Bailamos! We Dance! Il Volo, Dance! – by Daniela…

This is another lovely post put together by Daniela!  Grazie mille!  🙂  Glad everyone seemed to have a good time commenting on Friday’s post.  Yes, I left it up there on purpose, since there were so many back and forth comments!  🙂 

The new CD is finished recording and now …… they will DANCE !!!

 In fact, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio are getting ready to shoot their video for the launch of the new CD, and they will dance on this record.

 Gianluca says that there are a lot of surprises coming for us, we can not even imagine!

 He says, ladies and gentlemen, even the Volo will dance ( the voice of Ignatius saying: HELP)








I really want to hear the new record, but now also to see our guys dancing.  And you, are you anxious too?


Thank you to owners of pictures – wait, it was mostly, the guys!!  🙂


Great job, Daniela!  🙂 
















Here they are while doing dance lessons.

Guys ….. move the pelvis ….



29 thoughts on “Bailamos! We Dance! Il Volo, Dance! – by Daniela…”

  1. I want to see them dancing too !!! So get the ball rolling & give us a release date for the Album & video!!! The photos are great!!! Our GG is still talking about surprises!!! He likes to tease us. If they come to LA area I still need a few days to get back!!!

    1. I totally love this little clip! It’s mysteriously haunting, captivating, and teasing! Thanks, Daniela, for posting these extra videos!

  2. The guys all seem extremely excited these last few days! I’m so happy to see them all having fun! I can’t wait for their new album to come out…….and dancing too?!?! Wow! I was watching The Voice last night and heard one of the singers, Jorge Eduardo, singing “Despacito”. I thought, “Hey, I know this song!” It’s the one I keep hearing Gianluca and Piero singing on Instagram live posts. I really like it and purchased it on iTunes! The beat is infectious! I hope the guys might have this song on their new album! I looked up the translation of the lyrics. Let me say only one thing…….”despacito” means slowly. I’ll let all of your imaginations go wherever they want! 😉

      1. Ditto, Jill………….and then some after reading the English translation! 😲

      2. Oh my yes, Daniela, I loved Gianluca’s apple! That man sure knows what he’s doing in those pictures! And I agree with Jill…..I don’t want to get those thoughts or pictures out of my head! 🤣😍

  3. Hey Daniela I can hardly wait for the release of the new cd I know it is going to be amazing because it’s the guys of course and to see them dance that should be awesome cause I know my Piero always could dance.

  4. Good pictures of our guys above Jana. Did not understand slew of other pictures different countries? Are the guys performing in Mosco? Just guessing.

    1. Daniela, yes I loved Gianluca’s Apple😂and no, I can’t get those thoughts out of my head. I have really really tried but they won’t go away.To be honest I don’t want them to😋

    2. Loretta, all the photos and videos you see in this post and also in the comments, are all about the video for the new Latin album that the guys have prepared in Miami.

    3. Loretta, the guys have been in Miami since Feb. 19 working on the new CD and a video. The pictures are in the studio and the beach. They were not performing anywhere, just working and having fun. They have been on instagram every day.

  5. Ok, I just have to ask, if I may, what’s “the apple” about-I don’t see anyone with an apple. If it’s none of my business, just say so, I understand.

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