I’m Smiling Because….


Welcome to the second week of “I’m Smiling Because…”. 😊

Last week went really well, I didn’t have the heart to close the comments on Monday as planned.  I’m also working on limited capacity from my iPhone while my computer is in the shop, so I can’t close those comments right now.  Let’s just keep the fun rolling on this post, shall we? 😀

You know what to do…

I’m Smiling Because…

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  1. I am smiling because I read Christine’s comment from earlier. She said I am the perfect Gianluca fan! Christine, you too! How can we not? Love everything about Gian…especially those million dollar smiles.

    1. Elaine & Christine you are the perfect Gianluca´s fans. I wish I were like you. I am trying to persuade my sister to go with me in November´s concert, but she is not really fan of them. She watched the DVD Il Volo takes flight and only commented that Gianluca is handsome and have the best voice of them. I want to go even alone. There will be 3 concerts here in my city São Paulo, but I don´t know anyone else who will go. I´m not smiling because…

      1. Josie, it is so much fun to go with a friend, but if no one will go with you, don’t let that stop you; especially if they are close to your home. If it is at all possible for you to go, you should. They are so worth it!

      2. Yes – listen to Kelly – lots of us have gone alone once and we have met people at the concerts and on this blog to go with in the future. It’s better to go alone than not to go at all!

      3. Josie – GO, GO, GO! Don’t hesitate. We met the nicest people. You will not feel alone. I’m glad I had Linda with me, but if I had been by myself, it would have been fine. Get those tickets!!!

      4. Josie, what a beautiful city you live in (I’ve never been, but have seen photos) Please go even if by yourself, you will not regret it, don’t miss out. Trust us!

      5. And, Josie, part of the fun will be that you can share your experience with ALL of us, who will rejoice and celebrate with you!

        While I went with a friend (Vancouver BC), we met lots of nice people in the seats beside us, enjoyed visiting before the concert and during the break. We even met someone in a restaurant who was heading to the show and had a big hug!

        Wishing you find someone to join you, or just go and have fun in the adventure! Hmmm… Maybe you can put the word out to meet someone there at the concert if not going together.

        With you in spirit!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Elaine you need to win an award as MOST PERFECT GIANLUCA FAN, the fact that you turned me on to IL MONDO CHICAGO, he was having sooo much fun up there, that video is priceless. All three of them are amazing, hate to keep fawning over and over again over Gianluca, but dear Lord, how special! Thanks.

      1. Thank you. I will go anyway. I saw the videos when they came here last year and was amazing. I have knew later, didn´t have any divulgation and the same happens this year, but they have huge fans here (São Paulo has the biggest Italian colony in the world), I include myself, so I can´t miss this time.

      2. Nope! You have to see them if at all possible. It appears that Miami was super amazing, but they are amazing no matter where they play.

      3. Christine, thanks, I am flattered. We really should thanks Steph – she is the one who filmed the amazing video. Did you read her reply to my comment – I occasionally remember to film the other guys…very funny and also a great fan of Gianluca.

        Josie, yeah, good for you! Go and you will have a blast!

  2. I’m smiling because last week I saw Il Volo twice, with a new friend who was great company. First we were in front row seats in Philadelphia and bless their hearts, they pulled it off with perfection, despite the intense heat in that theater, and then I saw them again in Boston, which I think is the best I’ve ever seen Il Volo perform and I’m so glad for them it was a sold out show. it was a fantastic five days and I wish I could afford more, but I did just pre-order Buon Natale so have more to look forward to. Thank you Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio for two splendid shows. Buona fortuna.

  3. What other Dvd is available other then. The one from the Detroit opera house from 2012

    1. Teresa: The other DVD is “We Are Love” Live from the Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater. It’s wonderful, and I know you will really enjoy it!

      1. Loretta, it’s a DVD of the PBS show that was aired around June and filmed in Miami. It is also available from Amazon.CA–the Canadian Amazon site. I got it from them.

  4. Supposedly the Christmas special taped for PBS will be released as a DVD after it airs on TV.

      1. There is also supposed to be a Streisand concert showing on PBS–the concert from Brooklyn, the boys were definitely there on the program. This special is supposed to air on PBS in November–I think around Thanksgiving but I am not sure about that. If they release this as a DVD that will be another one the boys will be on…

  5. What makes me smile is knowing I am going to see IlVolo again in New York with my daughter and grandaughter. Hope to get a close seat to the stage some day and also ne able to go to a M&G!!!!

  6. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for videos from Miami. Such a hugh venue. Happy for them,of course, but heard large venues make Gianluca a little more nervous. I’m confident they will be just fine! Beautiful, amazing, funny, and absolutely superb! They couldn’t be any other way. Well deserved venue!

