What Happened to our Plump Pals in Pimples? – from Daniela…

These heart-stopping pictures were gathered

by Daniela and sent to me!  🙂  

Do these guys have any idea what they are doing to their older fans?  Me thinks they are trying to kill us all off?  I can see the headlines now…. “Mature female, found dead – half naked picture of one of the Il Volo trio, found on cell phone!”

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I would say that the workouts and the gym did really well for these guys.

Our puppies, perhaps better to say ugly ducklings, have become swans, of physiqued men.

But where is Ignazio? …….. certainly the gym is not his forte, also he is the one who is the more modest…

It has not been a long time, but what to say, the changes have been there, they were beautiful before and they are amazing now.


IL VOLO, FOREVER.  – Daniela…


75 thoughts on “What Happened to our Plump Pals in Pimples? – from Daniela…”

  1. I’m with you. I’m 73 and have all of these photos on my cell phone. I even already wondered if I should delete some of them because if my children, but I didn’t get this age to care. And also, Ignazio is on video working out his legs with s hula hoop in Alessandra’s classes. And I suggest you look at his swim suit photos with an open shirt!!! Eliz

    1. I advise you to keep those photos, if you’re a little down, do not take an antidepressant, turn on your phone!

    2. Hi, I’m 78 and I had the same thought about the pictures on my phone, on my wall and in my kitchen. But you are right, at our age it’s not my problem, my kids just roll their eyes and my granddaughters think I’m a young at heart grandmother.

  2. The boys have always been adorable but now with all the hard work they are putting in they are the most handsome of men I love it they get better the older they get.they are not taking anything for granted but always striving to be their best. I love them for that.

  3. I also just about hit the floor when I wake up in the morning to one of these pictures on my phone! My jaw drops and my eyeballs about pop out of my head! I have been sharing these photos with a couple gals I know that won’t think I’ve lost my mind! LOL Actually I have, but I put up a good facade! 😉 They can’t believe their eyes either when they see our “shirtless wonders”. Is there a male Italian version of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition? There should be! Thanks Daniela and Jana for another “eye opening” morning!

    1. The beautiful things, look at each other willingly, and we are here also to polish our eyes

  4. You mention Ignazio and lack of revealing pics. Well, he was the one that lost over 75 lbs way back when. But before that he was always self-conscious about his size and that sort of thing takes a long time to over come in our day of fat shaming. Of course, now days he is in very nice condition and there are some photos of him in a gym – just harder to find.
    They are all in good health.

    1. Very true, I dare to say that Ignazio was the first to take care of his image (not only for aesthetics) but his images in the gym are rare, not because he does not make the gym, but because of the three, it is certainly the one that posts less photos, the less social.
      But all three are absolutely fit.

  5. Oh my! Those pictures sure got this old heart beating! Sigh, sigh, sigh. What a way to start the morning! Thanks Daniela. – Allene

  6. Those pictures of our guys reminds me of a vintage song.

    Ain’t they nice? Look them over once or twice?
    Yes, I ask you very confidentially, Ain’t they nice?
    Just cast an eye in their direction,
    Oh, me Oh, my ain’t that perfection?

    Love those pictures, Daniella, thanks for posting.

  7. I hate to be the odd man out here, but I am bothered by the vanity and narcissism implied by these half naked selfies. These three handsome chaps have a wonderful career path because of their incredible, innate singing talent that gives pure enjoyment to millions. Why attach these unrelated pictures, taken in their private moments, to their brilliant, professional identity. Unless one of their big goals is to cause a lot of heart attacks. Concerned about their reputations.

    1. Mark, you are more than justified. It is not that these photos should please everyone, and tastes are always to be respected. I totally agree that their skill does not need to “show up” like that, but you have to think about their age, they are just over twenty years old, they worked hard with their personal trailer and now they can see the results. I must also remind you that one of the things for which they were teased in Italy was their physical appearance.
      This is a nice revenge!

      1. Thanks Daniela, I would just hate to see them become Hollywood type celebrities, with all the narcissism and phoniness overshadowing their great talent. I’m just being a territorial father type and out of step with the times perhaps.

      2. None of us would like to see them celebrated with narcissism, so your fears are more than justified because you love IL VOLO. One thing we have always agreed on is that we like them because they are good artists but also modest, genuine and polite guys.

