I’m Smiling Because….

Hi Everyone!

Has everyone been having fun reading about all the concerts?  I hope so.  Please, don’t be shy about submitting pictures or an experience story.  I know there are still good ones out there; we’d love to hear them.

We would like to kick off a new feature today.  It will be something we do once weekly to send us into the weekend with positive attitudes, and something that reminds us to “Smile” in spirit of the guys.  I hope you will find it fun.

Your reason does not have to be Il Volo related. 🙂


Finish this sentence:   “I’m smiling because….” 


83 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because….”

  1. I am smiling because I just listened to my dear Gianluca’s a cappella of I’m a Fool to Want You. What an amazing and romantic voice. How can I sleep tonight…thinking…GG…I’m a fool…

  2. Its hard to believe these three can make us so happy.all I know is when I go to bed I’m thinking of them and when I wake up I’m thinking of them.and in between.not in a silly teenage girl sort of way but more like a mother who is so proud of her sons. All I know is I cant get enough of them.what is wrong with me.

    1. Nothing is wrong with you. They are 3 people that represent what is good in this world. With so much bad out there, how can we not respond?

  3. Yes, KYalpn, you hit the nail on the head! they are 3 people(sorry, Angels, not of this earth) who represent what is good in this world and they are proof, by their popularity,that most people including the young, want good, not all the smut slashed across our screens that play to the lower instincts( anything for money) and give no happiness. It takes 3 Italian teenagers to show the world what Love really is, and we love them for it. God bless them

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