In case you missed it….


Hi Everyone,

1)Everyone is still talking about Il Volo’s appearance on the Talk yesterday. Everyone agrees they were spectacular!! To watch again go to Mundial Facebook to see the video. You can go to ilvolotumblr to see some very handsome individual closeups of all the Guys.

2) A reminder Il Volo will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight at 11:30pm on NBC. It is a repeat performance, but worth seeing again.

3) Check out Piero’s Twitter page for a picture of his water park ride with his sister. There is also a keek of their performance of “Surrender” as guests of The Pooh.

4) Take a look at Gianluca’s Twitter page to see his adorable Keek of “swinging”, of course there are also some of his great pictures.

5) Ignazio has not tweeted much, but there is a picture of him with one of his friends on Mundial.

6) They have such a good time being home with families and friends it will be hard to tear themselves away to start their tour.

85 thoughts on “In case you missed it….”

  1. I got 15…all because I didn’t know their name before Il Volo. *grrr* Though I think I did well overall since the ones I missed were more obscure. 🙂

    I think we should make that quiz a Page for all to take if they want. I know it will eventually get the lost in shuffle. 🙂

    1. Kelly…Yes, please keep that quiz where all can see it.

      Marie…That was so much fun! Thank you for keeping us on our toes!

  2. Marie, I got 17 of them right. You tricked me on your nephew’s BD, & I thought only Piero’s & Gianluca’s grandfathers sang opera. But if you dig into the you tube videos far back enough, you know the answer to #20. And I answered that Piero had never had an embarrassing moment. He didn’t SOUND too embarrased about streaking in that hotel. I still think the answer to #5 is “in Marie’s dreams”.
    That was a lot of fun. I’ve been laughing out loud since I started reading today’s comments. Myron must think we’ve all lost it! And poor Mary. She kept shouting at y’all that she is going to be there with y’all, too. Y’all better be careful out here at the concert, or there won’t be enough money in all of IL VOLO land to bail y’all out of jail. And you’re probably going to drag poor pitiful-faced Mary with you in your shenanigans.

    Mary, please don’t hug Piero TOO hard. Save some of him for me &Eelizabeth.

  3. Lynn, 17 is a lot too! You guys are just good! Piero probably doesn’t embarrass easily. He’s sly!
    Also Lynn, it’s my test! I say my name’s there!

    As Kelly and Helen suggested, I will post test and answers on a front page above Linda’s column.

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