      3. We are only human & love to look at gorgeous men .. it ads to their appeal .. that’s life .. it’s perfectly normal 👏👏👏

    2. Oh Mark .. it’s obvious this statement has come from a male .. we women love looking at them like this .. it makes us love them more .. it’s called “sex appeal” …

  8. Oh Mark…you’re such a guy. I am personally not complaining. Lol
    They try to give there fans what they ask for. Betcha those photos were asked for. Not by me, of course! I wouldn’t ask for such things. I do, however, keep them in a special folder because someone might really need one someday. I’m just thoughtful that way. 😇

    1. I remember at a meet and greet ( Fan Faire) I was standing next to Marie and I had a large photo of Ignazio with me, she ripped it out of my hand, and didn’t want to return it. I finally got it back. Don’t believe for one minute that she would save pictures for people.I think that the halo that is on the emoji is starting to fall off!😊

      1. Jill, I am shocked at your disbelief!
        Are you sure that I am the photo snatcher? I mean I could see me taking your photo from you, but giving it back? That was not me.

    2. SUURE YOU ARE Marie your champing at the bit as I am. Daniela I don’t know where I saw a picture of Ignazio with his shirt off & I also saw a picture of Ignazio standing beside his Dad, they had gone fishng a couple of years ago. Beautiful pictures. His Dad is an extremely handsome man.

      1. You’re right Loretta, I saw that picture and both are beautiful, Ignazio and Vito.

  9. I found some pictures of Ignazio while searching Il Volo’s website.
    Yes, Loretta beautiful pictures. Ignazio looked good to me with
    his shirt off and I too think his Dad is a very handsome man.
    Ignazio might be a bit self conscious but I truly don’t think he has
    any reason to think that. All close to 6 feet tall of him is manly and
    very handsome. I love that smile and dimples.

    1. Exactly my sentiments Gale. I love him so much. He is so manly with a voice like an Angel & born with a smile for everyone and Allisandra is the luckiest girl in the world. We are cheated from rolling the clock back.

  10. I liked that you wrote of Ignazio as all 6 feet tall of him, very manly,…….and I agree about his voice and his look with his shirt off!!!! Yes they’re doing us all in! Buffy

  11. Se han transformado en base a esfuerzo y disciplina pero en lo personal me fascina sus voces los tres son excepcionales te transporta. Y vives la musica, Ojala en esta ocasión si pueda estar en su concierto en vivo los he seguido desde el 2010 a la fecha. Todo el éxito para sus proyectos.

    1. Hola Amalia, todos estamos fascinados por sus voces y esperamos verlos en concierto pronto.

      Hello Amalia, we are all fascinated by their voices and we hope to see them in concert soon.

  12. voces en seres realmente excepcionales los tres son únicos realmente los amas la primera vez que los escuchas. Los he seguido literalmente desde 2012, gracias Señor Michele Torpedine y Srita Bárbara por descubrir e impulsar sus talentos y a sus familiares porque ahora tienen que compartirlos con todo el publico. Mucho éxito.

    1. Hola Mayquer, tienes razón, cuando escuchas sus voces la primera vez, te enamoras.

      Hello Mayquer, you’re right, when you listen to their voices the first time, you fall in love.

  13. Jana, your headline is beautiful and it made me laugh a lot, perfect way to introduce the post.

    1. Daniela, do you think that Alessandra and Ignazio really broke up?This is big news for Marie, maybe she was the cause of it!
      I hope he gets custody of Franz🐶

      1. Jill, from gossip, it seems that Ignazio and Alessandra have broken. Do you think it could have been Marie? We could ask her. I’m worried too, for Franz.

  14. Ignazio is the most humble of them all and I hope he stays that way. They all look awesome but don’t think they need to display their bodies all the time. I think they are the most handsome guys…even with their clothes on. I love Ignazio’s sweet personality and style, I’m sure he goes to the gym as well but just doesn’t take photo’s all the time, he is more modest than the other two. Love them all but he is my favorite.

  15. Daniela I am extremely shocked to see that Ignazio & Allessandra have broken up. I thought he was always singing songs to her when he was performing he seemed to be so happy. If that is true I am so sorry & feel so bad for him. When she was travelling with him they seemed to be so happy. She can’t possible be upset because he has a large following of mostly women especially when she can see our ages. I wish he was closer so we can give him our hugs.

