Here’s a section of one of the pictures of the Boys with our keepsake book.  I wonder what Piero is saying?

a tidbit13


You send me little tidbits. I love it! You may think I overlooked them or deleted them, but I don’t. I have filed them away to share along with other tidbits. Like now.

This first one you didn’t send me. I stole it from one of the comments on “Kitty’s Kibbles”. It was written by our Prese Pasco. I’d swear she was talking about me until she mentioned her grandchildren. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who can relate. Hello, Gerhardt!

“Loretta, you sound just like me. I wake up at about 4:00-5:00 am everyday. Wash my face, brush my teeth, hair and apply my moisturizer. Pick-up my two iPads, earpods, cell phone, house phone and head on down to the kitchen for first cup of coffee (timer on for 4am). Turn on iPad, go to Youtube and my IL VOLO playlist and first song of the day, “CANZONE PER TE” while taking my first sip of coffee. Then visit my gmail where my Flight Crew family lives to get news of our guys.. Then to Facebook and Twitter then finally, IL VOLO Tumbler. This takes about 3 hours until some one awakes and shatters my quite time with my guys.. I’m told that I too, am obsessed with the guys. I just smile and say to them “I know you like them. You’re just jealous ’cause you’ve never met them”. Eyes rolling, I’m left alone with IL VOLO once again. My grand daughters, ages from 32 down to 10, think my love for the guys is adorable. They always ask how they are doing. My great grandson Gerhardt who is 2 years old and knows how to open my iPad, squeals with glee when the screensaver comes into view with my pict with the guys. He says, “great Nama and IL VOLO. BRAVO. I ask him who is next to me wearing blue (by the way, Gerhardt’s bday, 2/11/13), he says ” Gianluca” and blows kisses at the ipad. Still in training. Next will be his brother Kazz. Can’t wait for 3/25/16. Hope to meet all of you, well most of you, in Las Vegas.


Here is a comparison Penina suggested. She said, “I’m sending this one because of the contrast in the way they sing it nowadays–besides the obvious–the way the look now, the way they sound, etc. CUTE AS BUTTONS and OMG their hair!”

a tidbit5

Here ⇒ http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-85a25c92-0d7e-4def-adfa-8ee7f8b30273.html?iframe

You’re right Penina, they’re a little different now. Makes you want to smile and weep at the same time.


Mary Strickler said these were “A must have for the discriminating Il Volo Flight Crew traveler!”

a tidbit jj


Gina sent me this. So beautiful!

a tidbit11
Credit Assisi Assisiumbria


a tidbitI heard this on TV the other night. “If you don’t cook Italian food with love, it’s not Italian food.”


We like to remember when they were young, someone sent me this little jewel. I guess they didn’t magically get their talent yesterday.


I sent this video to Gina.

Gina said, “Thanks. I liked Frank Sinatra and liked Elvis in many of his songs. This reminds me of Piero and Ignazio. The easy way they have with each other. Gianluca is a ‘treasure’ he concentrates hard on being perfect. I WAS ALWAYS IN LOVE WITH…….”

 Italian American Singers

Italian-American singers came into prominence with the birth of popular music in the early 1940s.  Here’s a short list of singers from North and South America who share an Italian heritage:

Entertainers 1920s–1950s

Frank Sinatra - Dean Martin - Tony Bennett
Frank Sinatra – Dean Martin – Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett (Anthony Dominick Benedetto) (1926) – singer, accomplished painter
Perry Como (Pierino Ronald Como) (1912–2001) – singer, film actor, TV host
Don Cornell (Luigi Varlaro) (1919) – singer
Vic Damone (Vito Rocco Farinola) (1928) – singer, actor, TV host
Jimmy Durante (1893–1980) – vaudeville star, radio personality, singer, film actor
Eydie Gormé (Edith Gormezano) (1931) – Jewish-Italian singing partner of Steve Lawrence
Buddy Greco (Armando Greco) (1926) – singer, pianist
Morgana King (Maria Grazia Morgana Messina) (1930) – jazz singer, film actor
Dean Martin (Dino Paul Crocetti) (1917–1995) – singer, film actor, TV host
Al Martino (Alfred Cini) (1927–2009) – singer, film actor
Frank Sinatra (1915–1998) – singer, film actor, TV host
Jerry Vale (Gennaro Luigi Vitaliano) (1932) – singer


