I don’t plan to do this everyday but, I am blown away, once again, by the stats. The countries I reported to you yesterday were for only one day. Here is the awesome list of countries who have check out our site in the past 7 days:

South Africa
Italy(The Boys?)
United kingdom
Czech Republic

Proof that Il Volo is loved all around the world!
Also proof that we’re doing something right!

Total views to date: 6,280
Total Comments: 613

Keep Rockin’ Flight Crew!


10 thoughts on “STILL ROCKIN’”

  1. Marie — Thanks for the stats! Truly amazing! Four views from Italy –could it be Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero and Barbara checking in? LOL! They are most likely too busy packing – 2013 tour starts in 8 days, as Leonard Cohen says, “Hallelujah”!

  2. Anyone who has ears and eyes couldn’t help but love this blot so happy I joined.must go now the boys have asked me to surrender. To them.

  3. Teresa, I love your comment! You fit right in! Lol
    Thanks for the update, Marie, & she’s right: we totally rock! (I wish I had my head bangin’ emo…) 😀

  4. The stats are mind blowing. Il Volo touches the lives of so many people. To everyone around the world who may be reading this, we should all be proud to be brought together by the wonderfully talented and very sweet Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca.

    Now if everyone doesn’t mind, I’m going to go back to my Il Volo DVD that I put on pause to write this. While Teresa is surrendering, I’m feeling SPLENDIDA!

  5. I know they do Allene! You’re so right!

    Teresa, wait, I think The Boys were asking me to surrender! I don’t want to argue with you but, I’m pretty sure they were.

    LeeLee, I think that’s a Splendida idea!

  6. I have been holding back on some information to share about looking down the road into the future BUT this list of world-wide involvement is very, VERY impressive. You can’t tell me that Il Volo fans were getting more and more tired of the official web site and were looking for a site like this. I will pass along some info through emails first and then, if it seems right, on the whole blog

    1. Myron, I think you are absolutly right! People have been looking for a site JUST LIKE THIS ONE. It is terrific and the people the site attracts love Il Volo. And they are from all ages and, now we see, all over the world.

  7. What the world needs now is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE-coming through the voices of Piero, Ignazio, & Gianluca.
    Those stats are amazing! The Flight Crew is international!

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