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The Philly concert, according to Michele was fantastic! She had a wonderful time and is now heading to Boston for an encore!!!

The concert is tomorrow, September 14th at The Bank of America Pavilion in Boston.
The Bank America Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheatre located on the waterfront in Boston with a seating capacity of 5,000 it’s one of the larger venues in the area. Located on Boston’s Fan Pier, the seasonal amphitheatre is designed for easy assembly in the Spring and dismantling in the Fall. The high profile of the roof allows spectators to take in the panoramic view of the Boston skyline and provides the height needed for sound and light equipment behind the stage.The circular footprint of the amphitheatre would make it conducive to any arena type activity, only music is planned for this particular pavilion.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted last night ” I think of you!” He sends a tweet with a picture “Small hand compared to Ignazio’s.” He sends a Keek taken on the bus to Boston at 4am. Gianluca sent a later tweet “We’ll get to Boston in 3 hours, I’ll try to sleep now”
Piero sends a tweet last night “By by #Philidelphia on the way to #Boston.
Ignazio sent a Keek “Too Much fun” taken in San francisco and a tweet last night ” Good night everybody.”

“The Boys” sent tributes to Jimmy Fontana, the Italian singer and song writer who died on September 11th. Mr Fontana wrote the song “Il Mondo” among others.

Be sure to pre-order the Christmas CD “Buon Natale”, it will be released on October 22nd. We are looking forward to this new release.

Catch the video of a young Piero on Mundial, playing a classical piano piece and then singing. It’s amazing!

Love and Luck in Boston, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio!!


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  1. I wish I was following them to Boston. I was tempted to hide in one of the buses that were parked outside the theater last night. There was a couple of girls waiting for them to board the bus but unfortunately my husband had already been waiting 2 1/2 hours for me to get out of the concert. The theater was so HOT!! Well, at least for us towards the front. Poor Gianluca kept on wiping his brow with a handkerchief. I felt sooo bad for them. One lady in my row complained to the usher about how hot it was. I sat 8 rows from the front which was a great view but not close enough….lol. I did see there were quite a few seats opened in the front and through the theater. I sat next to a man which I could tell was there only for his wife. To the other side was a nice older lady that I had fun talking to. But neither stood up to applaud until the last song of the night. I can totally understand some people considering the age of the audience which was in my opinion a much older audience. So a lot of the older folks could not be popping up and down in their chairs. I was a little intimided by the guy sitting next to me but then thought what the heck, I am not going to hold back. I know he must have been annoyed at me for popping up and down in my chair and screaming too. Those boys deserved it and soooooo much more. I honestly wish I was surrounded by a group of screaming teenager girls because that is how I wanted to act. I was sitting literally at the edge of my seat the whole time. The crowd on the balcony and in the back was probably the most enthusiastic. A lot of whistling and screams form back there. The boys are just soooo gorgeous! Words cannot describe how I feel about them. Those voices are just…. WOW. Piero’s voice blew me away. Ignazio has such tenderness in his voice. Gianluca, oh well most of you know how I feel about him. He is the picture of romance. His voice has that deep tone to it that gives me butterflies. It was so funny when they picked their partners for the song Maria. Gianluca picked a young blond girl…..ehhhhhh. Piero and Ignazio picked two little girls. The one Ignazio got was squirming in her chair from nerves.I think he was trying hard to relax her and finally got her to sing in the microphone. I noticed how Piero was getting a kick out of her singing. You can see they love little kids. I know there was one very disappointed young lady myabe in her late 20s that stood up when Ignazio came down the aisle to pick his Maria. She stood up and stood right in front of him in the aisle because she wanted to be picked. Ignazio was standing right in front of her said hi as if he was gong to pick her but then looked past her to the little girl two rows in back. You could tell she was upset. If you got this far reading thank you. I am already thinking about next years concerts.

  2. Hi Michelecaruso: I liked your write up very informative. I felt as if I was right there with you. I can just imagine the disappointment that girl who stood in the aisle felt.. Its difficult sitting beside people who don’t have the same feeling you have for a performer. But good for you for expressing what you felt. Well next year is a long time away but a least it is reduced by one day at a time. So glad you enjoyed the concert, these young men give their all for us.

  3. Loretta, did you see the really nice write-up about Il Volo, mostly about Piero in the Toronto Star on Sept 7th ? I thought it was a great article and the picture was really nice too !
    I am getting depressed now my concert is over (that I looked forward to for SO long)…

  4. I believe you meant to write Saturday, Sept. 14 for Boston. – Anyway, I used to live in Boston for a short time and love the place. I hope they get a great crowd.

