Amazing Developments…..

Hi Everybody!

Maybe the 2nd time with be the charm.  I’ve been at this long enough, you think I’d remember not to write the hard copy in real-time; I lose it every time.  But, anyway…

Last night, I mentioned that some pretty exciting things were happening, and then Marie mentioned it in one of her comments on the last blog.  So, are you ready to find out?  😀  I hope so, because we think they’re pretty incredible!

The first thing that happened is that Lynne figured out that Il Volo Flight Crew is on the major search engines now!!


That’s right!  If you go to Bing and search for us, it will bring up our blog, and Google brings up our twitter account.  I think that is amazing, especially for a blog that hasn’t even been up for a week yet!  It’s proof of how much we love Il Volo and how much our site was needed if we could get onto the internet searches in just two days.  😀

This makes us pretty legit.  If people can search for us, they will be stopping by and looking for a great place to join in with like-minded people who love Il Volo.  It won’t just be the group of us anymore.  We can turn into one of the go-to fan sites for Il Volo!

Which is why we are even more excited about what happened next.  In an exchange of e-mails between Myron and Michelle, we were contacted by Team Il Volo.  They told us that they had been religiously following the comments at the other site, were glad to hear that we were starting up our own blog and asked to be our affiliate!


We of course said, “Yes”, because we couldn’t  think of anything better than to be affiliated with a blog such as theirs.

They have added a link to our blog on their site and started promoting us today via their twitter account.  We have returned the favor (you will see that they are noted under Affiliates on the left side of the blog), and ask that we all join together and support them as well.

I hope you guys are excited about the opportunities that have presented themselves.  I know Michelle, Marie, Linda, Elaine, Elizabeth and I couldn’t believe how quickly things had happened for us.  We have a lot more ideas about how to grow our site a little bit at a time, and we want you guys to be involved too.  Like Marie said, if you have suggestions or ideas, please let one of us know!

Good night!


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      1. Thank you Kelly and everyone for all the effort it took to accomplish this much in such a short time! We have thousands of emails to show for it though – don’t we girls?!?

  1. This is great news !! Great news ! – I mentioned the idea of an international Fan Club that is “authorized” by Il Volo (not my idea but I am supporting the idea) – Barbara did indicate that there is none as yet and perhaps this is on the way. You guys are doing great ! Keep it up. Bravo !

  2. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our Flight Crew became the”authorized” fan club for Il Volo? Things are really happening fast for our little group! Thanks to all of you who are making this happen.

  3. Hi all, Glad I finally found you, I have looked everywhere! I did post something on the old site that I would like to bring over here. Hope that’s okay.
    It’s 11:30 pm here ( AZ ) so will wait till my next post . Glad to be back, hope it’s easier to find you then!

  4. All this good news is amazing! A HUGE thank you to Kelly, Elizabeth, Michele, et al, for making such quick and positive progress. We are taking flight, just like our name and just like Il Volo!!!
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  5. Ann, Myron, Lynn, Sam, Helen, Aren’t we all growing up quickly? Just like OUR BOYS! Thanks for all the encouragement and your own brilliant contributions! All of us together in our new home! I couldn’t be more proud and excited.

  6. Good, good news! So much potential. Thanks to all of you who made this happen. I certainly admire your computer Savvy! I get to where I want to be by trial and error! I’m looking forward to all the Good News still to come our way, especially concerning the boys’ return to the US! Have a wonderful Il Volo day everyone! (My “We Are Love” DVD arrived yesterday, so I was in front of my TV for the remainder of the day. Had wonderful dreams!)

    1. Good idea Loretta! I also find it tedious to scroll through everything to get to the current posts.

    2. I agree with you Loretta, will be easier, and I suggest the new comments come first until the oldest. Good night to all.

    1. Please stop teasing me. Mine is on the way but I haven’t received it yet. I think it’s coming by carrier pigeon.

  7. In Canada the PBS station is showing Il Vol Buon Natale on 8/14 at 9:30pm – that is tomorrow !

    1. Which PBS station is it? I am in Toronto and only get the Buffalo one. Is it going to be on there?

      1. WNED Buffalo says it is showing the Sarah Brightman concert tomorrow at 9.

      2. Sorry Penina, I am in Kingston Ontario and we get the Detroit PBS feed. Shaw satellite guide even has Il Volo spelled wrong, they show Il Vol Buon Natale with no details about the program.

      3. Rats! I guess I will just have to wait until they show it later. I did catch them on The Talk. Cute as ever! I really liked the jacket/shirt Nazio was wearing.
        I thought they were at their flirty best!

  8. Marie…Please go to the bottom of the previous page for a message from me. Wouldn’t you know I posted on the wrong page!

  9. It seems that nowadays no matter what I do, I can always relate it to our guys. Yesterday I had sushi for dinner. As soon as the sushi rolls arrived on my table, Ignazio came to my mind. And that just made my dinner so much more better and appetizing.

    Signing off from work (or blogging) now. I am going to drive in my Beamer and guess who will come up?

