In case you missed it….


Hi Everyone,

1) Did everyone see the Tonight Show repeat performance of “The Boys” singing “Surrender”? The viewing was just as good the second time!

2) An early reminder to be sure and catch Il Volo’s appearance on “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel next week on 8/23 at 12 noon. It too is a re-run, but well worth seeing again!

3) Check Mundial for a cute collage of Piero with his sister, Maria Gracia.

4) Check Team Il Volo site for a nice slideshow; they also have a video of Il Volo’s appearance on The Talk.

5) Exciting news from Piero. He tweets “finished preparing luggage for tour” That means they’re on their way soon, but we still have no definite date.

6) No new news from Ignazio, Mundial is asking “where are you sweetheart”?

7) A Keek from Gianluca at the beach with his brother with fireworks in the backround.

8) A sad note on Gianluca’s twitter page. He tweets a photo of himself with a young girl taken in Mexico; followed by a comment that she passed away. RIP Ale.


18 thoughts on “In case you missed it….”

  1. I know Ignazio wants his privacy, to bad for us. Mundial can’t seem to find him. Can’t blame him he makes himself available when on tour & with management so we shouldn’t expect him to make himself available on his vacation. The other boys still send out pictures & tweets, different people.

    Ignazio precious enjoy your last few days anyway you can in privacy

  2. Its too bad I don’t have the talking on my CD from Filmore Theatre, there is only a few words spoken by Ignazio abut the orchestra & taking the guitars & replacing them with violins but after that no talking between songs, I was hoping to hear Ignazio speak about Maria.
    These CD-R are reproduced from the original in good quality but they have left out the talking between songs. Anyway I got the music & them singing so that is more important. Next time they are going to do a taping of a show anywhere I will be there if I have to walk all the way.

  3. Loretta, I have a question out to the forum community, but I don’t know that there is a way to number the pages to make them easier to find.

  4. Loretta….I bookmark the latest page and that way , I can go straight to it. Works like a charm! Tomorrow, I will delete this page from my bookmark list and bookmark the current page. GThat way, I don’t have to do all that scrolling.

  5. KelIy, I saw the message on Gianluca´s twitter about the mexican girl who passed away. Almost all of his followers commented about how he was so caring with the girl. And seeing the photo of him with her very weak, and her face looking at his smile brought tears on my eyes. He is really a special human being.

    1. Josie, you’re not the only one with tears in your eyes, I can hardly write this. I am so thankful that that sweet little girl got to experience the love and tenderness Gian gave to her. He is an angel in disguise.

  6. I swear this is my last post for awhile… But I just ran across the original version of Vivo Per Lei, one of the songs that Gian sang on TLUC that I think helped him win the contest. He sang it with a girl and I fell in love with that song then and there.
    Anyway, if you want to hear this original version, go to You Tube and type in O. R. O.- Vivi per lei. From the graphics, it must be one hot love song! I loved it… I hope you will.

    1. Dear Gian, I’m praying for happy wings to precious Ale and for peace and comfort for all those who know and love her. Thank you for sharing her with us! What a bright light I see in her! When you look into the night sky, know that Ale will be twinkling her love and gratitude back.

      Helen, great tip on Gian singing O. R. O.- Vivi per lei in TLUC. Lovely! Sweet how he gave his singing partner an enthusiastic hug.

      I’m so grateful for all of their glorious hearts. If all they had is their amazing voices, they would be great technicians but not the passionate artists that they are!

      Their hearts light the fire of their astounding music!

      Enjoy your final days of relaxation, guys, and I’ll see you on the 25th in Vancouver BC!

      Love and gratitude,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. It is 3:00am in the morning here, I am tired but can’t fall asleep. I am worry too, Gianluca, about the cold. Gian, you are an angel with a loving and caring heart. I wish I can hug you. I hope the cold is just minor. I will try to get some sleep now. Please give me good news when I wake up…Splendida is playing on my iPad…thanks…

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