Some Notable Changes….

Hey Everyone!

I know many of you have signed off for the night, but I made a few changes in how the site looks and just wanted to fill you in.

First, how great is the new background artwork?  Beautiful, colorful; it leaves no doubt whom we are showing love for!  Thank you, Elizabeth! 

Secondly, I have turned off the ability to make anymore comments on the earliest posts to the blog.  New people were coming everyday, and people were getting lost in where to comment to keep their conversations going.  So going forward, I think we should try to do as we did at our old home and switch to commenting on the newest post only whenever a new one  goes up.  To help with this, I will keep disallowing new comments on the old post when a new one goes up.  Example: you should be able to comment on this post, but not on any other post on the blog.

And lastly, I received an email from Lynne today, and she suggested that our Welcome Post should be the first post new readers see when they come to our blog for the first time.  Makes sense, since it talks about our history and the expectations for the site.  I was able to pin it so it is always the first blog piece, and all the new posts start after that.  I’m not sure that will be the best way in the long run, but if it gets too confusing, I have the option to make it our “About” page, and I believe it will then be the first page everyone sees.  I will have to play with that a little bit to get it right.

Now, some of these changes came about for some very exciting reasons, but we are still finalizing some details, so I’m not going to reveal them just yet.  I think you guys will be very pleased about them–I know I’m super excited 😀 –so stay tuned!  😉



85 thoughts on “Some Notable Changes….”

    1. I would think that, for those that can only read this site every 2nd or 3rd day – the restrictions of comments cuts down on the benefits a bit.
      Food for thought. when I first read your intro. I really liked your simple and direct point of “only one rule” – good thing, I thought.

      1. Thanks for your comment, Myron. Maybe it will open some discussion for people, and we can get a better idea of how they would like to handle it. 🙂

  1. This comment is about Il Volo, not the site –which i love. Just looked on il volo mundial site.. They are advertising repeats of previous Il Volo appearances to take place during August (August 15 and 23). Also, they advertise Il Volo’s appearance on the Talk for August 14. They are usually on the mark. But I guess they are wrong about this? This is very confusing.

    1. Team Il Volo had “The Talk” appearance as cancelled–also a reputable sight. Thanks for bringing up the discrepancy, and we will do a little more digging. 🙂

      1. Team IL VOLO now (11:53PM PDT on 8-11-2013) shows:
        Aug 14 –The Talk —-ATTENTION this event seems to be pre-record. Stay tune for more info

        So, I’m guessing *maybe* it’s not canceled. There does seem to be some confusion and uncertainty.

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. This morning there is a comment on Team Il Volo that the appearance on “The Talk” was pre-recorded in June before the boys went home, and that the picture of them with Selena Gomez was taken the day they taped the show with her. In addition, there is a photo of the listing in TV Guide that shows Il Volo on August 14. So it sounds like it is not a live appearance at all, and the show was not cancelled.

      3. Team Il Volo updated the info on The Talk – Il Volo will make an appearance – it seems it was taped before they left for Italy.

  2. Kelly… I really like the adjustments you have made. Now I know to go to the latest page to post, right? That’s the only place I find a “LEAVE A REPLY” space, so that makes it simple.
    Elizabeth: Lovely artwork, and I LOVE The Boys’ pictures! So glad you could work them in so nicely.

  3. Hello Everyone,

    I love this site. I had been lurking for quite a while on the other site, but I did not have a Facebook account and did not want one either.

    I must say that you ladies make me laugh all the time at your comments.

    I fell in love with il Volo and their wonderful voices last summer when I first heard them on PBS. I was able to see them at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis last summer and somehow lucked out getting front row seats. I think I had to scrape my chin up off of the floor. Their voices are like nothing I have ever heard before and I cannot stop listening to them. I am going to the Fox Theater in Detroit to see them on September 5. Maybe I will run into Marie Crider and Loretta Foley and anyone else who is going to be at the Fox Theater also.

    Kelly, you have done a great job setting up this website, Thank You! Elizabeth, your work on the background artwork is fantastic. Linda S., what a great idea for your “In Case You Missed It” column. Thanks to all of you that made this website so that we can keep up with what the boys are doing and where they will be. I will enjoy reading all of your comments.

    1. Welcome, Jeanie!

      Your experience with the PBS Special last year is repeated over and over in its own flavor by so many of IL VOLO fans here on this site and around the world. Myself included!

      IL VOLO’s music (their first U.S. album) even was a contributing factor to a family member of mine healing from a life long health condition. Truly, the boys’ light, open-hearted spirits and spectacular voices communicate “their emotion, their Italy” in such a high vibration that, you could say IL VOLO is the rose of all flowers, the diamond of all stones, the pinnacle of musical magnificence!

