Apparently LeeLee has refused to help at all.  So, Linda if you go home with Ignazio after Saturday’s concert REMEMBER:

1) You’ll have to learn to speak Italian and Spanish.  French and German wouldn’t hurt either.

2) When you’re 85 he’ll only be 32.

3) You can’t buy Bologna in Bolognia.  I don’t know that but, I liked writing it.

4) Your house plants will die.

5) Your mail will build up.  I know you hate that.

6) You’ll have to travel a lot to protect your investment.

7) Michele will not speak to you in elevators.

8) LeeLee will have to drive home alone.

9) Thousands of women will hate you.

10) Ok, thousands and one.  Sorry, can’t help it.

11) You’re older than his parents.

12) Your best friend will sob, uncontrollably, for months, maybe years, over losing him you.

13) Your children will have lots and lots of hair.  This may not prove to be a problem, however.

14) Marie deserves him more.

15) You’ll have to learn how to cook Chicken Marsala really, really well.

16) Loretta will cane you.

17) Mr. and Mrs. Boschetto will both have heart attacks.

18) You will have to be nice to Soonie.

19) Your plug-ins wont work.

20) Linda here’s your deal breaker – They play Soccer instead of football!

Now, you don’t really want to go, do you?



96 thoughts on “LINDA SNYDER – DON’T GO!”

  1. Regarding #2 — Hey, it’s been working for Hugh Hefner! (well not “IT” I’m sure he needs help, but I mean the prospect of old man, young wife…why not a female version of a May – December romance? Look at Joan Collins…

  2. Just a quote from an article I found on #2 subject matter: “These relationships may flow from the fact that older women are not only more attractive than ever before, but also more available. It used to be that in previous generations the overwhelming majority of women over forty lived within lasting marriages (not necessarily happy, but lasting). Widowhood was the only exception to that rule. Today millions of aging females have been left unattached through divorce and other reasons. These women sometimes incline towards younger men with full knowledge (carnal and otherwise) that the connection may not lead to a permanent alliance. Some, who won’t reveal their names because they are far from innocent, insist that the sex is spectacular. So, who’s to say or judge or even care?” MARIE, can you reveal your name?? . I am kidding….

    1. I like your thinking and research Christine, now I won’t feel guilty about running off with him. I may get a slight twinge though over Marie’s devastation!

      1. I didn’t really research I just asked google how much old Joan Collins is than her husband and it popped up. I thought some of it sounded like Marie, he he. Marie kissed his dimple, lets just see how you can one up that!!!

  3. M a r y, now would I go and leave you guys behind?
    I would give everything up for chocolate.
    I would give chocolate up for Ignazio.
    You thought correctly.

    1. Marie, for it to be “spectacular”, you had better get a ticket to Miami pronto, I wouldn’t trust Linda, even though I never met her, it sounds like you have your doubts about her allegience to you, so protect yourself!! How LUCKY that they are going to the Miami show, it will be so wild!!!!! It’s a different VIBE down there I would think!

  4. OMG Marie, you’re killing me!!! There are 2 things that scare me the most, Loretta caning me and not being able to use my plug ins! The others I can deal with and besides I don’t live far from Miami, so it will only be a hop, skip and a jump for him. On the other hand the trip to Ohio is…well, too far. I May just toy with him, i’m not sure I can keep him forever, i’ll wear him out!!!!

  5. I agree with Michele (hope I got your name right). You ladies crack me up, too. And I too, love it! Just so you’re not chasing after Piero.

  6. I think there needs to be a mud wrestling match to determine the whole thing. I remember in University the freshmen had to mud-wrestle some pigs from the local farmer. Winner took home the bacon ! (ooof, that was terrible !) Best event of the whole fall. Seriously, this brightened up my day.

  7. By the way Linda & LeeLee have a great time at the concert on Saturday is it?? I thought you were on your way now. Is it in Tampa? well don’t bypass Tampa keep checking on the map you don’t want to miss the concert. Have a great time both of you.