    1. I’ve wondered too because he went to Sanremo wearing no rings at all. My heart stopped, he looked so sad. He has his rings on the way they were in 2016. I think she’s waiting for him to ask her to marry him. I say, Marry her NOW Ignazio! And forgive me for intruding in your privacy. This isn’t the days of the Beatles’ wives and girl friends laying low to not upset the fans. That was 55 years ago! I remember. And I’m sure you both want a family. And Alessandra is getting older.
      I say, as a loving grandmother, Marry her, Ignazio!! Buffy

    2. Honestly Loretta, if all this is true, I have not seen Ignazio very sad, in fact it seems to me that he is posting more photos and videos than before and it seems to me cheerful. We all regret that they separated, but maybe it was a well thought out thing.

      1. I do hope they are both in a good place and not broken hearted! He has seemed happy which is good. I remember a few years ago, he seemed to be quite melancholy and was posting some lonely messages. I wasn’t aware of the reason but thought it might have been caused by a broken romance. They are all still quite young and as they have said, it is difficult to have a relationship when you are traveling and away so much.

      2. Yes Margaret, you’re right when he was left by the first girl, he had suffered a lot, but this time it seems very cheerful (always assuming that norizia is true)

  16. There is no doubt about the awesome talent of Il Volo. There is an angelic and powerful magic when they are joined together is song, in any language, they’re a phenomenon. Il Volo stage presence in second to none. They stand alone and no one can better their performance, it’s the other way around, but that’s apart of show business and diversity. Seeing our guys in concert is electrifying and they will always lifted you and take you to another place. They are also blessed with good looks a great sense of humor and respect for us fans. As far as body building and staying in shape is a wonderful thing for self confidence. It takes lots of hard 😓 work getting there. Adoration and all the ❤️ love Flight Crew ladies have for these young handsome men is very healthy. Your expression are priceless. We are all younger reading your comments for they are written love, respect, honesty and humor!

  17. Daniela, I too, have not seen Ignazio looking sad. He has been very active on Instagram lately and his good friend Fabio has been with him a lot. Fabio is in Miami for his art exhibit. I do wonder about Franz though, Igna loves him so much. We cannot possibly know what their differences were, maybe he thought he was too young. It is very difficult being a husband and father in the entertainment world.
    I do not have a problem with Piero and Gianluca taking selfies of themselves working out. They look great and with their rigorous schedules they need to stay healthy. Their foodie pictures show that they are very conscientious young guys as far as their diet too.
    I love them all.

  18. Your right Daniela possibly she was expecting marriage & I can surely expect him to say he is too young which he is in my opinion & possibly she is older than him by a few years. Just guessing. Well still looking forward to concerts whenever their schedule permits & they get enough rest. Hope you are doing well Daniela love your information of the guys from Italy.

    1. Loretta, I think I am correct in saying that Alessandra is the same age as Ignazio.I remember reading that she was attending Rome University and then changed to the University of Milan. I believe she was a student of fashion.She has probably graduated by now. If they have split up I hope they will remain friends.

      1. No Jill, I’m sure that Alessandra is older than Ignatius, I would not say a false thing but I seem to remember a difference of 3/4 years.

  19. Thank you for that Jill I don’t really know anything about her but I am sad about them separating they seemed to me that they got along very well. So I guess Ignazio will eventually meet someone else so we can look the next woman over. Lost of fun.

  20. Wow! This post really took on a life of its own with the comments! Glad everyone had a good time. I was a bit hesitant in posting the “headline” but it was so true! lol! 🙂 Yes, I had noticed long ago, about the mid-end of January, that Ignazio was not wearing the ring anymore on his left hand. However, it appears he is wearing the same ring on his right index finger. Someone else said it looked like maybe he had lost some weight again. If that is true, maybe that ring was too big and he had to put it on the other hand? Either way, it’s sad to see them part ways. Especially both Igna and Gian. Just a few concerts ago, they were proclaiming how much “in love” they were, when they sang Unchained Melody. I’d hate to think it wasn’t true…

    Yes, I purposely left this post up for today, since there were so many comments on it! 🙂 Believe it or not, there is a method to some of my madness…. ha, ha! :0

    1. Jana, I was hesitant about this post, I ventured but I was almost sure that you would have discarded and when I saw the picture of Gian in the foreground I thought “Wow what a great effect!”.
      Ok, it went well.

