I couldn’t be more proud of my girls on the board and all of you!
We ALL started this blog on August 8th. Here are a few stats so far:

Total number of views – 5,410 !!!
Total number of comments – 545

Comments originated from the U.S., Canada, Israel, Brazil, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

I like this stat – most popular topic written about: Il Volo (what a surprise!)

Not bad for a first week! Thanks all of you!


42 thoughts on “IL VOLO AND THIS SITE ROCKS!”

    1. Welcome, Margie….. I have run across your name on other sites and I can tell that you are a true Il Volo lover like the rest of us here. I read that you are going to the Detroit concert. Maybe you’ll bump into Marie, Loretta, and Mary there!
      Hope to hear more from you. We have terrific people running this blog…. You’re going to LOVE here!!!!

  1. Well, of course our favorite topic is Il Volo! What’s new about that?
    Seriously, it’s a great blog and getting better all the time. We must be dynamos!!

  2. Loretta, it was a rerun. I know you saw it before (June I think). “Team Il Volo” has a really good video. Look at the top of their home page.

  3. Good morning to you all. I am new at this, but have been following you on the Official site. My family thinks I have gone round the bend because I practically eat, drink, and sleep Il Volo. I love them all, but my very favorite is Piero. His voice makes my heart dance.

    1. Hi, Allene…. You have come to the right place! Lots of us have families who think we’ve gone bonkers!!! Sometimes I can see my son’s eyes start to glaze over when I start raving about The Boys, but I just keep rattling on.
      As for Piero, you’re going to have to fight Elizabeth, as you probably already know. Good luck on THAT!!
      We all have our favorites, but we present a united front when it comes to Our Boys. We adore them all!!
      Welcome to the best blog ever!!!!

  4. Great job, Flight Crew and as someone who spent her career in the media (BBC, Playboy and a daily newspaper), thank you for your concern about copyright protection. It’s not difficult or expensive to get “permissions” to use copyrighted material, and always give credit as to the source.


  5. Oh, I think I left my comment in the wrong place, so I’ll do it again.(because it’s so important) I’m counting down the days until Detroit, and I have a dream vision for that event. On the DVD from Miami Piero and Ignazio go down into the audience. Piero sits on a woman’s lap and Nazio hugs and smooches with a woman. My dream vision is having Piero on MY lap and Nazio smooching Marie AND Loretta. Do dreams come true?

  6. Boy yours better come true, I don’t care where Ignazio smoothes with me in front of the whole audience for all I care I will smooth right back.

    OOOHHH dream please come true. Mary I hope you have monopoly on dreams.

    And Marie won’t have to take a running jump at him. She can glide gracefully towards him like a lady & accept his smooth. OOOHHH HEAVEN.

    1. Geez, Marie, now that it’s been hours, do you think it’s too late for Loretta?


      Loretta, keep breathing.

      ~ Jeanine

  7. At this point, you crazy ladies, I think Jeanine needs to hold a seminar!

    1. Funny you should say that, Helen.
      I do that (facilitate teleseminars to let go of limiting beliefs and fears) for a living over conference calls! (; >)

      I know what y’all need (want!)… Watch surrender from the Kris Jenner Show! Sooooo cute and sizzling! ^_^

      8 days until the Vancouver BC concert!!

      Sweet night, everyone,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. I’ll have to wait until November 12, the last concert of this tour, to see my sweet gorgeous Gianluca. Until then I will be happy with the comments of you about the concert, please tell me everything.

  9. Hello Helen! So happy you are enjoying this blog! Welcome Allene! I ate dinner with my brother last night and I mentioned this blog – he gave me a funny smile! I am sure I talked a little about Il Volo but have to keep it to a minimum! When he was leaving, he said, so what about “Il Volo” when he meant to say something entirely different! We both laughed so hard! I don’t think he is becoming addicted but at least he is getting the name of my FAVORITE group right – even if he didn’t mean to! Very funny – you had to be there! His daughter, my niece is Piero’s age and LOVES him – sorry about that Elizabeth, she is not threat – she is in college in Mexico and distracted – but loves the Mas Que Amor CD -I gave her!

    Loretta – calm down – there was no SMOOCHING! I was at both of the PBS live concerts – “We Are Love” and “Buon Natale” – the guys were very respectful! If you have seen We Are Love, you saw how they kissed the little girl and Piero even let her kiss his cheek! Ignazio kissed the hand of the young lady – but he did dance and sing to her with his arm around her shoulder! That would be awesome! Just awesome!

    1. Well, perhaps I did embellish Ignazio’s kissing her hand and dancing a bit to call it “smooching.” I should have known better than to get Loretta all excited. But Piero DID sit on the lucky lady’s lap, right? Could I be that lucky???

  10. Just one more thing, and then I’ll be quiet…..just want all to understand that I was not suggesting that Nazio was disrespectful or improper. He is such a dear, sweet young man, and I love the way he is comfortable with hugging and being affectionate with the fans. And that smile!!! No wonder we all love him.

  11. Love your stats, Marie!

    Have you noticed, Flight Crew, how many new posters and visitors we have here compared to our previous hang-out?

    Yessss!! Well done!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. I so enjoy reading everything you folks write. I am so happy to be with you all and can finally talk about my beloved Il Volo without seeing a glazed look – or even worse a bored look – coming over my family’s eyes..

    I would like to squeeze the stuffing out of Piero , but I guess I’ll have to let Katherine (spelling?) do the hugging since there seems to be no way that I will be able to meet him unless, by some miracle, our boys come to Minnesota.

  13. I meant I would have to leave the hugging of Piero to Elizabeth. I got so caught up in the idea of hugging the stuffing out of Piero that I wrote the wrong name. So Elizabeth, if you have a chance, please hug Piero for me. See, I’m not a bit jealous. Yeah right.

  14. Dear Flight Crew…

    I just looked at this site on my iPhone, and I can actually read it and use the links, unlike our previous hang-out. Great going, guys! Really, this is so amazing and fun!

    And I so appreciate our “In Case You Missed It” updates!

    I’m off to Seattle Wed. for a day trip to get my expedited passport. Vancouver, BC here we come! Can’t wait to kick off the U.S. tour Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre!

    Hugs and happy dances!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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