12 thoughts on “Il Volo at the Tower Theatre – September 12, 2013”

  1. They are so adorable.
    Please vote for them at World Music Awards under two categories: Best Group and Best Album. For Best Album scroll down to find Mas Que Amor–Il Volo. Albums are listed under titles (not name of group). Vote every day! There is strong competition. They deserve to win!

  2. I am still walking on high from the Philly concert! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

  3. Now that I was in the 8th row nothing less will do but I really want to get in that front row. What’s the secret? Luckily the Tower Theater was a small theater so it felt like I was pretty close. Not sure that would have worked in other theaters.

  4. Michele, do you know if they came to PA last year? I wonder how they determine where they are going.

    1. I think they were in PA last year. We do not know how the schedule was developed – is it possible Live Nation had a lot to do with it?

  5. Doesn’t it depend if the theatre can afford them? it seems they have been at the same theatres before.in other years. I suppose they want a large seating but as Molson it has 16000 seats so it depends if whether enough people know about Il volo. What surprised me is that there is a large Italian community here & I think they didn’t want to go to Molson outdoor theatre. The summers are different here & Canada depends on the weather summer or winter. The open theatrs in the southern States has warmer weather. I am sure not all open theatres is near water which makes is colder as with Molson.
    I don’t like Live Nation it is too restricted or VIP Nation as well. VIP wouldn’t let us take pictures at the meet & greet, Why not people wouldn’t be interfering with the person taking pictures. It was allowed at the meet & greet at Massey Hall in 2010. And i DON’T undestand why cameras aren’t allowed in all theatres. The cameras now adays are small with no flash or a flash that is not as prominent as the older cameras.

  6. Michele……Your pictures are FANTASTIC! What an eye you have…the lighting is spot on. I don’t know how you did it, but I love each and every one of them. Thank you so much for bringing The Boys “up front and personal” for all of us. Makes me feel like I was there, looking adoringly at them!

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