      We love you guys, Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca, and I am so grateful to your awesome team who understands the importance of supporting you in following your dreams. I love that the initial meaning of IL VOLO was that your music makes you feel like you’re flying. Me, too!

      So glad to have you aboard with the Flight Crew, Jeanie. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll drop our jaws in awe, we’ll celebrate good news, we’ll share adventures, and we’ll open our hearts ever wider, thanks to IL VOLO and sharing the love here together!

      Benvenuti to our IL VOLO family!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Thank you Jeanine for the Welcome. I totally agree with what you said, “IL VOLO is the rose of all flowers, the diamond of all stones, the pinnacle of musical magnificence!.” I had the opportunity to visit Italy a few years back and fell in love with that country, it is so beautiful and of course so is the Italian music that I heard over there also. I would so love to be able to go back and visit again. I bought the CD of the music that was playing on the bus of a tour that we took when I was there and played it over and over again until I heard ilVolo and now that is all that I listen to.

      1. Hello Mary,
        I knew there was one more person that I read on the other site that was going to the Detroit Concert also. I am so excited to get to hear them again. It is on my Birthday also, which makes it extra special for me. Maybe we will have to clip a certain color flower in our hair or something to spot each other. haha

      1. I agree Helen! Pure unadulterated Il Volo is the best. But for some reason management or whoever, seems to want to pair them up with some female. first we had Pia–a disaster. Then we had Belinda-maybe a bit better. Etc. If we have to have a female, it may as well be someone worthy to sing with them!

  4. Girls….It’s late, but I’m a true night owl, so I’m going to post this so you’ll see it first thing in the morning.
    I just checked Team Il Volo’s website again because that’s where I originally read that Il Volo’ appearance on The Talk had been cancelled. NOW they are saying that Jl Volo’s part may have been pre-recorded and to stay tuned for further info. So we still may get to see Our Boys! I suggest that we keep checking Team Il Volo’s site tomorrow and maybe we’ll get a definite answer. I also left a comment on Mundial’s site, asking for an answer, so hopefully we’ll also see what they have to say.

  5. It has been a busy day for Kelly, Elizabeth, and some of our crew members today. I am so proud of them. This place is beautiful, inviting, and homey. I hope our guys will visit us here and see what a wonderful place it has turned out to be. I know they will be proud of us.

    Buonanotte, good night. I am feeling the love tonight…thanks Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. Happy Il Volo dreams, everyone!

  6. Beautiful, Elizabeth! Your artwork is perfect!

    Love the photo of the guys jumping, Kelly, – to celebrate our 100th post! ^_^

    In Case You Missed It is a wonderful column, already so helpful.

    Listened to Eydie Gorme singing Historia de un Amor. Very much appreciate the history, meheaton, and also your plan to inform the boys, Michele Torpedine.

    It’s interesting what a challenge it is to find a female voice to match the quality of the boys’ magnificent voices. So grateful for the PBS Special with Barbra Streisand… as well as the album due out this fall. Would love to hear more tidbits about the upcoming album!

    I look forward to sharing my VISION of our guys singing with CELINE DION. It’s a unique concept with a lovely hook that I think will broaden IL VOLO’s fan base and also open the door to an interview by Lilou on her Juicy Living Tour. How cool would that be? Lilou usually does a 20-45 minute interview, and she is totally knowledgeable, bringing the magnificence of her guests to the limelight in a warm and engaging way. I hope you all will JOIN WITH ME in envisioning all of this. I look forward to the day when I can share details of my vision with Humberto Gatica, the boys, and appropriate members of the IL VOLO team, such as Michele Torpedine.

    Love and gratitude to all,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Good morning all! Another Beautiful Day, Il Volo style. Mundial has notices posted regarding “The Talk”, “Home & Family” and “Tonite Show” all of which appear to be saying (in Spanish) that these shows are repeats of earlier broadcasts. Sure to be enjoyed again!

    Also B&N had noticed to me that their delayed shipment of “We Are Love” DVD was actually on its way. Hoping that everyone else waiting for theirs will be receiving them soon. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

    Thank you ladies for your work on developing this site, and to all you who contribute. What a refreshing experience to come here and be lifted up with Il Volo love and love for each other. Meeting in person is a dream I keep tucked away in the back of my head. No idea of when, where or how, but it’s there.

    The boys’ music is also in my head all day, whether or not I’m actually hearing it. I pray for their safe travels and return to us soon. Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca – you’re are treasure!

