Hi Everyone,

1) It appears as if the time has come! Piero tweeted that he was on his way and Gianluca tweeted he was leaving tomorrow the 21st. We suspect they will meet in Rome and fly to North America from there. We still don’t know if they are flying directly to Vancouver or going to LA first. We’ll let you know.

2) Everyone is excited about “The Boys” being in a Disney film. We do not have any official word but we suspect Disney will film their concerts and turn it into a film. One Direction debuted their own film today in London called “All About Us”

3) Check out Gianluca’s tweet with a picture of his new watch. It’s a UBOAT by Italo Fontana. It has all kinds of dials and knobs, he seems very proud of it.

4) We’ve gotten some terrific poems in our comment section. We Have a lot of very talented Il Volo fans!

5) In checking Twitter feed we note that Il Volo Flight Crew-Share The Love is trending!! We couldn’t be more excited about the interest in our new “Baby”

6) The comments on ‘What is your favorite Song” will close Friday August 23rd at 8PM Eastern time. To all of you who did not pick one song please do so, so we can make it one favorite song!

7) A reminder again to watch “The Boys” on Hallmark Channel, Friday the 23rd at 12 noon.

Lets all get ready to welcome Il Volo back to North America!


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  2. “The Prayer”
    (feat. Charlotte Church)
    Helen that’s hysterical
    Lyrics to the Prayer….IL VOLO BE SAFE
    I pray you’ll be our eyes
    And watch us where we go
    And help us to be wise
    In times when we don’t know

    Let this be our prayer
    As we go our way
    Lead us to a place
    Guide us with your Grace
    To a place where we’ll be safe
    La luce che tu dai

    I pray we’ll find your light
    Nel cuore restera
    And hold it in our hearts
    A ricordarci che
    When stars go out each night
    L’eterna stella sei
    Nella mia preghiera
    Let this be our prayer
    Quanta fede c’e
    When shadows fill our day
    Lead us to a place
    Guide us with your grace

    Give us faith so we’ll be safe.
    Sogniamo un mondo senza piu violenza

    Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
    Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino
    Simbolo di pace e di fraternita

    La forza che ci dai
    We ask that life be kind
    E’il desiderio che
    And watch us from above
    Ognuno trovi amore
    We hope each soul will find
    Intorno e dentro a se
    Another soul to love

    Let this be our prayer
    Let this be our prayer
    Just like every child
    Just like every child

    Needs to find a place,
    Guide us with your grace
    Give us faith so we’ll be safe
    E la fede che
    Hai acceso in noi
    Sento che ci salvera

    1. Hi Marie, did you see the “thumbs up” pick of them at the airport. They are too cool for words. Anyway, yes a lot have sung it I think Celine D with Josh G, maybe? Charlotte Church, Sarah Brightman, certainly Andrea Bocelli. I think Gian sounds quite a lot like Andrea, the song I cannot WAIT to hear is Ava Marie from their Christmas CD!!

  3. Christine that is a beautiful song, thank you for that also Gianluca sung
    Ave Maria when he was younger it could be on utube I forget where I saw it I was scrolling down one of the site about a year ago, they have also sung White Christmas from either last year or the year before. Rather than scroll all the site go into Google & ask for those songs by Gianluca & also Il Volo.
    Also everyone In the Arms of the Angels is on Google by the boys. I am trying to memorize the words & the melody. That 3rd verse is tricky. Don’t know whether any of the other songs from the Filmore Theatre are on Google.

    1. Thanks Loretta I’ll listen to his solo Ave Maria to tide me over the til I can get the Xmas CD with three of them singing it. Ive heard every song he’s done on the Italian TV show. He won with IL Amore Calma Stella or something like it, probably about the stars in the sky! If they make a movie of their life and how they became famouse. I hope they have Antonella Clerici who was the host on the Italian TV program he won, play herself. She was so excited when he won, and she was so sweet to him, she’d kiss him when he cried and say “bello” to him. Awwww. I’m picking up the DVD of the Miami show at the Filmore show tomorrow. I hope there is a documentary film included in the extas like there is on the Detroit PBS DVD.

      1. Loretta speaking of you tube if anyone hasn’t seen it, you should just go into You Tube search field and type “Gianluca Ginoble tears up” thats all you have to put in and it will pop up to the last show of the season after he had already won on the Italian show. He was so upset and Antonella , the host (I just love her) asks him why is he so upset and he says it’s because he’ll miss all the fiends he’s made on the show (maybe at that point in time he didn’t know the 3 would sign a record contract). He was meaning all the contestants for that season he would miss. Anyway he’s crying his eyes out and Antonella comforts him. The camera cuts to his mom and dad in the audience and his mom is wiping tears from her eyes. The host tries to assure him he can keep in touch w/friends via facebook,etc It is quite touching. Please find it.

  4. christine,

    I also heard Gianluca singing Ava Maria on You Tube when he was younger and it was beautiful, of course.

    I just ordered the DVD of the concert done at the Filmore also, last Saturday from Barnes and Nobel. I have to pick it up this Saturday and I cannot wait.

    I really, really like El Triste and their tribute to Jose Jose. Just fantastic and I listen to it all the time. Jose Jose seems so proud of them.

    Of course, I cannot think of a song that they have sung that I do not love.

    1. Jeanie, nice to converse with you here. They are going to take the world by storm this time with the new songs, El Triste if they do it, I’m betting they will, with Maria, Surrender and I love Ignazio’s vocals on It’s a beautiful day. The El Triste video from the tribute to that guy I’m sorry I’m not familiar, but who the heck is Jose Jose anyway, but in the video you could see their song moved him almost to tears. I love that song now as much as Hasta El Final and O Solo Mio. If American’s have any common sense, or any taste or appretiation for good music, they will flock to their concerts, they already have the teenie boppers in Latin America, so no worries there!

      1. christine,

        Jose Jose is a Mexican singer who first sang El Triste on March 25, 1970 at the “Latin Song Festival II”. El Triste (The Sad One) was written by a Mexican composer, Roberto Cantoral. Yes, I agree, Jose Jose was moved to tears. They keep panning the camera on him and I just had to do some digging on the internet. He sure was proud of them, you could just tell.

        I read this info on

        I so agree with you, they are going to take the world by storm. I am just so excited to get to see them again. It just so happens that it is my birthday also.

        Nice conversing with you also, christine.

  5. Okay, September 5 will be here before we know it. il Volo Concert in Detroit. If I remember correctly, there will be 5 of us from this blog going to Detroit to il Volo.

    Marie C, Ohio, Jeanie (Me), Ohio, Loretta, Mary B, and I know there is one more person going also, I just forget the name.

    We have to come up with a way so we can meet each other. I, for one would love to meet all of you going to Detroit.

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