And finally…I wasn’t going to tell you about dinner the other night, but since the Paparazzi caught us I thought I might as well show you.
Italian Romantic pose -when Ignazio came over

Thanks for your tidbits Ladies


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  1. Now those singers you listed were the best singers & THEY could sing not holler.
    Those singers are the ones I grew up with & they knew how to sing.
    I can see your still dreaming, so dream away if your too long with him at Vegas I will be stepping in & tapping you on the shoulder

      1. Marie, regarding your list of Italian singers, maybe you are just too young but you left off one of my favorite singers, Mario Lanza, (Alfred Arnold Cocozza), 1/31/21 – 10/07/59. It was said of him that he brought opera into our living rooms. Just thought you should know. Thanks for the list, it was good to see all those names again.

  2. Love this, Marie! I am going to brunch with family for my birthday! BD was on Fri! Perry Como lived in PA & was a barber before he was discovered! Family business I think. Was a town not far from Pittsburgh.

    1. Happy Birthday , Anne ! May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. 🙂

    2. Happy birthday Anne have a wonderful brunch. Perry started his barber shop when he was 16 or so I read. He started worked sweeping floors at a barber shop & that barber taught him how to cut hair. I was looking to find who sang Its Impossible & discovered Perry was the one who sang it & there was a small bio of him. That song is another song Gianluca could croon just right

    3. Hi Anne
      My mom was from Pa, and I often heard about Perry Como being the barber in her town. I think the town was Canonsburg.

  3. Les Reed addressed these words to Il Volo , one of the composers of Delilah, has seen their performance of Delilah from Pompeii:
    “These guys certainly do justice to our song. Lovely version of our song Delilah. Barry Mason and I extend our sincere thanks and love to this incredible group of entertainers. Just wonderful.”
    Great praise for boys ! 🙂

    1. Wow! Is that ever neat. Thanks for sharing this Lydka. What a great compliment from a composer no less! Great post today, Marie. I really enjoyed it and am so happy you and your man finally got out on that date. Lovely gown you wore! 🙂

  4. Dear Marie

    What a great post for a beautiufl Sunday I love the flashback pictures when the boys were younger to see how much they have grown and matured into amazing men so great. Piero looking through the keepsake book I know all three of the guys loved those books they know how much time was spent on them I”m sure they appreciate them very much.
    Have a great day. Thanks for wonderful post.

  5. We may miss those times when they were kids but one thing I think we can celebrate is that – as far as I can see with them this far in their lives – they are still the wonderful grounded beautiful people they always were. Just more mature. It is my hope they will stay that way.

  6. Great post, Marie! I love the picture of the Guys receiving the keepsake book from our own Lisa Joy…but I don’t like the picture of you with your lips all over my Wild Thing! 😀 You gave me a good laugh today, and I’m always grateful for that. I always enjoy your posts. Much love to you, you wonderfully crazy girl, you!

  7. Its always fun to look back and see them in their “puppy” stageI I know much has been made of the weight loss of Ignazio but take another look at young Piero, he must have dropped those extra 30 lbs of puppy fat overnight!!!
    Why is it men can lose weight so much easier than women? I’m a old seadog now and still struggling!
    Best part will always be how they have continued to grow in kindness and affection for each other and for their fans. Aren’t we all so very lucky to have this amazing trio today?
    Thanks ooodles of poodles Marie!

    1. Today I was looking at the Live from Pompeii PBS special that I recorded. When Piero introduces his aria, and again when he takes his bow after performing it, he reminds me so much of his younger innocent self. He gets that same “puppy-ish” grin on his face, when he says he hopes he will not disappoint us (as if he could EVER disappoint us). We are definitely lucky to have these amazing young men singing for us today.
      BTW, Itunes has the new CD available for pre-order. I heard a snippet of the new single & it is really great (I never expected anything But that!). There are actually 3 CD’s available on September 25th on Itunes.