  8. Thanks Linda, then if they are airing in the afternoon then I will go to church as usual & come back for 2 pm or so, still have to find out what time they will be airing here.
    Just got my brakes looked at from sound I heard last Thursday so now underneath & brakes in top shape. So Detroit here I come.
    I think it is going to rain so back before it does. Surprised Marie isn’t on here yet, probably sleeping it from working so hard. She deserves the rest.
    So glad the pages are sorted better thanks Kelly or whoever did that. Thanks Elizabeth & Linda for the work you are doing on the blog also.
    LindaP I usually have one of the songs from Il Volo running around in my head also.
    Meeting everyone from this site has been a dream of mine for a long while also but so far only a dream I NEED a hug from Ignazio that is another dream so looking forward to it coming true.

  9. There’s still time before the concert to:

    1) Get a tattoo that reads,”I WILL LOVE IL VOLO, GIANLUCA, PIERO AND IGNAZIO, FOREVER AND EVER, I PROMISE” on your lower back.
    2) Go to music stores. Buy Bieber CD’s. Lay them in the street. Run over them with your car.
    3) Fly to Italy. Look for “toothy girl”. Bring her back to Marie.
    4) Twiddle your, or someone else’s, thumbs.
    5) Try to figure out what time it is at Laia’s house.
    6) Read your emails – all of them.
    7) Write Thank You notes to Ignazio’s parents.
    8) Buy Gianluca and Nikki a towel set. Hold off having them monogrammed (Oh, you know he will).
    9) Lose 10, no I mean 5, ok 2 pounds.
    10) Listen to the sweet sound of Il Volo everyday, all day, while staring at a picture of Gianluca in a speedo, Piero in a muscle shirt and Ignazio without a shirt.

    There, that should keep you busy.

    1. Marie! I love 1 – 10 but # 8) “Buy Gianluca and Nikki a towel set. Hold off having them monogrammed (Oh, you know he will)! ” Too funny!

      1. PS – I am sort of disappointed someone will be performing with Il Volo, as has been mentioned – it is so distracting – we really only want to see and hear Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!

  10. Ha Marie, all of those things look doable, except maybe finding the “toothy” girl in Italy. What if we get the wrong one? Besides it’s very self serving! In my blog later I will bring everyone up to date on appearances.

  11. Now who are you referring to “YOU”, anyone reading this blog? I don’t like pain so forget tattoo. Too much trouble running over Bieber;s CD’s also easier to put toothy girl in cage in Italy, hate twiddling my thumbs, don’t care what time it is as Laia’s house, read all my emails, would love to meet Ignazio’s parents, not interested in towel set for anyone, don’t need to lose weight, perfect as I am & will forever listen to Il Volo music staring at only Ignazio without a shirt but must be smiling.

  12. Of course I’m self serving. Have we met?
    Bring her here, I’ll know if it’s the right one by her smile. Of course, she may be reluctant to do that.
    Besides, self serving is mentioning your blog while discussing mine! So, there, Lois!

  13. Sorry Loretta, didn’t see you there. Boy, are you picky. As usual, Linda was ready to jump in and you …well, are you! So, as long as Ignazio is wearing a smile, you’re ok with whatever else?

  14. His smile is more important than a shirt BUT no shirt is ok also, looking forward to the concert & the meet & greet & going to try to keep my composure so I don’t look more like a hag from crying durning their singing.

  15. Marie, it takes self serving to know self serving! Did you notice though, I liked all your list except the toothy girl, as opposed to some others!
    Love, Lois

  16. I think so. She’ll never keep her composure! I don’t envy you trying to get to Ignazio first! I did warn him about you two, so at least he has a fighting chance!

    1. lol, Oh I so wish that I had put out the extra money for the Meet and Greet tickets, just so I could keep my eye on those two. lol

  17. Marie are you calling me grumpy & about losing my composure. Let see what you are going to be like, don’t forget to bring your own Kleenex. I didn’t pooh – pooh your list I mentioned what didn’t appeal to me, that’s all. I thought it was very clever. Someone else can go through it & say what appeals to them just like Mary.

    Mary do NOT get between us, no holds barred, you have heard that expression? If he runs for the door Linda I will stop him trust me. I’ve tackled anyone before but I will give it a good try. I have to be careful I don’t break my camera. That reminds me I have to brush up on the mechanism of how it works.

    Mary you have that sign beside you instead of the twitter green sign because your grand daughter set you up so you don’t have to sign in. So when you don’t sign in then one of the icons fron the blog go in place of the twitter sign. Clever aren’t I.

  18. Marie, if you really want to know what time it is here, it’s simple. It is one hour LATER than it is in Italy! That ought to help you…I think! And don’t waste money on Bieber disks – save it so you can buy the new Il Volo ones!! A much better investment.

  19. Mary honey, please don’t get between them, your life wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel. Trust me when I tell you, keep out of their way!!!!!

