~Personally Speaking ~ Perfect…Perfetto!

Gianluca and two of his friends singing Ed Sheeran’s mesmerizing song,  “Perfect.”  Mr. Sheeran sure has an all time gem of a song here.


I know a lot of you have probably seen this as it was posted on FB, but it’s worth repeating here.

These three sound very good together, but I can only IMAGINE how divine this song would be coming from the hearts of IL VOLO!  It is the grace of the lyrics and gentle melody that make it so beautiful.  I saw Ed Sheeran singing this with Andrea Bocelli also.  Another gorgeous version.  Yet hearing Gianluca’s amazing baritone voice in this song makes me long to hear our beloved three sing this song on their own.

I can’t stop listening to this.  It keeps me coming back over and over.  So beautiful…Perfetto for Il Volo!



Credit to owner of video.

12 thoughts on “~Personally Speaking ~ Perfect…Perfetto!”

  1. I certainly agree with you Lisa those boys are good singers singing with Gianluca but I much prefer our guys singing together & I also would like to hear Il Volo singing this song together. Their voices are richer.

  2. I agree Jane. The melody is one that sticks in the brain and the lyrics are so very sweet. That combination with beautiful voices would make it a classic.

  3. Love it. The boys did sing a little of it in the studio in Miami but I agree they would sing this beautifully

  4. A beautiful song with such a lilting melody.and beautiful words. Ignazio also sings this whilst playing his guitar, again on youtube. I agree, a perfect song for all three guys to sing together, we can hope.

  5. I agree that the two boys have a wonderful voices. I am mesmerized by Gianluca. What Il Volo could do with this song is something I want to hear. I’ve listened to it so many times. I love the Italian. It has such fullness. Thank you so much. I really needed this today.. I only read your emails now. If pain were a sport, I’d have been in the Olympics. Thank you for getting me though this day.

  6. Of course Jane, I think we all agree with you, Perfect is a beautiful song, but it becomes even more beautiful sung by Gianluca’s deep voice. I think this song, sung by all three, Gianluca Piero and Ignazio, would be sublime because they not only put the technique, but also put the heart.

  7. I just heard Jane, she is on vacation and with her tablet can read but can not comment.
    She told me to tell you that “she thanked everyone for the nice comments and keep hoping we hear our beloved boys song this somewhere…someday!”

    Also us Jane !!

  8. What a wonderful rendition of this song. Just three guys singing this song in a casual setting. Gianluca’s beautiful baritone voice is so amazing.

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