Personally Speaking~Though you are grown…

Though You Are Grown

I remember years ago,
you were so young then.
I can’t help but wish,
that you were small again.
I’ve ached when you’ve faced heartaches,
and saw, that as you grew,
nothing broke your Spirit,
instead it strengthened you.
I’m filled with mixed emotions,
as I hold back all the tears
and, with much pride remember,
back so many years.
When I first saw you
if only I’d have known,
the years would feel like moments,
after you had grown.
You aren’t a child,
though in my eyes,
I guess you’ll always be,
that young boy who changed my life,
and means the world to me.


I stumbled across this touching poem that made me think of watching Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca growing up before our very eyes, and of us, their devoted fans.  So many of us have said how finding Il Volo has changed our lives for the better.  Deepening our love of  bel canto,  discovering new friendships, traveling adventures to concerts and for some, to their beautiful Italy, and being witness to three genuine young men who are making the world a better place just by being themselves, have been but a few of the joys these boys have given us.

I wish someone had documented on film little Gianluca standing in the town square singing at the age of 3.  Or the first time Piero’s Nonno heard him sing and asked who that was?  Or  Ignazio banging away on his drums in his bedroom at a tender young age.

I love going back and looking at footage of our boys at young ages as their talents were beginning to be recognized.  Daniela sent me this first video of Ignazio , back in 2007, performing at Marsala Impero Theater in a re-adaptation of Gen Rosso’s musical, STREETLIGHT.  I found the second video filmed during the same performance.  Ignazio knew his way around the spot light way back then.  This boy was meant to be on a stage!




The next video is of Piero singing with Nonno Pietro in what looks like the town piazza.  Note how Piero is directing the children’s choir right behind him.  How adorable!



And finally we have Gianluca with his younger version of Il Mare Calmo Della Sera.  His voice was so strong and powerful way back then.  Note the sweet quick smile he breaks into when the audience applauds.  I remember in an interview with his parents they stated he was so shy when he was young, he would look upwards the entire song or turn and face the wall, so as not to have to look at people while he sang.  Here he actually sneaks a few glances at the camera.



Yes, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio…you will always be…the young boys who changed our lives and mean the world to us.


Credit to all owners of videos.

Poem author: Cynthia A. Sieving

12 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Though you are grown…”

  1. As young boys, they had their own style. My goodness, these young men have changed our lives forever.

  2. Oh Jane, that poem fit them so well I thought you wrote it for them.

    They are grown now, but some things never change…that beautiful, angelic face of Gianluca…the serious attitude of Piero for his music…and..ok…the dimples.

    1. Also, Jane, as your friend I feel I must tell you that it is 26° in Minneapolis…it is NOT to late to change your plane reservations to June 11th.

  3. that poem touched my heart. I always think of our boys as young . They will never get old in my eyes. Thanks Jane for sending us this tender poem.

  4. Jane, the words of that poem reflect exactly the story of the boys.
    Beautiful and indelible memories, and those videos, those times seem so distant, yet they are still so young.

    Ignazio was really nice chubby !!
    Really tender all three, it was destiny that they would be found and united

  5. Piero and Ignatzio had all the confidence way back then. Gianluca had determination to do what he loved and it all came together for them. They were wonderful children and now they have grown to be wonderful young men.

    The poem did fit them so well. I also thought you had written it for them. Thank you for your post.

  6. Yes, I also thought Jane had written it at first! 🙂 I’m sure Jane is reading this, but I think she is still in sunny Florida!! Lucky her – in Detroit, we got nailed with this wet and heavy snowstorm today. Had to postpone my Lasagna party to Sunday from Saturday! 🙁

  7. Thank you Jane for the lovely poem and great videos! It would be wonderful to be able to see them when they were even younger but I am very grateful to have first seen them on their first PBS special from Detroit. I could hardly believe that these three young boys could sing so beautifully and be so comfortable performing and also having to speak in another language. I never saw that video of Piero singing with his beloved Nonno and even so young, he was so aware of everything going on and trying to direct the choir!

  8. Hello to all the loving fans of IL Volo. I too was taken by their talent and amazing voices. Love to watch and listen to their videos . I enjoy reading all the comments from those who leave them here. Thanks to Daniella and Marie for all their work here on The Flight Crew.. Share the love. That is just what we do here.

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