A WELCOME to The Flight Crew…



Welcome, Everybody!  Welcome to the home of the Il Volo Flight Crew!

Whew!  This blog has been a long time coming hasn’t it?  For those who don’t know, most of the followers of this blog met and have become friends beginning around one important, common denominator: We Love Il Volo!

And no; “love” is not too strong of a word.  Trust me.

Anyway, we gathered at a site dedicated to these amazing, talented young men, and somewhere along the way, we realized that we spent a good portion of every day  just waiting to spend time there.  We couldn’t wait to log in, check in with each other’s lives, laugh, cry, “ooh” and “ahh” and over the latest pictures, performances… gripe over how some interviews of our boys were handled and how some interviewers just didn’t seem to get it…and we realized that through it all, we were more than lovers of Il Volo.  We were friends, too.

Unfortunately, we lost our beloved home recently when it underwent a site overhaul and become inaccessible to most of us.  At loose ends, we took to group e-mails to try to stay in touch, which hasn’t really worked–in fact, I think some of our e-mail accounts are outright rebelling at the volume of mail going in and out.

OK.  Now what?  Well, you know what they say about Mother Necessity and her child, Invention.  If we couldn’t get into our old home, we’d figure out how to build a new one.   And here we are!  There’s a lot of work to be done yet.  The walls are bare; we need some furniture; we still have a lot of ideas floating out there that will make this place a home.  But for now, we at least have a place where we can gather together and take a load off like we used to.

We hope you’ll join us!  In the spirit of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio who always remind us that, “We Are Love,” we want all Il Volo lovers to be welcome and feel comfortable here.  With that being said, I have to bring up the next topic:  Rules.

Boo Hiss…I know.  Rules are not fun, but we have to have them to make sure we keep our happy home happy.  So, ready?  Here they are.  Well, actually, we only have one, because every other rule we came up with came back to this one:

BekindBe Kind, Or Kindly Leave.

Sounds kind of witchy considering we’re asking everyone to be kind, but there it is.  Everything we do here comes down to kindness and respect.  Please respect each other.  Please respect each other’s opinions no matter if you agree or not.  Please respect the age difference that we hope will be represented here.

And above all, respect the members of Il Volo, their families, their friends and things in their lives that should be private.  They are gracious enough to share their talent with us and invite us into their lives in a way we would never allow.  Let’s recognize that as the privilege it is and not abuse it.  They are young and prone to the same feelings as we are.  As some tweets from Gianluca recently have shown, they can be hurt by the things we may say thoughtlessly.  I hope to never be a cause of pain for any of them.

Now for any younger followers that may find their way here, it might not be fair of me to call you out for a special talking to, but I am.

Don’t roll your eyes at me.  And I know you are because I was your age not all that long ago.  😉

I have, like never before, realized how much Il Volo transcends all boundaries.  They unite people all over the world in all walks of life–and across all age groups.  Please keep in mind that many of your fellow followers could be your parents, your grandparents or even your great-grandparents, depending on how young you are.  Please remember that as you post, and if you would be in trouble for saying it to any of your adult family members in real life, don’t say it here.

I guess that’s it.  Basically, be respectful and classy.  Pretend the boys are reading (and we have it on good authority that the boys do read everything they can get their hands on to see how the fans feel about them).  We hope that if they ever stumble upon our little home, they would say, “We like it there.  We’re proud that those people are our fans.”

We haven’t set out specific rules, but we hope that what is here is clear.  Please be respectful, and you should be fine.  Know that comments will be moderated for content.  Anything that isn’t respectful will be deleted by administration, and the poster will be issued a warning.  In addition, we reserve the right to suspend and or block any poster that repeatedly disregards warnings or makes no effort to be kind and respectful.

I think that’s it.  Welcome everyone and please: share the love!


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  1. I am not sure if my replies to Rosemarie & Piratesorka went through! As I pressed post, my server said Safari was not connected! Sure hope they got my replies.

    1. I got your repost Annette,
      Safari is the search engine for the Apple computer as gas as I know,
      Rose Marie Paliobeis

      1. I meant “as far as I know” not gas, darn word correct again,

      2. Yes, “as far as you know”!! My iPad is very sensitive and I think what happened is that I went off line just as I tried to post . Technology!

  2. My tablet is sensitive too. It has said some very strange things. It’s nice to know though, that the error wasn’t something stupid you actually wrote.