      1. Linda, just after this I heard that my cousins who live in the Boston area are going to the concert Sat. I thought I could never get them to budge off their butts, but they are taking the whole extended family of 14 people !!! That is too many Italians for one room at the same time. Hope the building can stand it.

  5. You know ssilick I looked all over the paper & I was even trying to phone the entertainment department to see if there was a post about the concert & couldn’t get any information at all or didn’t see anythig in the paper. Now I am glad they did do something, I saw a photographer at the side of the stage in front of me & I was wondering if it was a photographer from the paper because he had quite a bit of large cameras there. I am certainly glad there was some recognition given them because they worked so hard of rousing the audience I wanted to bang a few heads together to wake them up.
    The guys were superb as usual & I so enjoy their solos especially their new songs. I can’t get enough of the 3 new solos I am listening to them all the time.
    Don’t get depressed ssilick save your money for the next PBS special whenever that will be & don’t forget there is a PS broadcast in November. There is the Christmas CD coming out in a month or so & also we are going to be getting information on what is happening in the other countries at the concerts so we will be getting information constantly. I also know how your feeling..

  6. Good Lordy…..I don’t know if I could have contained myself. The older i get the more vocal Probably would have yelled at the audience around me, good thing I don’t blush! Am glad you did your own thing, hon, the kids do deserve the best we can give!

  7. Loretta, the article in the Toronto Star was before the concert, on Saturday Sept 7. It was mostly about Piero, he complained to his agent about his hotel room in Chicago, it was too big – he only needed one bed. Piero is paying for his older brother’s university and his sister’s school. His blind grandfather paid for his singing lessons until Piero was old enough to charge for singing Ave Maria at local weddings. Many couples are trilled to pull out their videos and show him singing at their weddings. Il Volo is referred to as “a classical singing sensation”, and Barone says that despite Il Volo’s runaway success, he is still the simplest guy in the world.

  8. Then ssilik that is why I didn’t see anything about the concert. I didn’t know that is what Piero is doing for his family like pay back time, He got help & now he passes it on to his brother & sister, super guy, keep it in the family.
    Marti I felt kind of silly when I saw people in the 3 row in front of me not standing & I looked around & I was the only one who was standing & I said kind of loud as usual what is the matter with these people like a bunch of dead fish well the lady beside me who we had been talking for a few minutes started to laugh & I sat down. Anyway I continued to stand at the next song & said loud again about people not standing & finally the people in the row in front of me stood up & then after that more people started to stand after their songs & especially after the solos which I was glad to see. It could have been because people were chilly but I’m not making excuses for them. Toronto didn’t give them the proper adulation they deserved. The next theatre has to be indoors. Hope its not Live Nation booking for them next year.

  9. ssilick, I can relate in feeling kind of depressed about the concert being over. 2 1/2 went way to fast and I was so sad to see them leave the stage not knowing when or if I would see them again.

  10. Sandy and Michele C, I know exactly how you feel! When they left the stage in Pittsburgh I wanted to run after them shouting, “Don’t Go!” Of course we’ll see them again! Could be before Christmas or maybe as early as Spring! You never know!

    Myron, you should have been at our house, when I was young, with around 24 Italians! Loud! Good Food! Lots of love!

    Michele A, thanks for the play-by-play. Glad you had a good time. Funny, no matter who your favorite is, everyone says Piero blows them away! I still think the heat came from Ignazio though!

    1. Tomorrow, that side of my family (mother’s side) will be attending the Boston concert.

  11. I have been reading about all of the amazing experiences people have had at the concerts. Keep on letting us hear about your experiences! However–has anyone noticed the pictures of our boys at the gym on il volo mundial? Just what we need to make us happy for the weekend. The guys look wonderful!!!

    1. Sheridan, I can’t remember offhand which of Our Boys is your favorite….But did you see the 2 pictures of Gian with his mother? She is drop-dead gorgeous, so you can easily see where he gets his to-die-for good looks! Now these pictures also make me happy for the weekend!!!!

  12. Sorry about the dumb post just now. I am having a problem with posting on this blog…. It seems that they have me as Helen Bridgforth AND 4thforbridge with the same email address and same password, I think!! Sometimes I can comment and sometimes I can’t. The above “o” was my test to see if I could log on.
    All of this is my own fault! I did something very stupid when I first signed up and now I am paying for it!!! Told you I am computer-hopeless!!! Please just bear with me if this happens again, and it probably will!

    I am just eating all these wonderful concert stories with a spoon. Yummy!!!!! More, please! I especially like all the little details that make the concerts so personal for all of you. THANK YOU for being so sweet to take the time to share!

