Let’s play 20 questions, Il Volo style:

1) Who always “mouths” the words of the other two when singing?

2) Which one plays drums?

3) His heart-throb,movie star is Angelina Jolie.

4) He is a soccer nut.

5) Who has my name tattooed over his heart? (duh)

6) This one wants to be an airplane pilot.

7) Who plans on studying languages?

8) His brother’s name is Ernesto.

9) Which guy wants to drive a Formula One race car?

10) This little guy sang “Miserere” at an Italian music festival when he was only 13.

11) He was so shy that when he was younger, he faced the wall to sing.

12) Who cooks? OK, they all “cook” but, who cooks food?

13) He had his ears surgically altered.

14) This one claims to never have had an embarrassing moment.

15) His grandfather sang opera.

16) Whose birthday is February 7th?

17) Who, according to Myron, has perfect pitch?

18) This baby was born in Bologna, Italy.

19) His grandfather is blind.

20) Before they adopted the name Il Volo, what were they called?


ANSWERS 1-I, 2-P, 3-P, 4-G, 5-I, yes he does (*wink*), 6-I, 7-G, 8-G, 9-P, 10-I, 11-G, 12-I, 13-P, 14-G, 15-P & G, 16-My nephew (However Gianluca was born on Feb. 11th), 17-G, 18-I, 19-P, 20-The Trio (Il Trio).

Scoring: # correct
1 – 3 They’re Il Volo, 3 Italian guys who sing – Go away!
4 – 7 You’re on the wrong site – Goggle muppets
8 – 11 You need more YouTube videos
12 – 15 You’re just a little sick, but its ok because you know it.
16-19 Sorry! There’s no hope for you. You’re hooked!
20 Just why do you know all this stuff?




28 thoughts on “SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE BOYS?”

  1. 1. Ignazio
    2. Piero
    3. Piero
    4. Gianluca
    5. Ignazio
    6. Ignazio
    7. I don’t know
    8. Gianluca
    9. Piero
    10. Ignazio
    11. Piero
    12. Ignazio
    13. I don’t know
    14. Gianluca
    15. I don’t know
    16. No one in the group
    17. Piero
    18. Ignazio
    19. Piero
    20. I don’t know

    😀 How’d I do?

    1. Hi ladies, I got enough right to know there is no saving me! Getting very excited that our concert and meet n greet is in only 8 days! Have you noticed that Gianluca has less than 200 followers to go on Twitter to get to 50000. Phenomenal! Thanks for this site, it’s great.

  2. I GOT ALL 20!!!! (alright, that’s when I cheated) Otherwise, I got 15 of the 20.

    1. Allene, you can put them in the comments like Elizabeth did or just write them on paper like one of those magazine quizzes. 🙂

  3. Teresa, I’ll be seeing them a few days before you. I’ll try to leave them in good shape. No promises though. I can’t wait either!

  4. I am really dumb, but where do I put the answers? I have been following you women for quite a while, and would really like to be able to continue.

  5. Marie, you didn’t fool Elizabeth with that birthday question!
    I remember fan magazines in the 60’s publishing all sorts of trivia about the Beatles (OK, so maybe all of it wasn’t true). Maybe we can do the same for our guys. Even vital statistics about them would be interesting, like how tall are they? What color does Gianluca say his eyes are? They are very private individuals (well maybe not Piero), so maybe they wouldn’t let us know some things about them.

  6. Allene, see Kelly’s answer above. You’re not dumb. You found your way here! We welcome you. You can continue writing just like you did.

  7. Lynn, Gosh, I read all of those magazines in the 60’s. Then I taped the pictures all over my walls. No, my mom was not happy! More trivia on vitals should be up to Our Ace Reporter or you Lynn. I volunteer to hold the tape measure though. Gianluca’s eye are a beautiful brown.

    1. Marie I think Gianluca´s eyes are greenish brown, and where has many light become green. Either way they are beautiful.

  8. 1- Gianluca
    2- Ignazio
    3- Piero
    4- Gianluca
    5- No one
    6- Ignazio
    7- Gianluca
    8- Gianluca
    9- Piero
    10- Ignazio
    11- Gianluca
    12- Ignazio
    13- Piero
    14- Ignazio
    15- No one
    16- Gianluca is Feb 11th, not 7th.
    17- Gianluca
    18- Ignazio
    19- Piero
    20- Il tryo

    1. Great contribution, Marie! Had to laugh at the 2 “personalized”, shall we say, questions! ^_^

      I, too, am hooked. Big surprise! (; >)

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Jose, Nice job! You only missed 4 – #1 is Ignazio, #2 is Piero, #5 What do you mean NO ONE? The correct answer is Ignazio. I should mark off two points for that blooper! #15 you wrote none and the answer is all. That still gives you 16. Hooked Bad!

    1. Marie, # 2 Ignazio said he plays drum too. # 5 If I had made the quiz the answer would be correct. # 15 I have never heard that all of grandfather’s sang opera.

  10. Going to bed now. Go to “Around the Blog” – upper left of this page, in the black – for your answers. Good Luck.

    Hint: The answer to #5 is Ignazio! There is no other answer!

  11. I know Marie wants #5 to be Ignazio, #16 I thought she has the date mixed up so my answer was Gianluca, #15 is the only one that I was not sure on. Yes, I am hooked!

  12. Linda, We done Great! What a crew!

    Elaine, please watch your grammar. The correct usage is “#5 IS Ignazio”. You’re a board member. Watch that!

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