    1. This little glitch has given me a little more confidence in posting. Thanks Marie!

  3. I’m soooo excited to be part of this family. I will be 50 in October and fell head over heels for a lot of hair bands, hard rock and everything else….. Even now, praise God, Christian music. But NEVER in all the contests I attended did I experience what I felt at my first Il Volo concert. People of all ages singing together!!!! There was not a bit of nastiness, disrespect or complaining. We were all there for one reason…… To spend a night together with friends and family enjoying 3 of the MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICES this side of heaven. I had the honor to see them in Atlantic City and again at the Hershey Theater. Im on disability so to pay for M&G was not affordable for me. My best friend not only bought the tickets but the hotel room too. Those 2 nights were unbelievable. To hear pure talent, voice control (not screaming) and the humility of these young men. . With all this their family is still the most important thing to them, I love seeing the pics with their families!! Well, good luck guys in making all your dreams come true, I think Friday night will just be the beginning. Maybe one day my dream will come true and I will get a chance to meet you. My love and prayers always cover you and all those with you!!!

    1. Welcome Dee! We’really excited to have you as part of our family. Nice story! We understand how you feel about those heavenly voices.

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    2. Hi Dee Welcome to the Flight Crew! You have found a great place to be with some truly wonderful people…Oh some of us are a bit strange ( Name starts with a M) but we all LOVE IL VOLO. We all share a mad passion for their divine music and their own handsome selves. You will discover there are all sorts of nibbly stuff to munch on the table over there. We always seem to have a lot of Italian food. Fancy that! Of course if you be looking for a nip of something else, the Lemoncello and Rum is over on my ship.. Make your self at home!

  4. Love, love,love IL Volo. Anxious for their USA trip next year. So looking forward to see them live. Their music is helping me deal with my cancer as i go through radiation treatments.

    1. Thank you for this site. The is so much beauty in The Il Volo voices. I listen every day. I am moved by their harmonies and expression. I enjoy it when the songs are sung-a chorus in one language and the next chorus is sung in another language. It is very dynamic.

  5. Isaw the concert on Tuesday Jan.28, 2020 in Toronto it was Amazing I wish they could be in Toronto more often

    1. Annie this is Loretta from Toronto I definately agree with you that the boys come to Toronto more often. I am a heart beat from the theatre. Annie & other Ilvolo friends please keep in touch as I moved closer to the concert so hoping our precious boys will perform there more often of course this is wishful thinking still keeping my fringers crossed not forgeting that our sweethearts get plenty of rest before the next concert.

  6. I’ve just discovered Il Volo a few days ago through a very roundabout way, and have been watching a lot of their content on YouTube. However, I don’t speak Italian or Spanish, so a lot of what I could find in terms of interviews, TV apperances, etc. I was not able to understand. Then I came across this site and I must say it is a godsend. Unfortunately I learned of them too late and missed their Toronto concert in January – hopefully there will be another opportunity where I can see them live. In the meantime, I look forward to following the trio together with the other fans of this site!

    1. I have just discovered this site. I am 87 YO and lost my wife and life companion in January this year. The loneliness turned me to YouTube and I have found much to relieve it. I first discovered Stjepan Hauser and his fantastic cello and got hooked on the whole genre. He and Il Volo all had their beginnings about the same time 10 years ago. Hadn’t heard of of them before, but I was kept busy with my wife and her care 24/7 after her stroke 3 years ago . All these I want to consider my grandkids since my own children won’t cooperate. I love these guys. Right now I just want to live long enough to get to see a concert of them in person. I hope the coronavirus goes away soon so they can start touring again.

  7. I have been enjoying really great and informative posts from all you brilliant authors for quite a while now. Not sure if I’m in the right place for a request? I just watched a video (movie) entitled iL Volo Libano 2018. It was obviously at a military location at Christmas time. It was awesome and the boys seemed to be enjoying the experience. Do you have any background information? And am I on the right page for this subject?

  8. Answering my own request, I found the full coverage of the Christmas trip to Lebanon. The filming is so moving, sound clear, and totally beautiful in every way. Every fan of IL Volo should watch it or maybe you already have, with myself being the dummy? I loved it and thank you.

  9. Hi i am a dutch fan, i am totally in love with the beautiful bel canto!
    Hope to see them perform next year

  10. I am 76 years old & absolutely love your harmony & camaraderie with each other as brothers! You are the most special group & have done so well, I find your music as a daily relaxing routine,

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