  13. After discovering that Gian loves Frank Sinatra and Rat Pack music, I let him know that Dean Martin’s family tived across from me when I was little. Marie, I know what you mean about Italians, the smell of great food, and loud conversation! Everybody always knew when (Dino) was in town. Night & Day was a big surprise, and I thought he did a fantastic job! I loved it, and I bet Frankie loved it too. He sounded very simular,
    and brought back memories of my youth. Oh no, I just dated myself!

    Haven’t heard any feedback about wanting to post my open letter to the boys on here. Im hoping you might enjoy it also. It is to them, and about them. Please give me your thoughts.

  14. Myron, Marie and all my other Italian paisano’s, you can never have a room too full with Italians. Especially if you want to get loud like at the concert. If we were in Toronto, we would have made up for those that weren’t. I, too, share the same experience growing up and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Unfortunately, my decibel level still has not gone down and I’m always told to shush, but I simply answer “I’m Italian! I can’t shush.”

    1. Why do we always hit the enter button when we haven’t proofed or finished our thoughts?

      Helen, I thought the ‘o’ was because of the gym pictures. Maybe it should have been ooooh.

      Kittykam (Kathryn), can’t wait to see your post…and don’t worry about dating yourself, we all appear to be the same age (ahem) bracket.

  15. Loretta, don’t worry about Toronto not responding to our boys…I attended the Montreal concert the next night and at least half the audience was Italian, the shouts, the cheers, the standing ovations were all there to reassure Il Volo how much they are loved !!

  16. Thank you Ssilick I am glad to hear that Canada isn’t so backward to not appreciate quality performers. Did they do the concert in English?? I had thought of going to Montreal but if they were going to be speaking French then I only speak I wouldn’t have understood what they were saying

  17. I live in Kingston and chose Montreal because of concert location (inside Bell Centre, not outside). The concert was in English (same one you had in Toronto) except for a Bonjour, and one French song you probably did not hear in Toronto. The boys do not really speak French, GG hoped everyone understood their French in the song. I don’t really speak French either so was very happy how it turned out.

    Hope this is okay to share – I copied it from Il Volo Mundial on Facebook – we saw this girl near the stage during Surrender – a lucky fan like Marie, here is her experience in Montreal:

    “I was seated front row, right in front of the little steps. Blah blah blah…. I was freaking out, and when Piero did his first solo song, Gianluca was leaving the stage and smirked at me. When it came time for Maria, they picked beautiful girls to bring on stage and sadly I was not one of them. I was very sad, I wanted to cry. BUT, when they were singing Surrender, Gianluca was singing close to me so I gave him a little shy wave because I figured I had nothing to lose and Gianluca saw me and motioned for me to go to him. I thought I was dreaming so he motioned to me again and I complied. I gave my mom my camera and I made my way to the little stairs. He grabs my hand and sings to me his part of the song. He looked deep into my eyes (and omg his lashes are LONG! and his eyes are REALLY hazel) and sang to me. He gave me little hugs here and there, he let go of my hand for a little to hold my chin and make me look at him. His face got closer and closer to mine and I thought I was going to faint (I swear). Then he let go of my chin and grabbed my hand again and sang/asked: will you stay with me? Right now, so I gave him a *for sure* look and smiled and I said ”Adesso” (right now) as a joke and his eye lit up because he understood that I was Italian. He let out a little laugh, leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek and helped me walk down the stairs. And from that moment on, my life was complete. After the concert, I went to wait for them outside the garage door and met some very sweet girls. We were only five, waiting for them to come out and take pictures. While we were waiting, we met two of the band members (very nice men!). When the bus finally came out, they stayed inside but we saw them at the front of the bus, waving at us. And, Gianluca recognized me and pointed and smiled at me and then they drove off”

    1. Sslick, your story is to die for. I am so happy for you. You will never forget that night! When I saw them in concert the other night, I felt like I was seeing movie stars, their personas were so big in my eyes. You are one lucky girl! If you have any photos of that, please post them.

    2. Wow! And you thought you couldn’t sleep, Marie! She will NEVER forget that as long as she lives! Thanks for sharing it, Sandy! I want to see a video of it! Anyone??

      (; >) Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  18. Christine, sorry if I was not clear – it was not my story, it was some other lucky (very pretty) lady at the Montreal concert. Gianluca was on fire that night, he took TWO girls to the Maria couch, he sang/touched/kissed Surrender to one lucky girl, and he kissed the hand of another lady who ran up to the stage during one of the songs !
    I did not have Meet & Greet tickets so I don’t know if anything unusual happened there.

    1. Took two girls to the Maria couch? Sounds like a threesome, I jest. Well, Loretta I think said it was cold in Montreal that night, so if he was on fire, then maybe he warmed the place up a bit. Nice story.

    1. Loretta, I would bet anything they would. I say it’s worth a try. You would have absolutely nothing to lose.

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