics but hang on until the 11 minute mark for duet. But Gianluca sounds so beautiful at about 4:38. Dang, this guy can sing pop. Hanging out and making music:

    1. Eileen! I love this! Jane and I have seen, then lost, it and have been looking! We saw it on periscope which disappeared. Glad to see someone put it on Youtube! It will be a classic. Show’s so much personality. Our sweet Gianluca takes it all in such good humor. I would have made Ignazio eat that sax around the time Gianluca screamed for an ambulance! Well, maybe not Ignazio, but if had been anyone else I would have.

      I am praying for “All of Me” on an album soon. Not the first time we have been teased with this one.

  6. No problem, Lydka! And thanks for bringing the pictures to our attention. 🙂 I’m so tickled that we get such a visual. 🙂
    Thanks, Marie; I’m so glad it worked out, but I’m not really the one to thank. Thanks again to all of you for donating money, sending in your requests and again to Lisa for carrying them with her. 🙂

  7. So glad to see that The Guys got the books, delivered by our own Lisa Joy! Great pictures, too. All in all, a job well done!

  8. I am sure our guys were very appreciative and impressed with the lovely books…big thanks to all who brought the books to final form and special delivery by Lisa!! Love to all, ♥♥♥

  9. I love Gianluca singing All of You. I had seen Ignazio singing this on Twitter before and I was mesmerized. I would love to hear one or all of them sing Stay With Me by Sam Smith. I believe that would push me over the edge.

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