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Hi Everyone.

Pittsburgh is ready! Here comes Il Volo! The Concert is tonight at Heinz Hall.

Heinz Hall For the performing Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was dedicated in 1971 and renovated in 1995. Heinz Hall is the cornerstone of the Cultural District of Pittsburgh; it evolved originally in 1927 as The Loews Penn Theatre. The theatre has an internation reputation for grandeur and excellence as a concert hall and show place. The theatre sits 2,661 and is the home of The Pittsburgh Symphomy Orchestra.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted yesterday, ” I didn’t know that #Heinz Ketchup was from #Pittsburgh! So good!” He tweeted “Two hours at the gym it’s time to eat” He later tweeted “Ciao alla luna, goodnight.”
Gianluca tweeted today “NEVER FORGET, NEVER SURRENDER # USA”
He recently tweeted ” I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps” he’s Looking forward to Radio City, I suspect.

Piero tweeted last night “Buonanotte”, this morning he tweeted “Vote for “Mas Que Amor” for best album”
Piero also sends us a Keek, check Il Volo Mundial.
Ignazio sent a Keek, see it on Mundial.

Check out on Team Il Volo; 2 articles: ‘Il Volo Opera/Pop comes to Westbury’ Piero mentions in the article how they are especially looking forward to their concert at Radio City Music Hall on September 27th. (Newsday)
The second article ‘Il Volo Way Ahead of the Learning Curve’ Piero states” We’re so young and we have so much drive, count on seeing a lot of us over the years.”(phillyburbsource)

Marie and her sister are attending tonight’s Concert and Michele of our Board is attending tomorrow’s Concert in Philadelphia, Enjoy everyone, say hello to “The Boys” for us!

Love and Luck tonight, Il Volo!!!