IL VOLO TOUR 2022: VICENZA by Daniela

The last stage of the Italian summer tour has also arrived: Vicenza.

I must admit that, even though Vicenza is less than 80 miles from Brescia, I have never seen this city.
My friend Antonietta, went to the concert in Vicenza and sent me many beautiful photos and so let’s start by seeing how beautiful the Piazza dei Signori is.
Antonietta sent me some videos of the guy’s speeches, which I gladly translate for you.
PIERO = It rains, it does not rain, it rains, it does not rain.
Luckily, so far it has gone well (obviously because the concert is outdoors).Thank you for coming to this concert, we are delighted (applause).
Today is the last date of this summer tour, tomorrow we leave two months for the U.S. on tour….
GIANLUCA = Who wants to come with us ???
PIERO = Anyone who wants to come can go with them !!
GIANLUCA(He reads a sign)
“You are the best gift for my 90th birthday !!”
Greetings lady, best wishes, best wishes !!
PIERO(he talks to Ignazio) Since I’m a mature person and I know you well, before you chase me away, I’m leaving.
IGNAZIO = Bravo!
PIERO = Ciao, see you later.
GIAN(to Ignazio) Did you drink the coffee?
IGNAZIO = No. Coffee hurts, for heaven’s sake, because it can create gastric reflux, so the mucous membranes become inflamed (he points to a grandmother in the audience), see the lady nods. I studied!
GIAN = What happens now?
IGNAZIO = Before the tour, I called Gianluca and told him:
“What should we do in a duet Gianluca?”
And I propose a song that was already part of our wishes.
GIAN = We’ve been wanting to do it for years.
IGNAZIO = One of those songs that you think we have to do sooner or later. Let’s do it.
And so we decided to sing this song, especially this year, because we have come from two very difficult years, where there have been people less fortunate than us, who have suffered and continue to suffer. We want to dedicate it to those who are suffering, to those who listen to all the music to feel a little better, and especially to those who are watching us from up there. (applause)
Ignazio’s thought certainly went to Vito , and now, how touching is this speech by Piero, dedicated to the memory of his grandfather Pietro !!  
PIERO = You know the love I have towards opera.
I study every day to improve, and to learn more and more.
It is a magnificent journey.
I owe everything to a person, who unfortunately has not been with us for a few days, and it is the person who made me discover, (applause) who transmitted this vocation to me. My grandfather.

A few songs:

“SE” Thanks to Laura Peyretti
“ALL BY MYSELF” Thanks to Francesca Brazzale

“LA DONNA E’ MOBILE” Thanks to Francesca Brazzale

The final notes of GRANDE AMORE!!
There were a lot of people and big screens were put up to allow everyone to see the guys.
The audience enjoyed the concert very much and responded with a lot of applause !!

And look at the beautiful photos published by the Municipality of Vicenza.

And look at what beautiful photos Antonietta managed to take during the Vicenza soundcheck.

And so we came to the last summer concert, a little sad, because for two months we will not see Il Volo here with us, but …………. we celebrate because they are already in your continent, they have rested very little and are ready to start your adventure !!
Enjoy every moment of their company !!!
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

30 thoughts on “IL VOLO TOUR 2022: VICENZA by Daniela”

  1. Beautiful photos, Daniela. Thanks and thanks, too, for the translations. I sometimes think how happy and lucky I am to be alive during the time of Il Volo; they bring so much love and joy to our lives.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the guys, live, for the first time, in Ft. Meyers, FL! So excited! A dream come true!

  3. Daniela, thank you so much for sharing this information and photos of our guys. You are awesome!

  4. Beautiful photos, Daniela–the guys look great and so does Vicenza…wow! And thanks so much for translating all the dialog. My turn will come early October in Clearwater, FL, with 3rd row seats and meet and greet–can’t wait!