  8. Linda – don’t worry about Marie. Here’s your answers:
    1) You’ll have to learn to speak Italian and Spanish. French and German wouldn’t hurt either. Answer: Don’t worry, Ignazio will teach you.
    2) When you’re 85 he’ll only be 32. Answer: Who cares? He won’t.
    3) You can’t buy Bologna in Bolognia. I don’t know that but, I liked writing it. Answer: Bologna and Bologna are spelled the same.
    4) Your house plants will die. Answer: You’ll buy new ones.
    5) Your mail will build up. I know you hate that. Answer: I’ll get it for you.
    6) You’ll have to travel a lot to protect your investment. Answer: And????
    7) Michele will not speak to you in elevators. Answer: She’ll get over it.
    8) LeeLee will have to drive home alone. Answer: No I won’t because I’ll have Gianluca and/or Piero.
    9) Thousands of women will hate you. Answer: They’ll get over it.
    10) Ok, thousands and one. Sorry, can’t help it. Answer: That one will get over it.
    11) You’re older than his parents. Answer: Who cares?
    12) Your best friend will sob, uncontrollably, for months, maybe years, over losing him you. Answer: Did I mention that one will get over it?
    13) Your children will have lots and lots of hair. This may not prove to be a problem, however. Answer: Think of how much fun at trying!
    14) Marie deserves him more. Answer: I don’t have to tell you the answer to this one.
    15) You’ll have to learn how to cook Chicken Marsala really, really well. Answer: Not to worry because he’ll be making it for you.
    16) Loretta will cane you. Answer: Cane her back!
    17) Mr. and Mrs. Boschetto will both have heart attacks. Answer: They’ll get over it.
    18) You will have to be nice to Soonie. Answer: No you won’t. Recommend someone else.
    19) Your plug-ins wont work. Answer: Get the Geek Squad to help.
    20) Linda here’s your deal breaker – They play Soccer instead of football! Answer: Teach him and he’ll teach you!!
    Now, you don’t really want to go, do you? Answer: You betcha!!!

  9. You’re evil LeeLee or Katheryn, which ever one you don’t like to be called. You are a smartie pants, you’re leading my friend astray and you have all the wrong answers. I see no redeeming qualities in you and I hope “Maria” steps on your foot!

  10. “that’ll show her”! Your suppose to be my BFF and I get “that’ll show her”! Oh, LeeLee what have you done?!
    Linda, I hate to do it but, I’m removing #12.

  11. LeeLee & Linda how is an 73 year old woman going to have children???? with hair or no hair. Another thing my canes are harder than what she can get because she doesn’t use canes. Another thing they would have to be constantly on the run because Marie & I would be after her forever.
    AND LeeLee Elizabeth will be after you forever if you go near Piero & I will help her.
    SO both of you better think of what you are doing or planning..

  12. Oh my goodness – I’m laughing so hard I don’t know where to begin to respond to any of this. But I’ll try!

    Marie, where the heck did the name Katheryn come from? You are ALL mixed up!!! However, since I like both names, you can call me either one. You can even call me ‘Maria’. With regarding to leading Linda astray, she’s a grown woman with her own mind. I have nothing to do with it. BFF??? Hmm.

    Loretta, I love the fact that you’re even thinking about the fact a 73 year old can’t have children. That’s why I put she’ll have fun trying. You know where I’m going with that one? Also, it doesn’t matter whichever one anyone chooses, we’ll be stepping on the toes of someone else. Though I appreciate your support for Elizabeth, I’ll take whichever one I can get my paws on (oh, I mean, whichever one is willing). Each gal has got to be for her own.

    Hi Chris, you’re right. It will be a different vibe. Can’t say for sure good or bad, but it will be different. Linda has it right when she said it will be stranger. But then that may be the fun in itself.

  13. I guess until Ignazio sees the light. Which should take about a day (or an hour if you drag LeeLee along). I’ll have resort to my second choice and just be Gianluca’s photographer. Come on Gianluca let’s go pose!

  14. Chris, I think they have a different electrical current over there and you have to have adapters for anything you plug in. Why? What did you think plug ins were?

  15. Well, enlighten this… I love Gianluca too! Who said I could only have one? I would take all three and be REALLY happy!
    P.S. You guys are all just mean to me.

    1. Marie you are one in a million and I am having too much fun reading all of your posts. We met in Pittsburgh after the show and had the discussion about Piero’s fine butt.

