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By all accounts, pictures and videos; the concert, last night in Westbury was a resounding success and according to Gianluca, was a sell out!!

Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted, “Fans of all ages waiting for us outside the venue in Westbury. Love you all” He later tweeted “Westbury, thanks for #sold out”
Gianluca tweeted last night, “I’m a fool to want you”
Piero tweeted, “Leaving Westbury on way to Saratoga Springs, thank you so much for the third time” He later tweeted, “Saratoga Springs, Buonanotte”
Ignazio tweeted, “Ready for Westbury”, then “Amazing tonight, hard life, but worth it” He later tweeted, “you never know whats gonna happen to your life, so just live it” ( he’s so right!)

There are some amazing videos on Mundial, apparently the use of cameras was being allowed at this venue.
See videos of Ignazio singing “Memories,” Piero singing Love Story”and Il Volo singing “Il Mondo”, ” Surrender”, “o Solo Mio”,
“Smile”, and Gianluca singing “Night And Day”

“The Boys” are now in Saratoga Springs, New York. They must be getting a well deserved break in this beautiful upstate New York Town. Enjoy Guys!! (The photo above is of Saratoga).

Il Volo has two nights off then they open at The Tampa Bay Times Forum on September 20th, then Miami on the 21st (can’t wait!)

Enjoy your time off, Guys, rest your voices!!


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  1. I would echo Linda’s comments – rest your voices and also get some quality sleep. The next section is pretty intense with some “day-after-day” concerts scheduled.

  2. This is a message Gianluca left on his Italian FB: They are 4:33 in the morning, I’ve just arrived after a beautiful concert, from Westbury in Long Island (near New York) to Saratoga Springs, for a private event, then go in Tampa, Florida on 19 … That’s it! I give up! Goodnight world!
    They have to be exhausted!

  3. Hi,

    Am unable to sign the birthday card.

    Also, want to remind everyone to go to World Music Awards and vote for Il Volo in two categories: Best Group and Best Album. For Best Album you have to look under the letter M when scrolling for it because it is under the title: Mas Que Amor–Il Volo.

    You can vote once a day.

    Vote every day.

    1. Lori, each time I’ve tried to vote after my initial vote, the system tells me I’ve already voted and won’t let me proceed.

      1. Hi,

        I don’t know what’s happening, but the same thing happened to me this morning. Prior to this, I have been voting every day. The rules say you can vote once every day, but the system does not seem to be allowing it.

  4. We thought that Saratoga was a little rest for them. doesn’t seem so from Jeanne’s post. seems like they have a private event. no rest for the weary

  5. Here I go again with the comments on the concerts. Just when technical things seem to get under control in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston (did not hear from my friend in Holmdel) now comes Westbury. Famous place with a long tradition but it also has a long tradition with musicians that is a problem. Sound timbre and dynamics plus balance. Real problem. A couple of musician friends of mine that go to that theater every now and then reported that the boys sang up a great concert – in spite of the problem of using their sound equipment in that difficult venue. One factor is trying to get sound even in the “round”. You would think it is easy but it is not. Listening to the videos just now from last night the techs for the boys are having the same trouble they had there last year. (look at youtube videos from last year’s Westbury concert) Another factor : the boys really do not like being out of the audio plane ( line up) with each other. In the round – one or the other is always looking over their shoulder to the others to check rhythm and balance. With the drums on one side but the recorded orchestra track coming from four corners it gets to be hairy. From what I have heard from friends and on the videos tonight our guys deserve a medal for putting out such a glorious sound for that whole concert considering the challenge. Bravo Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !

    1. Myron, Thank you for explained. I watched the videos and I didn’t like the sound of the drums, seemed so loud.

      I read a tweet you sent to Gianluca yesterday : ” Gianluca, I asked if you got the email about your video used in voice class at the University”. it sounds wonderfull. Can you comment about it?

    2. Hi Myron,

      I’m trying to start a campaign to bring Il Volo to Pittsburgh for a Wine & Dine similar to Detroit’s on Dec. 1. I sent Jim Cunningham & Nancy Polinsky an e-mail at WQED asking them to consider. How about getting more people to send WQED e-mails?

    3. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who feels theater in the round doesn’t work for our guys (and apparently for others, too).

      For instance, the Marias couldn’t see each other, and I just can’t imagine being at the concert looking at the back of one of the boy’s heads.

      In addition, our guys usually gesture to the next singer, and with theater in the round, it’s almost like they are 3 different acts instead of the interaction, even though they manage to sing together.

      I wonder if the management will consider looking for another theater for 2014, instead of theater in the round. I rather hope so, because our guys deserve a venue that supports the magnificence of them!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. Gianluca’s tweet today: I find it very interesting that a modern day teenager knows Frank Sinatra so well. This song dates from 1951 and is one of very few songs that was actually written by Sinatra himself (he usually let that chore go to the professional writers) along with Joel Herron and Jack Wolf. It was also recorded by Billie Holliday and Sinatra did it with Ray Charles once as well. And now, 60 years later Gianluca age only 18 in the year 2013 sings this song a capella with pitch dead on. Hey! I find that quite amazing. Each day there is something about these guys either new or re-confirmed that is wonderful.

