Share Your Pictures ~~ Round 2

Thank you Jenny, (tjnewmann) for sharing her pictures from the first concert of the season in Vancouver!  I looks like she and her friend enjoyed themselves a lot! 

jenny_Vancouver_ilvolo (2)  Jenny_Vancouver_ilvolotj&Ignazio_Vancouver_jenny






We know Elaine loved her evening in San Francisco; here are a few of her pictures that she shared:



Thank you ladies!!!  Who’s next?  There have been 3 concerts this week…… 😉


16 thoughts on “Share Your Pictures ~~ Round 2”

  1. Thank you, Jenny and Elaine for sharing your GREAT PICTURES with us! It’s such a pleasure, too, to see your beautiful faces.
    The boys look splendid!!!

  2. How wonderful it must be to hear Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca in person. Thank you Elaine and Jenny for sharing your pictures.

  3. Thank you for sharing! We were not allowed to take pictures at the Tower Theater. Some people tried but were hunted down by staff.


    Gian, Piero, & Ignazio

    I’m a devoted fan, just one of thousands, but without the screaming and such, that you receive from your younger ones.I guess it’s not expected from the grandmas. SHUCKS! However, there was a time,(Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson, Fats Domino,etc.) when I could scream with the best of them, and did!
    I have followed you for several years now, and I’m still amazed at what God has done! Obviously, He has His plans for the three of you, and has gifted you with abilities needed to fulfill His purpose.
    Guys, by the time you are ready to present a new song to us, it seems that it is so embedded inside you, that it has become a part of who you are. You, then, deliver it with such honest emotion, that it immediately touches our hearts, and we sit spellbound by the sound.You are sharing what you love, and it shows. In return,your reward is in the privilege of seeing the smiles of joy on faces, where ever you go. Those smiles reflect back to you, their graditude for the special moments; point being, you make positive things happen!
    Your American audiences are completely different, age range wise, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. For example, I’ve noticed that in videos of several different concerts, I’ve seen the same man and young boy. They are both totally engrossed in what is happening, but when the appropiatel time comes for applause, the boy is clapping so hard that he almost bounces out of his seat, grinning from ear to ear, sharing his special moments with, who appears to be his father. It was so beautiful and unexpected, that the camera kept panning back to them. How great is that! In addition to your beautiful voices, people also come to watch YOU! I like how you move about on the stage, instead of (like some) standing like sticks, hardly moving, to sing their songs. You walk around it, like you own it, (because you do!) Neither do ever upstage one another. You are so much fun to watch! One of my favorite moments is when Piero first started singing the high note in
    Surrender, and Ignazio moved up beside him for encouragement. Again, beautiful!
    It’s difficult sometimes, I know, but take one day at a time. Fulfilling your “dream”, is fulfilling His plan. Remember, “to one you might just be the world.” Maybe, the young boy? Blessings, and stay safe & strong.

    One of the grateful, Kathryn Mason

  5. Of course I don’t disagree! Il Volo’s music comes straight from their hearts with lots of love, and that love is returned by the hearts of all of us. You ARE love! May you continue to spread love around the world for a long, long time. Thank you Kathryn for sharing your letter.

  6. Kathryn that was a beautiful letter that says it all for all of us. These beautiful young men were sent to us to give us joy one song at a time.God bless you Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero. Your are never forgotten, your songs & voices are rolling around in our heads constantly, you are well loved.

  7. My husband and I had front seat tickets to see them at the Tampa Forum on September 20th. That was the best $500.00 ever spent. They are remarkable, amazing and downright adorable! I was not happy with the lighting however. It was too dark and hard to see their faces even up front. Tried taking photos, but not enough light. If anyone has any photos they care to share, please friend me on facebook…Linda Loschiavo Makofski or email me
    I would have loved to have met them. I have all of their music and their songs make me smile, cry and fill me with all types of emotion.

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