  20. Kelly, I just realized that I have been back in my “director” mode again. Sorry. Hard habit to break after over 35 years. I should not be putting in all this advise on a site that is really quite wonderful and very refreshing. It is nice to have a site that does not feel like it is part of some corp. machine. This is a very personal and heart-felt site and I really appreciate that. I think the others do as well.

    1. Myron — you are the professional consultant for many of us. I love Il Volo, but I don’t know anything about the music business or about many entertainers–except il Volo.

  21. Thanks for the kind words Myron.

    Mary, Mary, Mary, No! That would be the worse, most futile, rescue attempt EVER. I’m not sure it’s going to be safe anywhere inside the building.

  22. Speaking of CDs. I have just finished listening to We Are Love and I am always amazed at the gorgeous orchestral arrangements for all of the songs.It looks like there are 8 men who have worked on one or another of the songs, and I think they are the forgotten heroes.

    I don’t think we’ve ever discussed the lush, rich. intricate harmony of the background music for The Boys, but as we all know, the arrangement often makes or breaks a song. Just take a quick listen on You Tube to Eydie Gorme singing Historia de un Amor and you’ll see what I mean. Same for Luis Miguel, Their arrangements are adequate, but nowhere near as gorgeous as Il Volo’s.
    So let’s all thank our lucky stars that The Boys have people like Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis handling the production of their music.

    Also. quickly. have you noticed that Ignazio has a wonderful technique of singing the lyrics a fraction of a second after the beat? It adds such pathos and emotion to his phrasing. He’s the one who can make me cry! That’s just one reason that so many of you love him so and want to hug him. He pulls at your heart strings, doesn’t he? (Marvelous good looks don’t hurt, either!)

    Well, enough…Just had to get this said!! Love, LOVE Il Volo, as always!

  23. Helen–I have been amazed at Nazio’s ability to deliver an emotional performance since he was 14. If you have not seen his rendition of Il Mare Calmo Della Sera, go to youtube and look it up. He positively trembles with emotion! I marveled the first time I saw it and I still marvel (I watch it a lot!). Where did that come from in such a young boy?

  24. Helen, Loretta and Penina, Il Mare Calmo Della Sera is on my desk top. I play it everyday! It is always 1st on my “next album” wish list. When he has to gather his emotions at the end I die a glorious death. Gianluca does a beautiful job (also on YouTube) too. Together it would be amazing!

    Helen, your right. We never talk about that wonderful background sound. I remember when they (Piero?) said, when referring to Questo Amore, they throw out the electric guitar and add violins. Full beautiful orchestra. Someone knew what they were doing!

  25. Mundial has two lovely photos of Gianluca with his cousin and friend. I can totally see his curly hair. Love his red jacket too. I like how he is not afraid of any color. Beside his musical and vocal talent, he has good taste too.

    Gianluca, hope you are having a nice and relaxing evening.

  26. My sister and I also have a “wish list” for another album and one of the songs on the list is Il Mare Calmo with all of them singing it! We like a lot of the songs they did on TLUC when they were kids. They should do more Italian songs! There are so many beauuuuuuuuutiful ones!

  27. They all look fabulous with their beachwear, tans and party clothes.
    You’re right Elaine, Gianluca does have good taste.
    I hope they rememeber these good times when they begin their long tour.

    Ah Gianluca’s style, Piero’s sense of adventure and Ignazio’s smile; they have it all. All that and voices like Angels.

  28. Well, I hope there is a performance on the TALK – like I said before – it is nostalgic since this was their first national USA TV show when they first started. Like coming home before the tour starts. Kind of cool.

  29. Old and New Flight Crew Friends,
    As you can imagine, in order to set-up this site and keep it running as efficiently and effectively as possible, many important and immediate decisions had to be made. No one can do this alone. It necessitated in quickly declaring a Board. These are the people who initally stepped up to the cause: Kelly Aitch, Elizabeth Vancoevorden, Michele Azzara, Elaine Tse, Linda Snyder, and myself, Marie Crider.
    The Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love~ blog is a space that is always open to suggestions and ideas on new and exciting ways to support Il Volo. Please keep them coming! Everyone’s participation is valued and appreciated.

    Some very exciting developments are happening right now! Can’t wait to share them with you!


  30. I see on mundial, they have one picture of the Pooh concert featuring “The Boys”. They are awaiting more photos. The concert was a sellout.

  31. Re finding a female voice for them to sing with–how about Jackie Evanco?
    She has a fabulous voice.

  32. Penina, I love Jackie Evanco! Really the only female singer who takes my breath away. Together with Our Boys it would be fabulous!

    Also, from before, I beg for more Italian songs too! Ignazio and Gianluca are wonderful singing in their native language but, Piero is Great!

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