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Happy Wednesday!

Glad people had some fun with the dancing post!  Our guys are having fun, as they should be!  They have flown back to Italy and are on their way home.  I’m sure they are missing the sunny beaches and the Atlantic ocean right now.  I know I would be…

What could they possibly be up to next?  What surprises do they have in store for us?  Gianluca is always such a tease, but they have yet to fail to amaze us, so all we can do is wait in anticipation for what comes next!

Until then, please enjoy these few  pictures!  Thanks always to the guys for keeping us smiling by sending us their pictures and IlVoloMundialOficial / Il Volo Music!  🙂


And, a “little” skin from Igna!  🙂   Such beautiful, broad shoulders, to lay your head upon…and have a good cry, while he embraces you with his arms…