    1. LiJoy seems to think she heard that somewhere, and it does make sense that they would release that also. I guess we will have to see. :$

  7. Mafazzara,I am glad to know that others have gone alone to a concert. I was really worried about going alone because I have anxiety issues when I am in with a huge crowd. It was nice that the Tower Theater was not that big. Plus I was on cloud nine from being in the same room and breathing the same air as Il Voli that my fears all melted away. I would love to go to a M&G but would prefer to go with someone. It would just be funnier.

  8. Does anyone know if the PBS airing of the Christmas show will only be on one night on November 30th on PBS? Or will it be on several different times around the country for membership drives?

    1. I’d imagine each station would be different. I’d watch the listing or make nice with someone who works there so you have an In for updated information.

  9. I hope I won’t have to wait as long to see the Christmas show on the New Orleans PBS station as I did to see the WE ARE LOVE show. If so, I won’t get to see it until Mardi Gras! And that is in March next year:)

  10. I’m smiling because I just enjoyed a few songs from the Tampa concert and one of my favorites on YouTube from days of yore:
    IL VOLO – Hasta El Final – en Sabado Gigante
    (featuring curly hair and dimples, I might add!)
    not to mention glorious harmony and lyrics (I checked the translation a couple years ago).

    Until the end! Sweet night meanwhile,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. I’m smiling because I just got back from the most incredible experience which I’ll never forget. I’m also smiling because I made a very special friend. Thank you, Linda. So glad you were there to share it with me.

      1. Chris, okay, okay 🙂 I sent in my take on the concert to be posted in the ‘My Il Volo Experience’ section on the left. All in all, wonderful!!

  12. Glad for you LeeLee.
    I’m smiling because I can log in here and read about my favorite guys. I’ve been away the past 2 weeks and really missed this site. Now I’m trying to catch up with what I missed. When I read the comments here. I don’t just smile, I laugh !!! Thanks everybody.

  13. I’m smiling because met a wonderful new friend last night. Thanks LeeLee for the sharing that wonderful experience in Miami. The concert was amazing, “The Boys,” sweet, funny and energetic! Their voices soared in that big arena. The crowd on it’s feet, the 4 encores, Oh MY!!! Tell you more later of my Il Volo story!!

  14. I smiling because I just ordered Miami Dvd and one night this week ill get to relive theboys. Fabulous concert and enjoy almost as much as when I saw them that heavenly night twoweeks ago in Pittsburgh.

  15. Elaine and Christine, Wow! Loved just watching IL Mondo Chicago. Thank you!

    And I love the smattering of curls (or at least waves) in Gianluca’s hair, but best of all was the hug between Ignazio and Gianluca when Ignazio hit his power notes. Love these brothers three!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. Good morning Marie, Elaine, Jeanine, et al….I wanted to ask Elaine since she’s somewhat of an authority on Gianluca, or whoever else would know. I had ready that he gets nervous doing large venues, remember how shy he was as a child? Do you think he’ll be nervous doing Radio City. Piero doesn’t seem like he has a nervous bone in his body. Ignazio always tugs at his shirt or belt, which might be a nervous mannerism. I guess the Miami audience gave them so much love they all tweeted about how great the show was, what do you think the Radio City concert will be like. What is the biggest event they will do in Latin America, which city has their biggest following? Mexico? They are playing in Brazil, Mexico and Venizuela, all 3 for three nights, so they must really bring the fans out in those countries, but what is the most anticipated concert they will do in Latin America that would be akin to Miami? Thanks..

    1. Christine, I don’t think I can answer your question. I for sure am not any kind of authority on our guys. I am a huge fan of Il Volo and Gianluca’s voice speaks to me the most out of the three and that is why he is my favorite (ok, his handsome look has a little to do with it too) (oh wait, and his darling personality also) (sorry, actually it’s everything about him).

      I think our guys have mature a lot in the past years. They also have done some large events such as the Noble Peace Prize Concert and the 2013 Latin Billboard Award. On both occasions they looked very comfortable and delivered a great performance. But I understand that it is not easy to stand in front of thousands of people and not feel a bit nervous. So for me, I will always cheer as loud as possible to show the love and support I have for them. Radio Music City Hall is a beautiful venue, I wish I can be there!

    2. Good day, Christine and all,

      Perhaps Gianluca has learned how to channel nervousness into enthusiastic excitement.
      The only recent times I thought I saw a hint of nervousness in Gian were walking onto the Detroit Opera House PBS Special stage alone to start the first 2012 song IL Mondo, and really I think that was more me thinking how nervous *I* would be doing that. And then when he said the line in that same first PBS Special, the part about Italians being romantic. Sort of a shy cuteness.

      In the olden days, Ignazio used to switch the mic from hand to hand frequently when maybe he had a bit of nervous energy. I don’t see him do it that way anymore.