      1. I had to go back and rewatch Piero’s introduction of this aria at Pompeii ( darn! what a task!) and then I HAD to watch the song and THEN I had to watch the entire concert again. Yes, he certainly did look sweet introducing his aria and his ” I hope I don’t disappoint ” AS IF HE COULD!!! Silly boy. I would happily watch him sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and swoon if he sang a pirate song!

  8. Hey Piratesorka I thought I was the only one who noticed how much weight Piero lost. It must have been the workouts he continues to do to this day. I know I can’t do what he does. Oh well. like you also said the best part is how they continue to grow in Kindness and affection for each other and thier fans.
    Have a great day.

  9. Marie, that is the funniest misuse of photo shop that I have ever seen! But I am still laughing at it! If my husband was not so engrossed in the the Saints preseason game right now, I am sure he would check to see what I was laughing so much about! Someone needs to take a picture of you & Loretta draped on either side of Ignazio in Las Vegas! Y’all won’t mind doing that, will you?

  10. Hey lynn what a wonderful idea. Are you going to be at Vegas then you can take the picture as for Ignazio, Penina I think he would be all for the attention

      1. Unfortunately, I will not be able to join y’all in Vegas this time. But there had better be lots of pictures, with & without Ignazio, so I can see all the fun y’all are having there!

  11. Enjoyed this. Just yesterday I was watching the Detroit PBS show. Oh they were so adorable. And I often play the YouTube of Piero playing piano. I studied piano about 10 yrs, not even close to how well he plays.

      1. We have seen that. We would like to leave the gossip columns to the Paparazzi rags. Italy has it’s “Enquirer” too. The more our Guys fame increases the more those “rags” (like gossipblog) will have to say. I know I push the limits sometimes, but I like to think we publish things that respect them and their privacy.

        This site is open to opinion, so I’m leaving the above link….only because you posted it Lydka.

      2. Marie,normally I am not interested in these things,but I did not know exactly about what comment or article Gale wrote,but I wanted to answer him, so I tried, into the Google search , to put keywords and I was surprised how many articles I found, I picked one at random,but later I regretted it.Everyone has the right to privacy, but unfortunately in today’s world it is difficult for famous people hide some things,on the other hand, Gian is a young man and it is understandable that he has a girlfriend and have to reckon with the fact that sometimes paparazzi will take photos with her.Of course, I repeat that I’m sorry that I put here the link to the article, personally these photos until this morning I did not see. It was a bad decision, and if you want, Marie, you can delete the post.I respect the privacy of everyone and yet you see I made a mistake, but it certainly will not happen anymore ! Now I have very bad feeling about myself… 🙁

      3. Lydka, Please do not feel badly. You did nothing wrong. I am a little overprotective of our guys. We cannot hide our heads and pretend things are not happening. Like I said this site is open for opinion. All opinions and news. I have only deleted comments twice ever. You did the correct thing. Thank you for always looking for answers to questions we have.

      4. Thanks for your words, Marie, I feel better now :-), but even so next time I will not share this kind of articles, even so I am probably the last of this site, who saw those photos. 😀 I really usually don’t read this type of articles.

    1. Lydka,
      Thank you for the information, again I was just curious, I am a female, my parents just spelled my name as a male would, for whatever reason.

      1. Sorry Gale, today I have a really bad day,rather I will not write anything….I think that only in English-speaking countries parents give men’s names to women.I do not understand this habit. In my country by name you always know who is woman and who is man ,without doubt 🙂 Once again big apology !!

    1. Yes, the most beautiful is to spread love and just nice and honest information. 🙂 I send you my beloved video, from Eurovision , I love it, from it you can feel so many positive vibrations and a lot of love,…

  12. I was so very, very proud of them that day – and every day, for that matter.

    Marie and Loretta, I thoroughly enjoy reading your squabbles over Ignazio. And that picture of you kissing Ignazio , Marie, is a hoot!

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