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Il Volo Professional ~~ News; Pre-Latin American Tour

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

Hey Everyone!

Il Volo is on to Latin America with their first concert on April 9.  But just because they aren’t putting on a 2 hour show every night doesn’t mean they aren’t working.  😀  Here are some things that they will be doing before they hit the stage.

~~ Kelly

P. S. ~~ I think they are excited! kya

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  • April 4th, 2016: Il Volo will arrive in Porto Rico for a press conference, apparently involving WapaTV.


  • April 5th, 2016: Il Volo will be guest on the Dominican tv show, Chévere Nights at 10 pm (Santo Domingo time). Streaming here: Chévere Nights streaming


Il Volo in the News Elsewhere:


  • April 3rd, 2016: on Italia 1 (Italian TV channel) a new show is starting, “Emigrantis”, talking about Italian famous people succeeding abroad. Il Volo will be the protagonist of one of the episodes.                                                                                                                                                                                      Article: Il Volo «vittime» di Pio e Amedeo in Emigratis: la clip inedita ~~ sorrisitv.com