Happy Wednesday!

Glad people had some fun with the dancing post!  Our guys are having fun, as they should be!  They have flown back to Italy and are on their way home.  I’m sure they are missing the sunny beaches and the Atlantic ocean right now.  I know I would be…

What could they possibly be up to next?  What surprises do they have in store for us?  Gianluca is always such a tease, but they have yet to fail to amaze us, so all we can do is wait in anticipation for what comes next!

Until then, please enjoy these few  pictures!  Thanks always to the guys for keeping us smiling by sending us their pictures and IlVoloMundialOficial / Il Volo Music!  🙂


And, a “little” skin from Igna!  🙂   Such beautiful, broad shoulders, to lay your head upon…and have a good cry, while he embraces you with his arms…




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    1. Of course it sounds strange, in fact it was a girl disguised as a nun. It was a party at Estefan Kitchen

    2. Loretta, I also thought how ironic it was that we were all just commenting on how we rarely see Ignazio without his shirt…….and then, there he is standing shirtless next to a nun! ROFL I knew she wasn’t a real nun but the image still made me laugh a little.

  1. Jana, the boys arrived home. As it is still cold here, they will surely regret the sun, the beaches and the fun. Yes, I have to say this, when the boys are out of Italy, we see them more relaxed, more likely to have fun.

  2. Marie, you could also dress as a nun, riding a pony, holding a baby with a puppy trotting along beside you. He wouldn’t know what to grab first🙂

      1. Daniela, I could do that too.I should try it first, and when it works I might let Marie know.
        Although,after all that talk about Gianluca and his apple I don’t think I should dress as a nun! Do you?

    1. Gianluca looks like “Adam” in the Garden of Eden in that picture with the apple! He’s already taken two bites out of it! I think Jill and I could be his two “Eve’s”……and certainly not “nuns”! LOL What do you think Jill? 😉

      1. Oh Marie, if the truth be known, I HAVE dressed as a nun for Halloween a couple times in the recent past! I used to play dress up as a nun when my sis and I were kids. But I KNEW that would never be my life calling. LOL

  3. Jill and Pat, are you not happy after Gian’s apple bite?
    Insatiably, let Marie get dressed as a nun, ride a pony accompanied by a baby with a dog.

    1. Daniela I am happy with the bite of Gianluca’s Apple, but maybe Ignazio has a bigger and more tasty apple!🍎
      There can only be
      one Eve in the garden of Eden,and I think Pat took that job!🙂 I think it might have been a mistake to tell Marie about my plan. Right now I am looking for a baby, a pony, and a puppy to borrow. I hope Marie doesn’t get to him first. She is right in saying if I dressed as a nun,lightening would strike⚡️

  4. Ok, I’ve got you all beat. I met with my psychic lady and she’s convinced i was married to, possibly, igna, in a past lifetime in italy, and not too long ago, either! Lol. However, I stupidly left him for someone else, but he was not mad at me for doing it. What a guy!!

      1. Yes, but now I have to make up for my stupid mistake – think he’ll forgive me? 🙂

      2. Doesn’t matter if he does.  He’s mine next and I won’t let him go.  What an error, Jana!  You only get one shot at that so step aside! 

        Yeah, Jill… I’m a little afraid of being struck too.  Could be worth it though. 

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      1. I know , it’s the 2nd time she’s said that to me. She says she feels I have a special closeness with one of them – it’s likely Igna.

  5. Wow, even Jana, the circle of bad girls gets bigger and bigger !!
    Notice to all, stay away from Marie, she boasts of the rights of precedence ….

      1. ……so the question I now have is which one of you was his last wife and which one of you was his last paramour during Jana’s past life with him. 😜😈😹. Knowing that would help me decide, in my own musings upon this situation, who has first dibs in the matter of who has the claim on him in this particular lifetime. That is, if it can be ascertained via a good psychic medium, if he ditched his last wife, or ditched his last paramour, or simply expired in the loving arms of both his last wife and paramour, making this then a very difficult decision, in which case a lottery would need to be held, in my opinion. Of course it’s very possible that each one of you bad girls had separate, exclusive past lives with him. 😇👼, or possibly each one of you ditched him (for Gian, or Piero perhaps). in that event, a lottery must certainly be held now to determine the winner. Uh… I mean the right to lay claim upon him, thereby becoming ‘first in line’. Meanwhile, perhaps just ‘give a listen’ to the two songs (below). Hopefully, these two tunes can help lessen the chance that you’ll resort to dispatching one another while awaiting your next opportunity in a future incarnation to be closer to your loved one. 😃 (“Lovers Never Say Goodbye” (1958) and “Where Or When” (1959) By “The Flamingos” ( Renowned early R&B group of wonderful singers). 💕😍

  6. Laura – the psychic was a little hard to follow, but I think I “had” Igna and left him for another man and apparently, I was not so impressed with opera…. but I’ve been thinking about this for days (seriously can’t believe we’re still commenting on this! lol!) But this is my theory, sorry Marie!

    As Keats is quoted for saying….

    If you love something, set it free (that would be me leaving Igna)….
    If it comes back to you (that would be me, again, running into his arms…)
    It was meant to be! (see, he’s just waiting for me now…. 🙂 )

    Our souls are meant to be together for eternity….

    ha, ha….

    1. Hi Jana! That is so touching about your past-life reading ! I do think it is absolutely a real possibility of being accurate and true. Now, you and Marie have known and been friends with each other for quite some time. You both are devotedly, unselfishly involved with supporting Il Volo. Your mutual admiration, respect and genuine love for Ignazio, as well as his ‘brothers’, Piero and Gianluca, and even their lovely families has brought to mind the thought that you (and Marie, too) were very close to Ignazio in a previous lifetime, or more than one lifetime. It is said that we usually choose to incarnate near those we’ve known and loved before. (We do meet ‘new’ people, of course, and some of those we will become close with too). i don’t doubt that it is true that we only ‘die’ physically, that our consciousness, personalities and memories don’t ‘die’ with the physical body. It’s so interesting! I can relate to what may well be some important, actual facts regarding an incarnation in which you left your Igna for someone else. It can explain, for instance, a longing for and sadness regarding a certain person(s) we encounter in our lives. It certainly makes perfect sense out of the seeming mystery of why ‘that’ particular person, you know? Yes; I do think there’s a heck of a lot to be said for the idea of multiple lifetimes. I apologize for keeping you up so late, Jana, by my leaving the comment so late. It’s unfortunately sometimes the only time I have to catch up with all of you here! I know I shouldn’t burn the candle at both ends, but I enjoy you guys and this site and don’t like getting too far behind on what’s happening with the guys and all. By the way, thank you for the knowledge that it was Keats who penned those famous, comforting, very true lines! Well, good night to you for now, jana. Hoping one of these days that I can actually get to meet up with you IVFC folks. I very much appreciate your sharing such interesting information from the reading; bless you ! 😘

      1. Ha ha ha, Oh Marie!! I hope Somebody’s dream comes true !! And If it doesn’t transpire in this life, then I sure hope to witness in the next one which one of you absolutely deserving lights in my life is going to bag that poor, dear, desirable creature!! (Poor man!!) 😂

      2. My last two cents here for you …. “Don’t Let Go’!” (Roy Hamilton, 1957). Was too late when suddenly remembered this for you ( And Jana and Daniela and…..) Ok ok I’m leaving, I’m leaving!😅

  7. Is there also the saying “between the two litigants the third enjoys?” here I am the third after Marie and Jana ….. ha ha ha

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