      Piero… last year I saw a 2012 concert clip of Piero after singing Where Do I Begin (Theme from Love Story), and I could see the relief as he let out the air of having gotten through it so well. And I think I saw a lesser form of that on one of the clips for a 2013 solo, don’t remember which. I never see that from Piero except on a few solos.

      Personally, everything I’ve said here simply endears these guys to me. I’m incredibly impressed. They have grown so much in these last few years – and they started out great!! (I taught high school for 31 years, and the first 10 years I still had nervousness on the first day. I was surprised when it finally disappeared. To me, it’s like they’ve generally passed the 10-year mark of my experience.)

      I’m so glad they are together and have each other. It makes this whole experience so much more fun (including the solos), and we experience the fun with them!!

      With Love and Respect,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. Sorry I know my post wasn’t about smiling, off topic, but their fans here make me smile, so that should count! They really do share the love here. I love reading Aileen, Pening, and Mary on Piero, Marie/Loretta on Ignazio, Elaine, Michelle& Lee Lee on Gianluca, we all have our favorites.

  18. Oh geez, me again, sorry, but I forgot to also say that Helen-4thforbridge is also a great fan of Gianlucas!!!! I don’t know all of you yet, but I have noticed who is “enamoured” of which singer.

    1. Christine, you let me away, I know I am latina, my english is not that good, I do not write much to be remembered, but I am also a great fan of Gianluca, and I am like Elaine, I love everything about him.

      1. Josie I am so sorry I don’t know everyone here quite yet. You are from Brazil right? I hope you get to go to a concert. I am so glad they have soooo many fans now, the numbers are multiplying by leaps and bounds. Piero’s 0pera solo from Westbury has so many views, way more than any other of the dozen songs from the show that were put up on you tube. Someone is following him for sure. I hope you saw the video Elaine turned us on to with Gianluca it was the best ever. See ya Josie

  19. I looked it up and webster defines the word I used above like so:
    Definition of ENAMORED: filled with an intense or excessive love for Yes we are excessive, and yes they do have boyish movie idol good looks, dont’ they. Geez I’d hate to see how intense our feeling would be if we WERE teenagers again! Well we all were young once, and those that are young will grow old, fact of life! Youth is to be experienced, it only comes around once!

  20. I think I may now owe money to Marie for all the mega bytes I am taking up on her site posting excessively. So sorry, won’t happen again. I actually have the day off (work 9 of 10 weekdays) so it’s not like I am at work wasting time, I am off now to make cookies! I wish I knew your addresses so I could mail out some to you all!

    1. Unless you want to support PBS, why would you get it from them? You can pre-order it right now on Amazon.com for $14 and change, and it will get to you the week it comes out. And Loretta, I have not checked out Amazon.ca so I don’t know what the story is there.

      1. Go to Amazon.com. In the search to the left there is a little arrow. Click on it and you will get all the departments they have. Click on Music. Then in the search box just put Il Volo Buon Natale and it will come up. And now the price is $13.+ ! What I love about Amazon, if the price goes down they refund you the difference if you have already placed an order.

  21. Linda I didn’t see your Miami experience posted, I will look for it, unless you haven’t put it in yet? I can’t wait to see the videos from Miami, it sure sounds like the audience treated them like rock stars, two of them said they were “speechless” about the reception they got there. I am making pistachio apricot biscotti and they are just about done. Next time I think I’ll just buy the damn things. You have to bake them twice!! Bake them til they set then cut them and bake the slices. I am mailing some out to a friend of mine that lives in Chicago.

    1. Wow! They sound soooooo yummy! I wonder if our Italian (biscotti) food-loving boys are reading this right now! (; >)

      Impressed, Christine!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  22. I’m smiling because Lynn posted the words to No Puede Ser in English. Wow! What an emotional song! And Piero does a magnificent job!!! And Mary – Hope your November TPT Schedule will tell us just when Il Volo’s Christmas Album will be broadcast. Several different times, I hope.

    1. Oops, there it is. Never mind. I am smiling because bought a copy of the We Are Love CD for my car. Now I have it everywhere. I am also smiling because I started a new blog with Il Volo pictures all over.

  23. I’m smiling because I have been resting & relaxing in the oasis of Angel voices that is IL VOLO. It was another hellacious day at work. And even though I can listen to them while I work, seeing them sing is even better! I am also smiling because Allene appreciates the English words to No Puede Ser. Piero really has an awesome voice. I pray I will be able to hear his voice along with Ignazio”s & Gianluca’s in person one day soon. And now I need to listen to No Puede Ser just one more time (or 2)!

    1. Yes! Thank you, Lynn for the words to Non Puerde Ser!
      And I love your pure poetry, Lynn… “resting & relaxing in the oasis of Angel voices that is IL VOLO.”

