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IL VOLO TOUR 2022: TORONTO by Daniela

It was a start with a bang! 🧨

Sold out for Toronto, many people who were finally waiting after more than two years, to be able to see them again.
And they arrived, almost a vision, all dressed in white, wonderful, mesmerizing suits.
A roar greeted them, and here they are back, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca: Il Volo.

How much beauty, how much skill !!
The lineup of songs slightly changed compared to the Italian tour, will it vary again? I think yes.
Their entrance on the stage, how amazing !!
It all starts with ECSTASY OF GOLD
Click on the photo below to view the video.

HALLELUJA in black and white
Gianluca presents a new single, IF I CAN DREAM, a song by Elvis, sung in an excellent way.
Who knows if it is a coincidence that Elvis was in white double-breasted, in the photo of the record.

A piece of the beautiful SE
HERE’S TO YOU to the delight of the audience
A nice series of photos, but how beautiful they are !!
And here are two interviews with our favorites!


CP 24 Toronto Interview – Click Here


Once again they surprised us, with their outfits and with their skill and sympathy.
The tour continues, they arrive in US, next stop DETROIT !!!
We are coming!!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.