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Hi Everyone! We have a new feature here on the blog!  Most of you know Myron, but for those that don’t, he is a voice teacher and recently took some of his students to see Il Volo perform in Chicago.  He has sometimes served as a regional judge for music competitions over the years, and has mentioned before that he loves to discuss the music.

We thought he would add a different aspect to our little home, and he will be talking about music: the boys’, performances, history, etc.  We hope everyone will find it interesting if you don’t know much about music, and will engage in discussion and share your opinions as well.  So, please enjoy his first piece!  Kelly

Il Volo appears on “The Talk” Wednesday, August 14, 2013thCA07MTVP


The guys were in fine and, may I say, well rested singing voices. We Il Volo fans have all become used to very high vocal standards, and this was no exception. Wonderful. If I were to be a little, tiny bit “picky”, I felt Piero had a really special and excellent day. Gianluca and Ignazio were superb but this song works well for Piero.

Backup:  I always wish for live orchestra – the Toinght Show does it, The Talk does not.

On this show the instrumental computer track was started a bit early as the group was just being announced. Thank goodness Gianluca (who starts the song) was on the ball and got it perfect. Having seen them live in Chicago to sing this exact song, I can tell you that the opening on the instrumental track is tricky. More proof of the high quality of musicians they are.

The entire segment ? I loved it. They were more relaxed and engaging than ever. They had fun with the ladies. My big thing about these talk shows is giving the guys more time to show their natural personality. This show has gotten better and better at doing that and today was warm and funny (Gianluca joking about Selena Gomez being his guest in Italy when she comes to take a cooking class and Ignazio joking about the eyes of one of the ladies) — one of the best Il Volo chat segments on network tv so far. I only wish Jay Leno would do that on the Tonight Show – have them over to the desk in the prior segment and chat with them and then have them sing in the next segment.

The TALK is always special because it was the very first American network show they ever did when they were 16 years old ! Back in fall of 2011.

Thank you, Myron!

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  1. Myron, I am thrilled to have you writing this segment. I have often said to you, Myron, that I Love Il Volo and some opera–but I don’t really know music that well or the music business. I plan to check with this page EVERY DAY to see what you say about our boys!

    1. Glad you are excited about this, Sheridan. 🙂 Right now, Myron might not be writing daily; we didn’t want to overwhelm him with his busy schedule. But, I’m sure he will be writing anytime something strikes his fancy. 🙂

      1. I will still look for him every day because he gives me such insight into the music. I have sung your praises on another part of this site, but seriously, no other site has as much class as what you find on this site–and in such a short time!

    1. Thanks, Helen and Loretta! I’m glad everyone is enjoying so far. 🙂 Please keep up the banter we used to have as well. We don’t want to lose that. 🙂

  2. What a stroke of genius to have Myron critique The Boys’ performances and share his musical knowledge with us! Sheridan, I’m with you! The more we hear from Myron the better!!!

    It’s another facet that adds more diversity to the site, just making it that much better. It just keeps growing and improving daily!!!!
    Thank you, THANK YOU to the Board members, who have given so much of their time, their energy, and their thought to making this blog so unbelievably great in such a short, short period of time. Bravo!!!!

  3. Glad you’ll be adding your expertise, Myron. excellent! I totally agree with you. Yesterday’s ‘visit’ with them was great. Of course, I’ve been missing them so very much. It was pre-recorded before they left as they are still in Italy. I’m so glad you will be adding to this ‘conversation’.
    Stephanie Cassidy
    Pittsburgh, PA

  4. Dear Kelly, I LOVE this site. It’s so beautiful and once I get the hang of it (I’m new-tech challenged!), it will be even better! Thank you so much, and just in time for Il Volo’s return. I don’t know why but I feel their energy when they are here in U.S.
    Loving our trio,
    Stephanie Cassidy

  5. Myron, your comments are always in the right spot. All of them won the song. All of them were fantastic.

  6. Myron, I am so glad you volunteered to write this segment (or did those “pushy women” (just kidding) rope you into this?) Your knowledge of music will give this site an edge that other fan sites probably don’t have. I love all that I’ve seen on this site. Thanks to all of you for all your hard work. But I know you are all working out of love for IL VOLO and for the freindships we’ve developed here. Wonderful idea!

  7. You know what else I like about Myron’s column? The print is big & I don’t have to squint to see it. Thanks so much.

  8. Myron, thank you so much for your input. You were sorely missed during the past couple of months before this blog was put on-line. It is always a pleasure to see your professional opinion and comments. And Kelly, this is a great addition to our blog. Wonderful!

  9. Thanks so much, Myron! Greatly appreciated.

    Hey, and Flight Crew, Share the Love is one classy, engaging, beautiful blog!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. I just drove my husband to the subway station, on the way listening to 96.3 which is the classical music station in Toronto. (They hosted the boys last year in a mini concert and meet and greet for their club members.) They played “Perhaps Love” by John Denver, a recording where he is singing with Placido Domingo. It’s a beautiful song–and all the time I was thinking what the boys could do with this! Is there any way to suggest this song to them? If you never heard it see if you can find it somewhere. This is a song that fits with our boys perfectly!

  11. Ok. There are several posts after this one, so we will be closing the comments now.
    Thanks, Myron! I think your contribution will be a hit. 🙂

  12. I have never been to a concert, but have watched every video of them several times. I had an awesome choral instructor in high school and he taught us how to use our voices and to appreciate music. We sang a lot of songs in its original language and we had to learn what it meant, so when we sang we could sing it with heart. The first time I heard Il Volo was on the first appearance on The Talk, I fell in love with them immediately. The are centered, well educated young men who love the music. I am with you on the subject of talk shows not giving them their due by presenting a interview time. I found that Latin American talk shows give them a lot of time to talk and have fun. Thank you for your input on our wonderful Sons of Italy!! My biggest dream is to see them perform.

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