6 thoughts on “PLEASE”

  1. Thank you, Marie! It was really a surprise when listing a link ended up embedding the video! Easy enough to just put the description, so folks can find it. Much appreciation,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Thank you Jeanine. We wondered how we would handle the situation. You gave us a test run. Not too bad. It looked so good! Can’t wait until we can do bunches of that.

      1. Thanks, Marie. Sure was a surprise to me, so it’s great that you explained how to share without accidentally embedding the video.

        You guys are awesome!!!!

        ~ Jeanine

  2. Counting down the days until Detroit, and I have a dream vision about that event. On the DVD from Miami Piero and Ignazio go down into the audience. Piero sits on a woman’s lap, and Ignazio hugs and smooches with a woman. My dream vision is: Piero sitting on my lap and Ignazio smooching Loretta AND Marie. Do dreams come true?

  3. Mary, love this comment! I don’t suppose you’d care to repeat it furthur on? Hit “Next” once or twice more. Thanks I want everyone to know your dream!

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