    2. Who said you could have only one? I DID! Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our discussion, Marie….I believe Linda was a witness….😏😈

  16. LiJoy! I remember you! It must have been the topic! How in the world did you know this was me? (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say)
    Seriously, I felt an instant kinship with you. Plus you’re gorgeous. I remember that too. Glad your here!

    1. Where is Allene? Doesn’t look as though they are doing a good job of keeping Piero out of this…Im so confuuuuuused. I thought this began as a free for all over Ignazio, now there’s talk of Piero’s BUTT? Too funny. I don’t really look at things like that, if I can help it …but that’s Marie’s theme song, all these “little things” that she notices.. I think he (Piero) has a mightly fine chest though!!! Those photos from Italy with the tan and unbuttoned shirt were hot. Then at the Pgh concert as I already told you guys, he unbuttoned his shirt.

      1. I feel funny, maybe we shouldn’t objectify them this way? We should all say we are sorry. Just talk about their vocal prowess? right? I can just hear Marie’s sarcasm now Marie, don[t you feel bad objectifying?

  17. Chris, Nope! I’ll feel bad right after you remove every picture of Gianluca in your house! How many would that be?

    Linda, I love it when you talk jeans!

    1. Marie, you keep calling me out on my photos. you sound quite mad at me I was only kidding, I didn’t mean it to be taken literally to stop objectifying. I on the other hand can never tell when you are kidding? When this first went up you put something to the effect of “if you are rude you can please leave (I don’t remember your exact wording). I don’t know what to make of your comment “how many would that be” as if Ive committed a crime. I am sorry but then why should I say I am sorry? It was nice getting to know you all on this board, especially Elaine bye. .

      1. No…no…! Don’t go! It’s always hard to know sometimes when people are joking without seeing their faces or hearing their voice, but we always are having good fun. Come back! 🙂

  18. Just noticed that the guys are having a wine and dine, meet-and -greet in Detroit after they finish their Latin America concert. Myron, wasn’t that your idea. Or maybe it was Marie’s or Loretta’s. But they want a huge contribution to attend!

  19. OK LADIES! this Kathryn is not involved in the ambushing of Ignazio, Piero, or for that matter, Gianluca! Tempting,for sure, but would rather stay out of jail! I can however, supply an international adapter if you would need it! Happy to help,

  20. Marie, surely you know you have such a biting sarcasm that it is hard to tell when you are serious or not? Boy I would never want to cross paths with you if you actually did get mad. Anyway, It’s not about me it’s ALL about IL VOLO who we all love dearly. “Ambushing”, now that’s a rather harsh word not sure the spirit in which it was meant?

  21. Ok…just to make it official: we are all joking around. In real life, we would never–and those that have met them have not–act(ed) in a way that would disgrace us our get anyone thrown in jail. 🙂

    1. Where there is a will, there has got to be a way! I am working on the master plan. I would definitely not leave you out, unlike some people. Hmmm!

  22. Elizabeth, it looks like it is up to you and I to make sure that Piero doesn’t fall into the clutches of any of those ladies above. Such talk of Piero’s butt and chest! But to be truthful, I would probably melt into a jabbering blob if I ever had the fortune to attend a concert and could meet him. Oh, how I wish, sigh.

    1. Allene, As one who did indeed melt into a jabbering blob when I sat in the van with Piero, I have to say that he is just as adorable and sweet as you might expect. Forgive me for bringing that scene up again, but I can’t help crowing about it.

  23. I’ve been laughing so loud that I may need to close my windows so as not to disturb my neighbors!

    Elizabeth! So great to see that you’re around!

    Allene… like I said before, Dream Big! You never know where it will lead!

    Had my “laugh therapy” for the week!

    Maybe we should end the night with a group hug! Oh, especially if Ginaluca, Ignazio, and Piero join in!! (; >)
    Love you all,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. Hi everyone. I was getting a good laugh reading all your jabs back & forth. I’ve learned from being on this site with all of you that Marie’s sarcasm doesn’t really bite; it just barks really loud.
    Allene, please don’t leave me out of any discussion of Piero’s voice or any part of his gorgeous anatomy! If he has to fall into anyone’s clutches, I’d prefer it to be mine. But if that is not possible, then Elizabeth should have him.
    Linda & LeeLee, I hope you have a great time at your concert, and BOTH of you come back to tell us of your experiences. If Loretta didn’t “cane” Marie for kissing Ignazio’s dimples without her, I guess y’all are safe from that one.