      My concert buddy… every time she hears Piero’s voice, her eyes get big or her mouth drops open or her hand goes to her heart. She just can’t get over the magnificence of Our Boy. Who can?!

      I loved seeing the video of Piero when he was really young (between 10-12 ?) playing piano and singing. Wow! As I said to Shirley, they are prodigies without acting like prodigies! (From me, that’s a compliment!)

      Hugs all around,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. Jeanine, I enjoy your comments no matter what category you post them in, thanks. I’ve been reading about this Piero video but I don’t know where to look for it. My computer skills are limited. Lynn, I agree, Piero has an awesome voice . I equate his voice with power but with the song Angel, he sounds sweet, I did not recognize his voice at first. Where would I find your No Puede Ser English translation ? He did a wonderful job with that song at the Gibson theater. Thanks ladies. Reading your posts here makes me smile.

  25. Hi Victoria, I posted the English words to No Puede Ser on the page right before this one-Gianluca to Tampa Fans, “THANKSSSS IT WAS WONDERFUL!” It is down at the bottom. If you go to you tube & search for IL VOLO No Puede Ser, you will find several videos of Piero singing this song that is so perfect for his powerful pipes. I listen 2 them every night since I found the first one. And I don’t even care much for regular opera! But Piero could sing the Sicilian phone book & I would love it.
    Even with a voice that packs so much punch, he does know how to soften it when he needs to, like in Angel & also in Notte Stellata.

  26. I’m smiling because…
    Victoria, your comment uplifts me. Thank you so much!
    And thanks for being the first to share your IL VOLO experience!

    If you search YouTube for
    Piero Barone piera parone
    (because posted by “piera parone”), it will pop right up top.
    The second song starts around 2:10 into the video, and Piero starts singing around 2:30.

    Is this *really* Piero’s voice then?! Oh my!!
    I’m not sure if he was around 11 or 12 then. Anyone know for sure?
    Elizabeth, you’ll want to look, too!

    Can’t wait for Radio City Music Hall!
    Love and hugs to our amazing IL VOLO friends!
    Speaking of which, have any of you seen the silly YouTube
    Il Volo – Friends style
    ? Gave me a few laughs.

    Sweet night,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Hi Jeanine, I found the Piero video, thank you. He did sound great even at that age. Maybe sometime during their concert, he would accompany himself on the piano. I’d like to see that..

      Hi Lynn, I also found the English translation to Piero’s solo. I love how he sang this. You and Allene are true Piero fans. Thanks again.
      I really have reasons to smile.

      1. Hey, Victoria, I like your idea!
        Maybe next tour, each of the boys sings a song they personally wrote, and Piero could accompany himself on piano!

        Lovin’ it!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  27. Christine, I think a lot of those views for Piero’s solo No Puede Ser from the Westbury concert are mine. I love that one because of the closeups. Another one that has good close ups is from Phoenix posted by regina barberena. In that one, it is almost like he breathes a sigh of relief after he finishes & it was great-kind of like the Love Story video Jeanine mentioned above.
    I hope chiara1099 doesn’t mind me borrowing her words from Piero’s Love Story video in Miami because I feel the same way about him-“I don’t think anyone can beat him now – I could listen to him day and night. (*sigh*) – he is simply awesome.”

  28. Isnt Jeanine lucky going to Radio City! Wow, what a way for them to go out with a bang (then Atl City and CT). Lynnbal4, Even though Gianluca is my favority because of is sweet nature and lovely voice, I like all 3. they are all so great. What can you not like about Piero? I get such a kick out of his energy and how he dresses, so casual with the shorts and t-shirts yet he looks so cute always, Someone out there, other than you is watching him with interest for it to have that many views. Hoeefully some producer doesn’t try to lure him away and go solo, we cannot have that!

    1. Funny, Christine! I thought maybe someone gave me a free ticket, flight, lodging for Radio City Music Hall when I read your post. (; >)

      I can’t wait for RCMH, for my enthusiasm for the boys, getting to read others’ sharing, and hopefully seeing a few YouTube videos.

      Unfortunately, I’m not going. But… Now I think I’ll be sure to attend in my dreams! Hmmm… Three hours later there (since I’m in Oregon) – I could be asleep then, and…

      I’m so glad a few of our Flight Crew posters are attending. Can’t wait to hear all about it from you!

      Smiling all the way from Oregon,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  29. Christine, someone on one of the you tube videos suggested Piero go solo, and that person was very calmly verbally attacked for even mentioning such a thing! I think the person who suggested it is one that Loretta & Marie would call a “manure disturber. Even though any one of the boys could probably have a successful career on his own, their power comes from the combination of their 3 amazing voices. They need to be forever IL VOLO for a long time to come.

  30. Christine, I saw the Piero´s video views, yes is considerable, but will be difficult to overcome the 1.321.064 views the Gianluca singing Ave Maria.

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