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massimo Messina

Don’t you just love the way the guys jump at the end of a performance? What a fitting way to end a concert! Just another way that they express their joy in what they are doing.

jumping 7It started, I think, with jumping from a riser that was part of the stage scenery, but then, when they didn’t have the riser, they just improvised and jumped anyway. So cute! It’s amazing how high they can go just taking off from the floor. I love the way Piero tucks his legs up when he blasts off.

They jumped into each others’ arms when jumping 3Gianluca made the soccer point for his team…Piero and Ignazio so happy for their brother. And who could forget the group jump when they won the award at Sanremo? What a joyful occasion that was!

jumping 13We know that Piero likes to jump from all kinds of things….like off the side of a ship or out of a speedboat while going ??? miles an hour. I think I even saw him jump off a cliff once, too. jumping 9

Maybe my favorite jump was made by Gianluca in the Il Volo Takes Flight concert. Remember the curly hair? He was standing on the wall/railing by the steps while they were singing Reloj. He was singing, holding his mike, and smiling his sweet jumping 18smile when he jumped so gracefully onto the step, never missing a beat of the song.
Ignazio likes to jump off of the stage to greet fans in the audience. He is so genuine and generous with his bestowals, whether patting a youngster on the head or kissing a grandma on the cheek. I have a special memory of the time that they were performing at the Orpheum theater in Minneapolis. jumping 10
They were singing Mama and giving out roses to the women fans as they did when singing that song. They usually jumped down from the stage and walked down the aisles doing this. But the seating in that theater didn’t leave room between the stage and the front row for jumping down, so they had to throw the roses out into the audience. I was sitting in the front row, and oh, how I wanted one of those roses! Ignazio, bless his heart, must have seen the longing on my face, because he bent down and reached way out to hand me a rose. It is still sitting on my computer desk, dry and faded, but oh so precious.

jumping 4Let’s hope they keep jumping for joy for a long time. I personally hope that they never decide that it’s too juvenile. I really can’t see them ever getting so mature that they give up their boyish antics.
Wish I could be around long enough to see them acting up on the stage when they are in their thirties…forties?? Still jumping?? I hope so. Keep jumping for joy, guys….you are forever young as long as you keep that enthusiasm.
jumping 15

19 thoughts on “Jumping for Joy ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. All so true. And when they do their jumps our hearts are jumping out of our chests with joy. Love love love❤️

  2. Mary, Maybe you could press that rose in a book of Il Volo memories. It would stay forever. Joanie G

    1. Joan, I think it’s too dry to press now. But it is holding its shape pretty well and right where I can see it when I sit down at the computer. Great memory.

  3. Let us hope that now that they are finally coming to Las Vegas for a full concert that Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero will jump for joy in this desert city, too. Hooray !

  4. Mary, I too, hope they keep jumping for joy after each concert. I loved your article, and smiled the whole time I read it. They jumped into my heart the first time I heard them sing on the first PBS special from Detroit. And they will stay in my heart forever.

  5. They really must have springs in those legs!. Ignazio seems fond of jumping off a piano these days which accounts for him getting some serious air. I never noticed the leg tucks of Piero until just recently. We need to remember that these young guys have been jumping all their lives for soccer balls, so that accounts for Gianluca’ great springs after wining the Latin award.

  6. Love the jumps at the concerts end!!! I love anything they do, crazy is fun, hope they don’t change!!! I always loved Gicanluca’s jump in El Reloj! I’m with you, Mary hope I am around a few more years to love & enjoy these beautiful young men!!! Grande Amore!!!

  7. You know I would never say anything bad about them or to them except this…”Ignazio! Stop jumping off the piano like that, you idiot! If you hurt your fool self 90% the people on this site will weep! Now, you wouldn’t want to cause that, would you?”

    1. Marie, if he did hurt himself (and I mean VERY minor, God forbid), wouldn’t you want to be the one to kiss the boo boo?

    2. Actually, since I have bad knees I always think how I would tell him to “STOP THAT JUMPING OFF THE PIANO but at their age they are supermen, so there you have it. But I bet YOU could tell him, whisper it in his ear!

  8. Mary, that is a super article! Every time I see them jump, my heart skips a beat! I forget that they are young and in very good shape! I think they are trying to fly..after all they are “the Flight”…. March is 6 months away….gives us all something to look forward to!! Make that 6 1/2 months for us in Texas!! DOT…..

  9. P.S. tropical storm Ignacio ( weather people can’t spell) is the Atlantic! Maybe he’ll get here before March!!♡ Dot….

  10. Love the jumps and Piero has a tremendous lift off with his legs up in the air. They literally take flight and it is with joy! I just hope they don’t hurt themselves, especially since Ignazio is jumping up from the height of the piano. He also seems to be doing a jump and spin on steps at the beginning of his part in “Surrender” which also looks quite dangerous but is so much fun to see. God bless them and keep them safe.

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