Some Notable Changes….

Hey Everyone!

I know many of you have signed off for the night, but I made a few changes in how the site looks and just wanted to fill you in.

First, how great is the new background artwork?  Beautiful, colorful; it leaves no doubt whom we are showing love for!  Thank you, Elizabeth! 

Secondly, I have turned off the ability to make anymore comments on the earliest posts to the blog.  New people were coming everyday, and people were getting lost in where to comment to keep their conversations going.  So going forward, I think we should try to do as we did at our old home and switch to commenting on the newest post only whenever a new one  goes up.  To help with this, I will keep disallowing new comments on the old post when a new one goes up.  Example: you should be able to comment on this post, but not on any other post on the blog.

And lastly, I received an email from Lynne today, and she suggested that our Welcome Post should be the first post new readers see when they come to our blog for the first time.  Makes sense, since it talks about our history and the expectations for the site.  I was able to pin it so it is always the first blog piece, and all the new posts start after that.  I’m not sure that will be the best way in the long run, but if it gets too confusing, I have the option to make it our “About” page, and I believe it will then be the first page everyone sees.  I will have to play with that a little bit to get it right.

Now, some of these changes came about for some very exciting reasons, but we are still finalizing some details, so I’m not going to reveal them just yet.  I think you guys will be very pleased about them–I know I’m super excited 😀 –so stay tuned!  😉



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  1. Piero IS great–Piero is power, GG is always on pitch and is smooth, and Nazio is emotion! Someone put a flea in whoever’s ear it takes to team them up with Jackie–it would be deadly! The sound and the beauty from the stage would be overwhelming. Pass out time!! Have the paramedics handy…

  2. My vote goes for more Italian songs, too! Would love to hear them do the TLUC ones…. Those were such good choices for all of them. Over the years I have fallen head over heels for any and all things Italian!!! The country, the food, the men, the clothes, the music.(Not necessarily in that order!)..

    Sorry, girls…..I have to be very honest. I prefer Il Volo as is …3 young men… No girls, no women….Just the harmonious beauty of the 3 voices, solo and/or blended. If we HAVE to have a female, Jackie is a good choice. She has a fresh, lovely, young operatic voice.

  3. Helen – I agree with you wholeheartedly – Il Volo does not need anyone to sing with them! The only duo I have ever liked is Pia Toscano in Il Volo Takes Flight.

    On another note, I have mentioned before that I watch Il Volo’s Nobel Peace Prize performance almost every night. It is one of my favorites, well maybe my most favorite! Tonight I found Ignazio performing Il Mondo and I love it!

    Ignazio, how could you ever have guessed then, that you’d be singing the same song in Norway in December 2012 in honor of one of the world’s most prestigious awards! You rocked it both times and so did Gianluca and Piero!

  4. Hi Y’all–I have enjoyed catching up on all your comments. It took me a little while to find where you were. I agree that the arrangements & orchestrations are magnificent. I especially love the last refrain on “Splendida” when Piero sings. The music builds up to that crescendo & he comes in. Am I using the right terminology, Myron? Of course I love everything Piero sings! Each young man sings wonderfully alone, but blended, they take my breath away. They truly are 3 voices combined into one soul.
    I like the songs they sing in English-my favorites are Maria, Piero’s Love Story, & Memories. In the Arms of the Angel & the Lion King song are also well done. But they excel when they sing in Italian. I am glad they did Surrender/Torna a Surriento in both English & Italian (is that one Neapolitan like O Sole Mio?). I would love to hear them sing Anema e Core in both Neapolitan & English. Through Il Volo, I have “discovered” other Italian singers that I like- Massimo Raineri & Sal DaVinci who did duets with Ignazio on TLUC. I had never really listened to Bocelli much before Il Volo’s connection to him, but now I like some of what he does. Loving Il Volo has definitely broadened my musical horizons!

    If Il Volo is going to sing with female singers, they need to sing with those that are more clasically oriented, not like Pia Toscano or Belinda. Even though Barbra Streisand is not a classical singer, she can sing anything! Jackie E would be a good choice. But they really are amazing all by themselves.

    Well I guess I’ve gone on long enough. Good night.

  5. T find it so fascinating that all of us have had almost parallel experiences with Il Volo even though we come from different parts of the country, have wide age disparities, and varied work experiences!

    I just love that several of you are of Italian descent…At this stage of my life, I envy you. You have this marvelous sense of family and a closeness I admire. My Anglo-Saxon, Puritan background is much more subdued, I fear. We love each other…We just don’t have that unfettered exuberance that I love so and that seems typically Italian. I also think that Italians have more fun!!!
    If The Boys are typically Italian, and I think they are, then I’m right, aren’t I? (And I’ve never met an Italian who couldn’t sing!)

  6. I also love those old TLUC videos. Youtube has several mixes of Il Volo, and of each of the boys separately. Sometimes I put one of those on while I am reading my emails–one of the mixes has over 100 songs! It’s wonderful to listen to the old Italian songs they sang back then…and to watch them struggle with shyness, and feeling comfortable on stage.

  7. Yes, Jackie Evancho would be great. Her voice is – dare I say it – as good as Il Volo’s are. The combination would be amazing. And if anyone has looked for her on Youtube, you will know that she has recorded some songs in Italian! Perfect.
    And further – I also love those old TLUC songs. One of my favorites is Gianluca singing “La Luna Che Non C’e”. I wish the boys would sing some (if not all) of them on a new album. It would be wonderful to see what they do with them now, compared to several years ago. And Nazio’s solo from last year “Tu che m’hai preso il cuore” should not be forgotten either.

  8. In Canada we have the Christmas special Buon Natale showing on 8/14 at 9:30pm – that is tomorrow !

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