  7. Three in one night – sorry but I am away for the next four days so I have to get this out of my system:

    Il Divo on America’s got Talent Finale tonight (Wed.) – They sang “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King ( hmmm ? now where have I heard that one before ? sounds very familiar – hmmm? )
    They had a guest female singer.

    good and bad:
    Bad news- The four guys have trained voices (we knew that) and the girl singer did not and it really showed up badly. She was a waste.

    Bad news – the guys seemed to feel it was a shouting match and over sang rather badly sometimes. With the voices they have they do not need to do that. Non-trained singers seem to have to because they do not know how to produce a naturally large sound. But these guys do have well-trained voices and most of the time tonight that was the case. Just a few times when it did not work.

    Good news – this part was nice and Il Volo could do it easily – Il Divo sang the opening verse and closing in FRENCH which worked very well, indeed. Then went to English on the refrain. Nice.

    Good news – all four were in tuxes and looked really great and formal on the Radio City stage ( I was imagining our guys on that stage in another week ) and they were all four cleaned shaved – oops, I promised I wouldn’t bring that topic up for a while – sorry.

    Bottom line- why should four classically trained singers have to over sing the music like they did tonight? That is careless. I have never heard our guys (who, by the way, have trained, naturally large instruments) sing like that. Interesting contrast.

    1. Myron: I don’t have the musical training you do, but I just knew I did not like their performance. Was thinking all the way through “Our Guys do it better!”.

    2. I just listened to the 2 versions back to back.
      IL Divo almost sounded like cacophony!
      IL VOLO (on The Talk) – glorious harmony!

      Thanks for all your posts, Myron! very insightful!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Our guys are doing concerts for every age. I don’t think suits and formal “clean” look work for younger crowds. Love our guys in the way they look and dress – whatever way they choose. They are young, energetic, and fun. No wonder they got three (or more) generations of fans.

  9. The baritone singer of ll Divo always seems to overpower the rest of the singers. I have watched many ll Divo videos and he does it every single time. Why don’t just turn his mic down. Gianluca doesn’t do this. All their voices blend beautifully.

  10. I agree Elaine I will take them anyway I can get them, whatever they wear or shaved or unshaven they re perfect. They re natural& comfortable & delicious to watch & I look forward to hearing Ignazio’s sence of humour. As a as I am concerned they can do no wrong, perfect, perfect, perfect.

  11. Myron, I just listened to the Il Divo version of “can you feel the love” on Youtube and didn’t like it at all ( for anyone who is curious) You are right, they seemed to be singing against each other, not in harmony and it sounded quite harsh at times. Then I listened to an Il Volo version, so much more genuine and heartfelt. No wonder we love them!

      1. Oops, how can I write anything here without mentioning our guys. So here is the 2nd part to my post above…Love you, guys, you are always the best. It is going to be a full moon tonight. I will be looking at the bright moon and thinking of you all at the same time. Will you be looking as well?…A thousand miles apart and yet we see the same moon…

  12. Saw it! Thought it was annoying and awful! Can’t compare to our guys in smoothness and harmony and every other way. Plus Our Guys are much cuter!

  13. I completely agree with you both TJ & Marie, I always liked Il Divo but this is the first song I DON’T lik them. They seemed to me to be all doing their own thing at the same time or trying to outdo the other guy. See I said our guys are perfect, singing, looks,facial hair, clothes, build, smiles, hair espeially itnazio’s hair did I missed anything????

  14. Maybe I am just being prejudice but Il Divo does not hold a candle to Il Volo. Now I am not saying they don’t have good voices. I watched them last night and I was not blown away. I have also watched their videos
    on YouTube and again not smittened by them like I am with Il Volo. I was kind of surprised that Forte did not win last night. Although, I have to say I was not disappointed. I really do like Josh’s voice especially knowing he sang background for Il Volo. The boys just have a charm, that no others have. I would have loved to see them on stage last night.

  15. I like Il Divo, but they always sound like they have to try too hard to sing. Before I heard of IL VOLO, I listened to Il Divo & Josh Groban a lot. Il Divo seems to just take American songs & sing them in Italian, Spanish, or French-nothing written just for them. And I think their voices sound forced. So I agree Michele- nobody else can compare with IL VOLO.

    Myron, the girl who sang with Il Divo on AGT was Heather Headley. I saw a video of her singing with Andrea Bocelli (Vivo Per Lei) on one of his Tuscan nights shows. And I think she has appeared on Broadway-it may have even been in the Lion King. I think she is a good singer, but not if I had to judge her on her performance with Il Divo.

    On AGT, I liked Forte & I was hoping they would win. Even though they didn’t win, I hope they get a chance to continue to train & perform. But they have a long way to go to measure up to our Italian boys.

    IL VOLO has the total package-amazing voices, gorgeous faces & bodies, & like Michele said, a charm that no others have. All that they are appealed to me the first time I heard them in 2011, & I have been in love with them ever since. I like how Loretta put it-they are delicious to watch. And I feel that their voices are the greatest this side of heaven.

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