IL VOLO TOUR 2022: TORONTO by Daniela

It was a start with a bang! 🧨

Sold out for Toronto, many people who were finally waiting after more than two years, to be able to see them again.
And they arrived, almost a vision, all dressed in white, wonderful, mesmerizing suits.
A roar greeted them, and here they are back, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca: Il Volo.

How much beauty, how much skill !!
The lineup of songs slightly changed compared to the Italian tour, will it vary again? I think yes.
Their entrance on the stage, how amazing !!
It all starts with ECSTASY OF GOLD
Click on the photo below to view the video.

HALLELUJA in black and white
Gianluca presents a new single, IF I CAN DREAM, a song by Elvis, sung in an excellent way.
Who knows if it is a coincidence that Elvis was in white double-breasted, in the photo of the record.

A piece of the beautiful SE
HERE’S TO YOU to the delight of the audience
A nice series of photos, but how beautiful they are !!
And here are two interviews with our favorites!


CP 24 Toronto Interview – Click Here


Once again they surprised us, with their outfits and with their skill and sympathy.
The tour continues, they arrive in US, next stop DETROIT !!!
We are coming!!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

50 thoughts on “IL VOLO TOUR 2022: TORONTO by Daniela”

  1. Thank you, Daniela and all the Flight Crew; I have been waiting for this! If Toronto sold out, I’m sure there were some people from Montreal in the audience; probably more than a few. Hopefully the guys will come to Montreal next time and I WILL be able to attend. Now to read, watch the videos and look at the photos – magnificent, as usual. A real treat – thanks again.

  2. What a big, elegant difference with the white suits, and you know how I like to see them in suits when they perform. These guys are into seemingly constant innovation in many facets. In a way, they come off more handsome in the white I think. What a surprise.

    1. Yes, Mark, very elegant, no ripped jeans and shapeless T-shirts, they know there has to be the right elegance at the right times, and their gig has to be the top.

  3. Thank you, Daniela, for all your great work and keeping us up-to-date with our guys. I am glad that the Toronto concert was sold out. They have the best voices! Really great guys! I am looking forward to seeing them for the 5th time soon during their US tour. 🎼

  4. Oh my goodness! I hope the guys wear their white suits in Phoenix.Black or white really makes no difference. Can hardly wait especially with your lovely review. Haven’t had time to listen to their songs yet but I know they are wonderful. You are a jewel to keep us informed about how things went. Wondering how the 90 year old who was a first timer to hear IL VOLO enjoyed the concert. Bet she was on cloud nine! Thank you again Daniela. Judy King

    1. Hi, Judy! I’m a 90 yr. old who went to Toronto for the concert but it wasn’t my first. Even so, I was thrilled to see and meet our Il Volo. It was certainly money well spent! Such lovely young men, personable and willing to spend time with you and chat. No rush to get through the line-up waiting. I’ll treasure meeting them and still can’t believe I did! DeeBee/aka Dol.

  5. Thanks Pat and Daniela for the videos and photos from the Toronto concert. They sounded great and I really like the white suits. All they needed was wings and they would be angels! I thought both interviews were very good also. I was wondering if they will be doing soundchecks.

    1. Margaret, yesterday in Detroit, there was no sound check, but I know that in other theaters there is.
      Yesterday in Detroit they told me that the Meet & Greet was very nice, they talked longer than usual.

  6. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat for all these beautiful posts. In white suits the boys look fantastic, very handsome. Listening to them and watching them is always such a pleasure and I’m very happy with their success. Grazie mille😘

    1. Jill, I read your comment on the concert and I’m extremely happy you enjoyed it, I’ll post your comment here too, under the post for Indianapolis !!

  7. When the Montreal concert was canceled , I was very sad since it was my first concert I could go. But I décided to buy tickets for Toronto hoping it was going to be good and the trip easy since it is quite fare away.
    Extraordinaires, merveilleux, sympathiques jeunes hommes!
    They seems to like so much signing that their passion is automatiquely transfert to the audience.
    Toronto was their first stop in America and we could feel the pleasure they had all the evening!
    Alléluia from Leonard Cohen who is from Montreal really touches me. Émouvant!
    Merci pour cette soirée qui valait le déplacement.

