In Case You Missed It….August, 12

Hi Everyone,

1.)  Il Volo is performing today in Salerno at the “Valle dei Templi” as the guests of The Pooh,a popular Italian band. Hopefully we’ll be able to see some video later today.

2.)  It appears as if “The Boys” appearance on The Talk, Wednesday, 8/14 at 2pm on CBS is a go. They apparently pre-recorded it before threporter_aeroporto_megacityey left LA. Selena Gomez is also appearing.

3.)  There will be a repeat showing of Jay Leno with Il Volo as guests on 8/15.

4.)  There will also be a repeat telecast of Home and Family on the Hallmark Chanel, featuring Il Volo on 8/23 at 12pm. Try to catch it again, it was a wonderful showcase for “The Boys”.

5.)  Il Volo tweeted condolences for the death of Eydie Gorme. She was also remembered on Il Volo Mundial Facebook.

6.)  “The Boys” continue to wind down their vacations with beach days and time with their families and friends. As soon as we know, we’ll give you a date when they will return to The USA.

15 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It….August, 12”

  1. Thanks, Linda. I can’t wait to see them at The Talk. I remember they all look fabulous in those photo taken with Selena Gomez. Now I just need to come up with an excuse to skip work!

    1. Yeah, it was so fun. Wait, I still haven’t came up with any excuse for this Wednesday yet! And I need another one for next week? Think…think…of those beautiful faces…Piero, Ignazio, and my GG…

      1. Hi All – I, too, am looking forward to The Talk on Wed. I happened to take off work that day (coincidence?). Now I need to find an excuse for the 23rd. Hmm – do I feel sniffles coming on?

  2. Ann,,,,I missed you! Welcome back!!!!

    Linda,,,GREAT JOB!!! I truly love this feature of our blog. I can see at a glance what’s going on with The Boys and that’s my treat for the day.

  3. Thank you Marie and Loretta for the warm welcome. I look forward to joining in on the chatter.

  4. Linda, Nice job! Concet time is close. Appearances will be even more regular (yea!). We really need you now!

    Personal note to Helen. You need to know that you are one of the people, who has said the most, to encourage me to go further with this site than I ever thought I would. I remember all that you have said to me over quit a long period of time. Thank you so much.

  5. Dear, sweet, YOUNG Marie…(I can say YOUNG because I’m old enough to be your mother!!):
    Without getting maudlin, (well, just a LITTLE bit) I want you to know that those are some of the kindest words ever written to me, especially coming from someone as witty and clever as you. This site would not be nearly as appealing if we didn’t have your poems and “Lists” to laugh and cry over! You’re the glue that binds us all together. We need you and love you!!! Don’t ever leave us.

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