    2. It’s not uncommon for there to be strain on females in romantic relationships with males — particularly ‘attract-ive’ boys and young men who are often on stage and in the public eye. Also, male vision can be more long-ranged; female vision can be somewhat short-ranged, though out of necessity, not usually by choice. That’s one of life’s unfair inequities between young males and females and which can mandate that a choice be made. For many females, it is commonly and understandably not an easy decision to make. For many males, a bit easier especially if they desire to pursue a demanding, long-range goal. Add to that a sea of available female potential partners and it can definitely cause a young male in the early years of his pursuit of a professional career to leave, even if reluctantly, a romantic relationship, or to be left, Often, couples will split up in these situations with the idea that they are free to see other people while hoping they will re-unite later on, but that rarely is the future outcome of romantic splits. If Ignazio and Alessandra have separated, time will tell if they will re-unite as a couple again. Personally, I wouldn’t place my bet on it. Like many here in some comments about the rumour, I wish them both their highest good. Staying good friends with a former love-interest is complicated and not commonly achieved because it’s too difficult for the one who loved more. My heart goes out to their furbaby, Franz, most of all, too, and my heart also goes out to whichever partner may be hurting the most deeply. It’s always sad for friends to see friends split up. Didn’t mean to come across as didactic. Was just thinking aloud now that I came across this post which explained what I was confused by in a different post last night. My lesson is to read them in order when I’m trying to catch up here. 😊

  21. Hi Jana what do you mean Ignazio & Gianluca professing love? Is Gianluca in love with someone because I didn’t know he had a girlfriend.
    Poor Ignazio is really going to be hurting. Wouldn’t it be great if they were closer to us & we could help them with problems they might have like a second family member, wishful thinking.

    1. Hi Loretta, yes, at several of the concerts they performed im 2016, before unchained melody, they both claimed to be in love. Check out any videos of them from the los angeles or las vegas concerts in 2016 for unchained melody duet.

    2. Loretta, here’s the video of 2016 the first concert in Roseto, at the end of the song (the video is poor) you’ll see Gianluca coming down from the stage and goes to the audience to hug Martina (his girlfriend). It was a beautiful gesture of love. Unfortunately, at Christmas 2017 the couple broke down.

      1. Daniela, I had read that the young woman is a fan with Gianluca in the selfie picture on the video, above, entitled, “Gianluca Ginoble – photograph (for Martina’s birthday)” I had seen photos of Martina. To me, they don’t resemble each other. I wonder what you’d say about this apparent confusion by the video creator, Giuls Hale, who has lots of video creations on YT, as I recall. This is an older post now, so I don’t expect you’ll see this. 🙂

      2. If you do see this, Daniela, I’m not referring to the touching video you posted here of Gianluca embracing the actual Martina in the audience at the Roseto concert. I was referring to an image that comes up afterwards, among the composite of videos.

  22. Thanks Jana I will look 2016 up Las Vegas & Los Angeles concerts Ignazio was going with he other girl before Allesandra at that time wasn’t he? Thought I would mention you, Daniela & Jane & Kelly bring out great pictures & information about our precious trio. It keeps us champing at the bit for wanting more. That is why this site is the greatest place to get information on our 3 heartthrobs. Thanks ladies for all your hard work.

    1. Loretta, I was at the concert in Las Vegas and Ignazio was dating Alessandra at that time. She wasn’t with him in Las Vegas, but flew in to join him in Los Angeles the next day.
      They had been together a long time.

  23. They have REALLY grown up! I think we all knew that Gianluca was going to be beautiful when he grew up, but Ignazio and Piero are at times unrecognizable from the way they looked when they were young. They are all very handsome and Sexy young men…..

    1. I fully agree, Laura, we all knew about Gian’s beauty, but the other two really did some transformations !!
      You’re right, beautiful and sexy, as well as good !!

  24. Besides having some of the most beautiful voices ever heard…Piero,,, they have become gorgeous… and delight the ear and eyes….will be their fan forever….and ive got grandkids!!!!

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