Apparently LeeLee has refused to help at all.  So, Linda if you go home with Ignazio after Saturday’s concert REMEMBER:

1) You’ll have to learn to speak Italian and Spanish.  French and German wouldn’t hurt either.

2) When you’re 85 he’ll only be 32.

3) You can’t buy Bologna in Bolognia.  I don’t know that but, I liked writing it.

4) Your house plants will die.

5) Your mail will build up.  I know you hate that.

6) You’ll have to travel a lot to protect your investment.

7) Michele will not speak to you in elevators.

8) LeeLee will have to drive home alone.

9) Thousands of women will hate you.

10) Ok, thousands and one.  Sorry, can’t help it.

11) You’re older than his parents.

12) Your best friend will sob, uncontrollably, for months, maybe years, over losing him you.

13) Your children will have lots and lots of hair.  This may not prove to be a problem, however.

14) Marie deserves him more.

15) You’ll have to learn how to cook Chicken Marsala really, really well.

16) Loretta will cane you.

17) Mr. and Mrs. Boschetto will both have heart attacks.

18) You will have to be nice to Soonie.

19) Your plug-ins wont work.

20) Linda here’s your deal breaker – They play Soccer instead of football!

Now, you don’t really want to go, do you?



96 thoughts on “LINDA SNYDER – DON’T GO!”

  1. Elaine……Ye Gods!!!! I just watched Il Volo Chicago, too, and it’s THE BEST Il Mondo I’ve seen yet!!! The Boys are having such a great , fun time, and the close-ups of Gian are SO special. Love it when he grins and then breaks into a big smile! Thanks so much for telling us about this stellar performance. I will watch it over and over!

    1. Elaine – “you are a girl after my own heart” as the saying goes, to inform about the IL MONDO Chicago 2013 video, I may have never found it without you. Those smiles – Oh MY GOD! You are the perfect Gianluca fan!

  2. Allene, have you looked at this video-Piero Barone-No puede ser- Phoenix 2013 ? Chiara1099 gives an explanation of what the song is about. I also found an English translation of it on another you tube video, but I can’t remember where it was now. It is really a beautiful song. And he does an amazing job with it.

  3. Thank you, Lynn. I will most definitely look for that site in the morning. And for the translation, too. Now that Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca will be soon heading for Latin and South America, I kick myself for not taking Spanish in high school. Who knew?

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