  10. Frances Wychorski, one of our Flight Crew members, asked us to post her story. It is quite a lengthy one so I sat down to edit. I couldn’t. It is such a Heart felt story that I wanted you all to read it in it’s entirety:

    On April 15th 2013, the 117th Boston Marathon was interrupted by the detonation of two (2) shrapnel filled bombs placed near the finish line of the prestigious race. Three people died as a result of the blast and countless others have been injured for life. Those of us who watched the episode on television from a safe distance where stunned to learn of the events.
    My home base is Massachusetts. Anyone who lives here understands the thrill of the marathon and harbors a secret ambition someday to run it as well. I have been at the finish line as a spectator and understand the festive nature of this day. The blast struck the heart of every patriot. As a community, we moved fast to aid the victims while looking over our shoulder to see what was coming next. The event was electryfing to many in our community as a rally to support each other and stand up, as patriots of old, to a threat against our way of life.

    I checked Twitter as I typically do that Tuesday morning and read from Piero a message about a new tweet. When I opened the picture, there was a heart wrapped around a map of the greater Boston community. The words said Pray for Boston. Il Volo had been in Boston in June of 2012 as part of the fund raising efforts that year. I was still on edge from the events of the day before and replied to Piero that I lived in Massachusetts and if people wanted to help, plan to give blood today. Well, Didn’t Piero reply back within an hour or two proudly wearing his Red Sox sweatshirt saying Boston I am with you 100%. Such a compassionate gesture gave hope and courage to a troubled heart.

    When the We Are Love Special Edition CD arrived at my doorstep in late May, I put it in my CD player as I tidied up my kitchen that evening. Little did I know what was coming; when the song changed to Angel, I was surprised and recognized the song as a sad but previous favorite of mine. The voice of the singer on the second verse confused me, the soft gentle words and emotional tone I did not at first recognize. I looked at the liner notes and realized it was Piero. His voice and range of emotion along with the blend of the same from Gianluca and Ignazio caught me right in the heart. Listening to the lyrics, I became overwhelmed with the emotion of the bombing event and was once again back there with the families and runners in a great deal of pain. my heart felt weary, heavy and hurt. It wasn’t a little cry but a gush of sensations with visions of the event in my mind’s eye. I felt the loss of life and grieved. After the sixth listen and over the course of several days, the healing began to happen. The sensation of grief from the event was so strong that I had a physical pain in the heart for quite a few hours. The harmonies of Il Volo reached right into the depths of a sad old heart and opened it up. By the power of positive energies, the worst memories lifted. Today, I can sing along with a renewed sense of balance and self. The emotion of the event has moved on. In it’s place is an open space. The power of love in music as sung by Il Volo has lifted me up. When I look as Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, I see young, strong and talented artists. But I also see peace, and a second chance. I give thanks for having discovered their music and celebrate every day how special this is.
    I have my ticket to the show in Boston for September, I look forward to being in the audience and singing along with them. I hope we raise the roof with the sound of joy in our hearts. Because of Il Volo, for the first time in my 50 years of living on earth, I do believe in the power of love.
    I read this quote the other day and think it nicely ties into Il Volo followers…
    Each string of a wind harp responds with a different note to the same breeze. ~Br. David Steindl-Rast in Deeper than Words

    Frances Wychorski

    1. Frances, this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Big heart hugs to you and all your loved ones there in our beloved Massachusetts.

      Perhaps my biggest response to IL VOLO was seeing them sing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert (IL Mondo and We Are Love). I cried with hope and gratitude, knowing that they were reaching out to the entire world in this “global message of peace”. My cat even came over and hugged me.

      So, today I listened again (OK, several times!), and their incredible music and full hearts actually helped with some back pain I’m recovering from.

      And then I read an article called “Water Loves Music” based on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work. And I would LOVE to see the crystals water would form listening to IL VOLO, especially at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. I already wrote to Dr. Emoto about it!

      I am adding this and a few other aspects to my vision that I want to share with IL VOLO and their team. It will definitely expand their already enamored audience!

      Blessings of hope and possibility,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. P.S. mfazzara (is it one L or two, Michele?), I watched Ignazio performing Il Mondo
        and I love it, too!

        Interesting to see how dramatically refined his voice is now, even as I love that little edge or roar that he used in that performance. So much passion and beauty!

        Thanks for pointing us to it (in an earlier post).
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. Music has the power of healing like nothing else does. I certainly have found this to be true throughout my life. It can make you cry and make you laugh, and it can make your heart overflow with love and gratitude for being alive.

  12. Hey there Flight Crew, I meant to say Congratulations! on so many levels, and then I got engrossed in other thoughts. Thank you for the awesome job you are doing!

    Some day I hope to create an “IL VOLO party in a page”. I’ve started it but am now needing to put my focus into prepping for my August 25th Vancouver BC IL VOLO concert trip! I’ll let you know when the page is ready. (; >)

    Happy Dances!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Jeanine – I hope you give us a detailed report on the Vancouver concert as soon as you possibly can – it will be the first one and we all want to know how it goes! I am sure it will be — awesome. Michlele

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