    When I read Myron’s idea of mud wrestling to settle who should run away with each IL VOLO guy, I thought he meant that we should wrestle each other, not Pigs! I wonder if he wants us to mud-wrestle in the bikinis we were all going to wear at the Italian villa resort. Probably would not be a pretty sight!

  25. Kathryn and others who aren’t sure. I will try to control my sarcasm. I had no idea that I was causing confusion. I certainly do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, ever.

  26. Marie, control nothing please, how else would I laugh the way I do? You never hurt my feelings and I know you never mean to hurt anyone else’s either. Everyone, laugh with us and laugh at yourselves!

    1. Marie, you make me laugh and you make my cry (twice now ) but I know you have a good heart! Do you realize that the boys have 3 shows to do in 3 days!! Talk about wearing them out! Ignazio tweeted “it’s a hard life but worth it”. I hope their shows go great in Florida, what a life they are leading, –the Sheila E song “The Glamorous Life” I cant wait for the videos from Miami I have watched We are Love from Westbury at least 6 times so far, I cannot get enought!!Love em!

      1. Also I noticed on the Westbury videos that Pieros solo has tons of watches for the opera song that he sang which was spectacular, More watches that any other song. He has some set of pipes. I could go on and on all day about all 3 of them. Gianluca looked so Beautiful with a capital B in his white jacket. He didn’t JUMP at the end of the finale, O Sole Mio probably didn’t want to muss up his white jacket. He is precious. The up close shots at the last minute of the We Are love Video are breathtaking! Seriously! I held my breath to hear him say Che Sono Amou – We are Love they are a love FEST! Ha ha.

  27. Christine, I, too, wish I could speak Italian, I have watched so many interviews of our boys that were done in Italian, that you would think I could at least understand it by now. But no such luck!
    Marie I love your poems, you make me laugh, and best of all, you got my birthday greetings on Ignazio’s card! Thank you, thank you.!
    Lynn, Piero’s voice makes my heart leap for joy It doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking to boot!

  28. Allene you say you are unable to go to the concerts…go to You Tube and watch the Westbury videos that I’ve been raving about. Piero has such boundless energy, on stage, it’s electric, you should see him jump up steps, down steps and when he sings that opera solo, you would die for how long he holds the notes at the end. Reviewers have said he has the most talent of the three, but I don’t like them singling him out when the others work so hard and their voices are JUST as stellar, Ignazio’s Memory is beautiful and anything Gianluca sings is beautiful. I am sure you would agree that all 3 are equal. I wonder why his mother isn’t here in the US, just his Dad, his brother is old enough to take care of his sister? Does Piero need the glasses to see?

  29. Piero said in an early post I read somewhere that he can see without the glasses. Although you rarely see him without them. He has around thirty pairs.

  30. I watch some videos from the Westbury concert. Yes, our guys are great with good energy But I don’t like the sounds from that venue though. I found another one that I really like – Il Volo Il Mondo Chicago 2013. What I like the most is not only it has good sounds but also the many close up of – who else – my dear Gianluca! Great smiles!

    BTW, my daughter has many pairs of eye glasses too. she said it is a fashion statement.

    1. It confuses me b/c he wore thick heavy ones when he was only 16 on the Italian TV talent show, was he trying to make a fashion statement? so the frames are just plain glass, no need to enhance his vision? Elaine, watch the WE ARE LOVE video from Westbury the sound is okay on that one I think, but watch if even only the the last minte of that video and you will see what I’ve been preaching about….

  31. OMG, I just watched Piero sing No Puede Ser twice and each time I was rooted to my chair! I could have stood and given him a standing ovation right in front of my computer! What a voice!!!

    1. Allene, I try to watch Piero sing No Puede Ser at least twice every night. It gives me such a thrill to listen to his voice in that song, & I normally don’t care much for regular opera arias. But with Piero, it’s different. I’ll listen to him sing Anything!

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