    1. France, Toronto was a great concert and I’m glad you got the tickets, as Montreal was canceled, I see from the comment that you didn’t regret it !!

  8. The white suits are a pleasant surprise. I hope we all get to see them! I think I detect Gianluca’s hand in selecting that clothing choice. He does seem to relate to Elvis. Thanks Daniela and Pat for this first glimpse!

    1. Sally, I agree with you, and I too thought of Gianluca for the choice of white, and I think he thought of Elvis, and then he is certainly the most stylish of the three.

  9. Fantastic concert in Toronto! My first time seeing them live although I have listed to most of their music. The white suits were such a change but of course they looked great as usual. Love the large orchestra and the sound of their voices, as well as their commentary throughout the show. So glad they made a trip through the audience – Gianluca was about 3 feet from me!!!!!! I have my autographed poster framed and hanging on my wall. Can’t wait to see them again! Linda

  10. Believe in ghosts? Here’s To You Nicola and Bart. They were unjustly executed right here in Braintree MA in August 1927. Maybe they’ll be in the audience??

    Also, the movie Love Story was mostly filmed right here at Harvard in 1970. The Theme from Love Story was the soundtrack and later became “Where Do I Begin”. Boston owns it and Piero HAS to sing it next week!
    Yeah, I know, nobody cares!

    The good news is – one of my favorite grandsons and his lovely GF will be at the Chicago show tonight. The legacy grows!

    1. Boston Girl, I have to tell you that I didn’t think HERE’S TO YOU would sing it in America, and instead I was wrong, and then it’s the song they go down in the audience with, great.
      Are you sure Piero will sing the Love Story theme? Lately he rarely sings it, too bad.
      You absolutely must tell me what your nephew and girlfriend from Chicago told you !!

    2. His version of Love Story is the best! He should make it his signature song as well as No Puedo Ser; they both leave you in awe.

    3. Boston Girl, we all care! It is his best and most popular song, I think. Hope you have a great time in Boston, as I did in Toronto. DeeBee/Dol

  11. Didn’t know there was a posting by Daniela and Pat and just happened on it this afternoon.
    Note to Judy King, if I’m the 90 yr. old she referred to, this was the third time I’ve seen them, twice at their earliest shows in Canada and then on September 7th in Toronto.

    My step-daughter and I took the train to Toronto from outside of Ottawa, got a hotel room close to Meridian Hall. We had seats in the 7th row, with me sitting in an aisle seat. When Ignazio came down the aisle he sat on the knee of the woman directly behind me, so I got an exceptional view of that wonderful guy and heard his voice like you wouldn’t on a CD!! The whole concert was unbelievable and the Meet and Greet afterwards was super. I told Gianluca and Ignazio it was my 90th birthday present to ME!! Got Piero to sign a CD insert for my good friend, Roz from the UK, who I’ve been writing to since January (meeting through your Flight Crew columns).. This was an experience I will remember if I live to be 100 yrs. old. and, hopefully, I’ll get to go to another concert before I check out of this world!! Hugs to you both! Dol/DeeBee

    1. I’m so happy you found this post, Dolores! And I am so happy you got to see the guys again and hear Ignazio so close to you! 😀

  12. Daniela, first thank you for all you do to inform fans about Il Volo. I don’t know if you can help, and I can’t seem to get an answer from anyone, but when the boys were in Chicago on September 13, 2022, I went to the Meet & Greet. I paid over $1200 for good seats & meet & greet. I had a photo taken between Ignazio & Gianluca, but I never received it! Very disappointing & I don’t know where to turn. Can you help me, since you are so knowledgeable? I hope so. Please answer me one way or the other🙏😊

    1. Hi Janet, I try to help you.
      Pat told me about your request and also found the link of all the photos taken that evening, therefore, I am attaching the whole file of photos for you to look at. Of course I don’t know you and can’t tell which one you are in those photos, but please let us know which photo you are. Damn you spent so much for that concert, I hope you enjoyed it!! A hug.

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