Ignazio, “Thank you sooo much Miami..!!”

Gianluca, "MIAMI!!! Are you ready for tonight????!!!"
Gianluca, “MIAMI!!! Are you ready for tonight????!!!”

The Miami concert appears to have been a success and an unforgettable night for all!  The guys are on the road again, to Orlando, however a little birdie tweeted,  “ILVOLO MIAMI FANCLUB ‏@ILVOLOMIAMI  Gianluca shares that they will be back to Miami in 3 days to finish recording some song!!! Yay!!!”

Can this be true???  Time will tell!  In the meantime, while we are waiting for a full report from our nurse Linda who was there, here are some tweets from Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca before and after the Miami concert!

I think it’s fair to say, Miami = AWESOME!

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble After the fabulous concert in Miami we are going to Orlando…!”

“ignazio boschetto ‏@IBoschetto  I think tonight was one of the best show ever..!! Thank you sooo much Miami..!! #Miami #ilvolovers #ILoveYou much Miami..!! #Miami #ilvolovers #ILoveYou   from Florida, US”

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble    I have been left speechless by your continued support. THATS amazing!! Thank you!!! #miami #wearelovetour”

“Piero Barone Il Volo ?@piero_barone    #AmericanAirlinesArena! #Miami #wearelovetour http://www.keek.com/!ulFldab

“Piero Barone Il Volo ?@piero_barone  #AmericanAirlinesArena tonight! #IlVolo #WeAreLoveTour http://instagram.com/p/eif4vzkzES/

“Gianluca Il Volo ?@GianGinoble  MIAMI!!! Are you ready for tonight????!!! https://twitter.com/GianGinoble/status/381502471199154176/photo/1

“Piero Barone Il Volo ?@piero_barone    #miami are you ready tonight for The #concert? #americanairlinesarena #ilvolo #WeAreLoveTour”

“Piero Barone Il Volo ?@piero_barone   #Miami ???? (I love this city)”

6 thoughts on “Ignazio, “Thank you sooo much Miami..!!””

  1. Hi all – I sent my experience to Marie to post on the ‘My Il Volo Experience’ section on the left. However, I want to say again that it was an amazing experience. Kelly, you’re right, there is no place like it. At first, I was grumbling about the fact that it was in MIami, but now I get it. The guys were just so in awe and humbled by the reception.

    Anyone out there hesitating, don’t. They are exceptional. If it wasn’t that I’m so tired from last night, I would be heading to Orlando right now 🙂

  2. I am actually a little disappointed that they are coming back to do some recording during this week before New York. They really need the rest for their voices and everything else. The next concert run with Radio City , Atlantic City and Wallingford is going to be rough. They will get overly excited about Radio City (which is natural – everyone does and it was a dream of their from three years ago) and end up doing some over singing for that big hall – the sound system should allow them to not do that but the natural excitement will be there (as it should). Then they have only a few days before they start the Lat. Amer. Run which is a long, rough one as well. I really wish they had more breaks in the next month. The next 23 concerts should really take about 2 1/2 months instead of 1 1/2.

    I know we have talked about this before but I can’t help worrying. These guys are teens and some times teens think they are super strong. But the voices are young and they and their managers need to be careful and cautious. They want to be able to do this kind of singing for forty years and not be forced to quit at age 28 yrs. because the voice is shot. That has happened too many times in the past.
    OK, that is my word of caution which, hopefully, will not be needed

    1. Myron you are correct to be worried. I think in some ways they do try to compensate. On Surrender, Piero no longer sings that strained note by himself.

    2. Totally understood, Myron and all.

      And believing so much in the power of positive intention, here are my thoughts…

      Thank you to God, Life, whatever we each relate to, for the possibility that their additional recording could be as simple as less than 30 minutes, maybe even just one or two songs.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it turned out to be very little work or effort with their voices and more an opportunity to stand on the stage and remember the glorious feel of that night, soak it into every cell of their bodies, recall every memory? Bring smiles to their faces; energy, enthusiasm, joy!

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this brief time returning to the stage and reworking one or two songs gave them a surge of appropriate level confidence for Radio City Music Hall, to be able to just do their magic? They already have it. They don’t have to over sing. They can feel in their bones that they can sing in Radio City Music Hall like they did in Miami! I will include this intention for them in my next TAT® and in my loving prayers (in this very moment).

      And, as a side light. In Seattle, October 2nd, 2012, they repeated maybe 3 songs (the VIPs were invited to return to the theater for this). It might have been 30-40 minutes or so, but the real issue was that it was the last concert of (was it 52 U.S. concerts??) and they were flying out early to meet up with Barbra Streisand and prep for that tour. By the time they got to the M&G, I sensed they were utterly exhausted, even though they were their loving selves. I’m really glad they didn’t stay late after the Miami 2013 concert to do this.

      Trusting all is well, and wishing for deep relaxation before their next run (and I’d like to see them not book more than 2 days back to back except for rare opportunities, like the Unicef Gala),
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. I noticed that. The note may be a strain on Piero’s vocal cords. In their favor is the fact that they don’t smoke or drink (like Sanatra, Dean Martin, etc.) or do drugs (like all the 70’s rock musicians). I read that the Amway arena held 17,000 people, though. Why are they booked on arenas they can’t yet fill?

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