  5. Thanks again dear Daniela and Pat. This was great, the photos, the translations, the video clips, all of it. I belong to a lot of Il Volo groups, but everything I need to see about the boys is right here. I’m just curious, do you know how many people are part of the Flight Crew? I’m leaving tomorrow to drive up to Detroit. So excited. I hope they wear those new white suits. I think they are going to sing Smile again. I hope not. It doesn’t do anything for me. Please don’t be upset with me, but I think it’s time to move on from this song and a couple of others. Just my opinion. If they do I’ll live with it.

    1. I was at the concert last night in Toronto, and I have to say those white suits were fantastic. When they came out in them, the entire audience gasped, and then roared their approval.
      And it was really a roar!
      I’m with you Rose Marie, there are a couple of things I wish they would drop (but Smile isn’t one of them!). Mine is Delilah. I never liked it and I don’t know why they keep singing it.
      Also, I wish Piero would sing something new. He does a marvelous job with it, but it would be nice to hear something else for a change.

      1. RoseMarie, thank you for the compliments and for your sincerity. Why shouldn’t you say that you would like to hear more and not Smile? Sometimes I would like to be a little bird to be able to suggest to those three what we want to hear !!

      2. Penina, I was hoping you were there and update us.
        It was certainly fantastic to see them arrive dressed in white !!
        Several people have expressed that they would not like to hear from Dalila again !! We hope they get this suggestion.
        I can’t understand why Piero in Japan also sings a romance in French and we don’t!
        So I think you enjoyed it, I’m happy for you !!

      3. I didn’t take any pictures other than one of them near the beginning in their white suits. But it is taken from fairly far away and I don’t think it is worth posting. So I haven’t sent in to Jana any review of the concert.
        Gian sang, for the first time he said, an Elvis song, which you can all look up on youtube, If I Can Dream. It was a terrific perfomance. Too bad there are no videos of him singing it yet.

    2. You’re most welcome, Rose Marie! I can tell you that at this moment we have 572 followers of this blog and 1,031 email followers. Some, not all, posts have as many as 2,000+ views with 1,000+ visitors. In the last week we have had viewers from 81 different countries and regions! That fact impressed me! 😄 2021, by far, has been the best year for this blog – 545,443 views with 156,697 viewers and 3.48 views per visitor. I also agree about some of the songs. Delilah is also one of them. I never thought it was appropriate for the guys, especially when they were younger, to sing.

  6. Thank you Daniela for being so generous with your time & the pics you have provided of il Volo – these young men make everything right in a world that needs healing – thank too for your wholesome flight crew site – much love.

    1. I love your words about making everything right in a world that needs healing! I couldn’t have said it better! Thanks for that, Jude.

  7. Just saw clips of the Toronto show with the WHITE SUITS. They could sing Three Blind Mice and get a standing ovation. No one will remember what they sang. Their appearance was overwhelming to the senses!

    1. You have no idea what an impact those suits made. Somehow they made the guys look larger than life. Ignazio joked that they looked like guys ready to serve ice cream!
      During the duets, whoever wasn’t singing changed out of the white suits to a regular black one. Ignazio was the first to change. When he came back onstage somehow he looked smaller than he did in the white one. But so goooood!!

  8. Thank you for the write up. I am from the UK and travelled to Bucharest in July to see the boys. What a fabulous show 😍😍😍❤

  9. I agree with the songs Delilah and Smile. For me, some of their other old songs like
    IL CANTO and SPLENDIDA would be so much better. There are other beautiful old songs that I wish they would continue singing at their concerts too. Since they are such wonderful guys, maybe they sing American songs as an appreciation to US and they sing Smile as an appreciation to Barbra Streisand. The main thing is their amazing voices! We love them. They are the best!

  10. Thank you so much for all that you do. I always look forward to reading what you write. They are in Cincinnati now getting closer to me, can’t wait. I love the new Elvis song that Gianluca sings one of my favorites. They are so unique each one is magnificent. It has been a glorious ride these last 13 + years watching them grow and mature and develop into the fine young gentlemen they are, I wish them the very best.

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