14 thoughts on “Il Volo – Bank of America Pavilion Boston, September 14, 2013”

    1. Hi, yesterday I e-mailed Jim Cunningham and Nancy Polinsky at WQED TV asking them to consider a Wine & Dine in Dec. similar to Detroit’s. Received a response from Jim saying it sounds like fun and was passing it on to their events person.

  1. Saw Sept. 4 Chgo. Theater Concert. Spectacular!Loved these Bank of America photos!

    1. Thank you, Loretta. Can’t wait. I actually still can’t believe it. I now know the excitement you all felt when it was your turn to go.

      P.S. Please don’t count me out for Toronto 🙂 I promise to behave (withh fingers crossed behind my back).

  2. I don’t know whether this is the right place to post this message, but I see Loretta’s comment above, so I will just agree
    wholeheartedly! Linda and LeeLee I am DYING to hear all about your concert experience and I want DETAILS!!!! I am so happy that you both can attend together, and I know you will have a stupendous time! That’s one of the very best parts of this magnificent blog site. You get to meet fantastic people who share your love of Il Volo…Our Boys!! !Ain’t life wonderful???!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Helen. As I said to Loretta above, I cannot wait, and to go with Linda is an added bonus. Again, I don’t expect juicy details like some have encountered, but I can probably say now that we enjoyed it immensely. (I’m thinking ahead!)

  3. I agree with Helen! Well said! Thank you to all who take the time to post these great pictures and stories of the concerts attended. For those of us who were not there…it feels like a part of us was after reading your words! Thank you all!!!

  4. LeeLee since you don’t have a meet & greet go around to the back door of the theatre after the show & wait for a bit, there will be others there as well to see if the boys come out the back door & you will probably get pictures & autograph as well & you can tell them you are from the Flight Crew. Good luck

    1. I do have a cell phone, but it’s archaic. I need to come into the 21st century one day. I have a small (and I mean tiny) handheld camcorder but I don’t expect it to do much. I also am bringing a camera. We’re sitting pretty far back so I’m not sure how the pictures will come out. But I promise I’ll try.

      Linda and I were talking about the Arena. It’s not going to be easy as the access to where the celebrities would park is not accessible to the public. The Arena is built in the middle of downtown so there isn’t even any pubic parking on the premises. I would have to park across the street or down side streets. That’s why I’m not so hopeful. Again, we’ll give it our best shot.

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