In Case You Missed It…..August 14

Hi Everyone,

1) The highlight of the day of course was the appearance of Il Volo on “The Talk”! What can I say they were charming, funny and sang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” like angels!

I was really pleased to see that the hosts gave them some time and asked good questions. Sharon Osbourne complemented them on their English. She also said she would be attending their concert at Radio City in New York. Gianluca was charming when talking about their fans. Ignazio was a riot flirting like crazy with Sheryl Underwood, he’s so funny! When he was singing his part, they showed a glimpse of her swooning! They got a long standing ovation!!

2) Check some photos on Mundial of Piero doing a water slide with his sister and a picture of the family barbecue.

3) Lreporter_aeroporto_megacityook on Mundial of more pictures of Ignazio partying with friends, they look like they always have a good time!

4) Gianluca’s Twitter page has a collage of him and Elvis in like poses, it was from one of his fans.
Gianluca also is using a new social media called “Brabble”, check it out.

5) See Mundial, they posted a video of “Beautiful Day”

I hope everyone got to see them today, if not I’m sure Mundial will have the video and you can catch it on Utube.


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  1. Hi Y’all, since I couldn’t stay home to watch it, I DVR’d The Talk today. I watched it when I got home from work. Our boys were certainly their most charming selves. Loretta, Marie & any other Team Ignazio ladies out there, He is a big Flirt!. Did y’all see him flirting with Sheryl Underwood? And Piero put his arm around Sharon Osbourne. I wish it had been me instead (sigh). Loretta, Can You Feel the LOVE Tonight is not my favourite either, but they can sing anything & make it sound wonderful. And the are trying to reach an English-speaking audience. I didn’t see too many young people i n that studio audience. But who cares? they gave our guys a standing ovation.

  2. Yep they are young, they can all do there share of flirting & that is how it should be. They treat the older generation the same as the younger. There is no difference that is what is making them so appealing. If I get a hug from Ignazio I will go home hhaappyyyyy.

  3. Would someone please explain what a Brabble is? It seems that everytime I get used to seeing one type of social media, they invent another one. I used to be able to view the guys instagram pictures on their twitter pages, but now I can’t ( I guess they want you to have an instagram account?!). Most of the time I go to Mundial to see all the photos & keek videos.

    1. Brabble is a new social network where you can share your videos, audios, photos and text. You can meet new people there and share anything of your social stuff. 🙂

  4. You guys did it again!
    Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca, I’m on the verge of tears with your heartfelt, loving, vibrant harmonies! Grazie Mille!

    And so much thanks to The Talk for showcasing our guys with a brief conversation and this entire amazing song! (The words become so meaningful and real when I hear and see IL VOLO singing them!)

    Sweet IL VOLO dreams,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. It is always wonderful when the show hosts give our guys the time and respect they deserve – their charming personalities carry the show. And yes, their singing is always the very best. So lovely to watch!

  6. Good Morning!
    I’m dying to tell you all what happened at work yesterday. As most of you know, I work at a small casino. My boss, Kim, is always there when I arrive on Wednesday mornings. We share an hour. She works on the books and I work on getting the place ready to open. I usually put Il Volo on the sound system during that time. Kim seemed to like the music and last week asked me who it was we were listening to. Yesterday Kim asked me to help her to her car with some stuff. I did. We said good bye. I took about three steps and heard this really loud noise. I spun around and could not believe my eyes! There was ultra conservative Kim, giant smile on her face, pealing out of the parking lot, arm hanging out of the window of her huge white Caddie, THUMB UP, Il Volo blasting out of all 4 windows. Never thought I’d see that day! I was laughing so hard I had to sit down on a nearby bench!

    What a trip! We’re all Just “bettering” the life of one person at a time!

  7. Good morning everyone. Still thinking about the great appearance by “The Boys” yesterday on The Talk. Have I said before? loved it!

    Great story about your boss, Marie. That’s how we spread the word, one person at a time!

    Marie, hope you’re feeling better, see e-mail.

  8. Good morning, I just saw the close up video of the boys on the Pooh. Wonderful that you were able to get a close up. I was watching the video of the Pooh but it was far away so this was a wonderful surprise to see the close up & OF COURSE they were spectacular as always. Thank you for all the extra pictures & the great job you are doing to put this blog together with so much information. Looking forward to watch Jay Leno tonight to watch our precious sweethearts

  9. I’ve been scrolling Mundial & Team Il Volo to see if there is anything I missed & came across the concert & them singing In the Arms of the Angels. I don’t like Sarah McLaughlin singing or of her rendition of that song BUT I am still teary eyed at listening to Il Volo singing it & had to listen to it twice if I had listened to it more I would have used a box of Kleenex. It was the same with Little Things I heard One Direction sing it & when I heard our precious boys sing it there was NO comparison.
    Helen if they sang Row, Row, Row your boat I bet you we would never listen to anyone else singing it again. They have such a talent for making any song sound different & special. I so wish that the American Anthem could be put on their CD’s as well because I have never heard it sung so beautifully.

    Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero, we know God is always with you because your singing sounds like only Angels would sound..

    1. Loretta…..You are SO right! I really do love almost everything Il Volo sings because, as you said. “they have a talent for making any song sound special and different”. That is one of their many strengths. The Boys have so much going for them. It’s easy to see why we think they are perfect in every way!

  10. Just saw that Myron is writing a portion of this website–concentrating on the music of il volo ansd their performances. Kelly, what a great addition this segment will be. It is very special. I haven’t seen it in any other site. Bravo to Kelly and Myron!!!

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