Il volo hit Miami like a storm last night at The American Airlines Arena.

My friend LeeLee and I drove to the magic City last night after meeting for the first time, first on this site and then in person. LeeLee and I commented how beautiful the Miami skyline looked, neither one of us had been there in a while. The Arena was beautiful and I watched a cruise ship make a U turn at the Port of Miami.

We decided to eat at “Bongos”, Gloria Estefan’s restaurant right at the Arena. The food was excellent and we met other Il Volo fans that made the trip to Miami from Port St Lucie, an hour north of Palm Beach.

We had floor seats, pretty good views and we waited anxiously for the concert to begin. Being Miami, many people were “fashionably late.” The arena went dark and the 3 back lights appeared and then Gianluca’s silhouette appeared and the crowd cheered, then the other two appeared and the crowd went wild.

It went on for 2 hours with a 5 minute break in between. Their solo’s especially drew standing ovations, long ones! They seemed very humbled by that. The first encore they sang “Il Mondo” and “O Solo Mio” and that drew more standing “o’s”, They came back again with a short reprise of “O Solo Mio” and then finally a short version of “Smile” acapella. The crowd was roaring when they finally did their signature jump from the stairs!
Their voices soared in the Arena, I can tell you until you hear them live you can only imagine the power of their voices, they are just simply amazing!

Thank-you LeeLee for sharing this for me, I’ll never forget it!



  1. Linda! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! You’ve no idea how much more you can love them until you see them in person.

    So glad you and LeeLee got to enjoy Il Volo and each other!

    Did you throw him a kiss for me during Caruso like you promised?

      1. She did, I saw her!

        Guess what gang. I’m taking my own advice. Just now purchased a ticket to Orlando. I know, Linda, you told me to rest, but I can’t. I’m on my way now!

      2. Oh thank you! I Don’t suppose he asked for me between songs, did he?

        I knew you would go! You’ll never regret it. Like I regret not getting tickets for Radio City Music Hall. Be careful Alicia. Rest tomorrow!

      3. LeeLee, If I had known – I would have gone to all three concerts with you! I say make the most of it while you can! A girl after my own heart!

      4. Michele, you should have. Would have loved to have you along!! If I knew what I was in for, I would have gone to Tampa, too! Why not?

    1. We saw their buses, but they were blocked off with fencing with no access. The event staff wouldn’t tell them anything, said they had no contact with the artists. We just worshipped from afar!

  2. As much as I enjoyed the show in Pittsburgh, I believe the venue (Heinz Hall) and the staff sucked the life out of the show. I am envious of these other shows that seem so much more, more!

    1. I agree with you,LiJoy. I feel we got cheated in Pittsburgh. Especially since it cost so much. It wasn’t the boys. It was the venue and the promoters. It had spoiled me from getting a M&G again. Miami sounded wonderful. Did you have good seats,Linda?

      1. The meet and greet in Philly wasn’t much either, really very disappointing! Everyone was so hot during the concert – I think all of our energy was drained out – including the guys! I was at the end of the line and we could not see what was happening in a room around the corner! Whole thing was disappointing and a huge let down. BUT the 1st row seat was AWESOME! Luckily I went to BOSTON next!!!

  3. Apparenlty the guys feel as strongly about last night as Linda and LeeLee. One of them tweeted that they woke up “still drunk” on last night, and Barbara tweeted that they were all still on a high. Glad you guys had a great time. 🙂

    BTW…LeeLee’s experience is posted over in the “My Experience” section. Go check it out. 🙂

    And I’m with you, LiJoy. I definitely feel like I missed out on something special. Maybe I’ll have to make plans for Miami next time.

  4. I’m glad you had a good time. I agree, one has to hear them live to experience the power of their voices. On the PBS special Gian did say that they love Miami. Should the flight crew all go to Miami next year ?
    Can you imagine how that would be ?

    1. Yes, everyone of us needs to be in Miami. You know that if The Boys don’t revisit anywhere else, Miami will be the exception. I truly did enjoy hearing Il Volo in person it is an experience like no other.

      1. Oh, the boys will be back in the States. I think for the most part, every concert venue just loved them. How could you not? Except for a certain reviewer!

  5. I waited and waited and finally….bought a ticket to the last concert, my first, in Wallingford CT. Decided driving back to Boston after would be foolish on my part so i’m staying over for the night. Taking the next day off work :-P. Now I can let er rip oh, my ticket is on the floor, middle section, 18 rows back….better than i expected! Can’t wait

    1. Woo hoo! Way to go, Marti!

      Have a fantastic time, and tell us all about it when you get back!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Marti – You made a wise decision. I promise that you will be overwhelmed by them!! Have a blast!!

  6. Yes Linda – you are going to see a lot of fellow Il Volo lovers next time! Elaine and I loved the PBS filming at the Fillmore in Miami last March! I am sure we’d love another trip to Miami! Too bad we did not know each other then! We all met on IlVoloMusic after the filming! Who knows what surprises they will have for us when they return from Latin America! Perhaps our opportunity will come up before we know it! Filming another PBS special at the Fillmore March 2014??? We can wish!

    1. No! Not March unless they are in Palm Springs, CA because I wouldn’t be able to go. 😳

      And, yes…I know that’s selfish in my part..😉

  7. In response to peninahonig, christine, anncruise and LeeLee’s response to me on the Pittsburg 9/11 page, I just read all of them, but the comments were closed, so I cannot reply. I have the privilege of watching my granddaughter every other week so I missed your replies.

    To all that have some Italian family in your history, all I can say is you are very lucky and LeeLee, I hope you get to visit Italy in the future.

    1. Have an awesome time, LeeLee!
      You definitely qualify as addicted! (; >)
      And there’s no better addiction to have!

      Can’t wait to hear your Orlando sharing.
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Hi Loretta – I wrote a Part 2 about Orlando. It should show up soon.

      Jeanine, let me tell you how addicted. I posted up above that if I knew the show was going to be the way it was, I would have gone to Tampa too! You are so right when you say there is no better addiction!!

      1. Love it, LeeLee! (wondering how many folks will attend all 3 of the concerts in Latin American cities!)

        I drove 744 miles to go to the Vancouver BC concert, and if there were 2 more within a 2-hour drive, I probably would have found a way to attend! My osteopath was astounded that I could do this trip, as I’m recovering from an injury. Amazing what the joy of IL VOLO and the beauty of nature (our side trips) can do for us! It’s like I said to my sister today, it’s not obsession, which is draining (I’m speaking for myself); it’s passion, which fills my heart and makes me soar!

        I know you’re flying high LeeLee! (; >)
        They’re not named “IL VOLO” for nothin’!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Jeanine can I use your quote on the difference between passion and obsession? I have been writing a blog piece on the two.

      3. Yes, LIJOY.
        Sorry that I just saw this. I couldn’t place it correctly, so hope you see my response. How about you quote me, and also send me a link to your blog? I would love it! What a great topic!

        If you Google my signature line, my site will pop right up. (There’s a contact page.)
        Looking forward to reading your blog,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. It is on my bucket list. To hear and see Il Volo in person at one of their concerts. Although hearing Piero sing and seeing him in person might be more than my heart could take! Maybe I should save my pennies and try to meet all of you in Miami!? Now that would really be something to look forward to!

    1. Good for you Allene, you will love it. Keep saving those pennies! I just know you will mark that wish off of your bucket list.

      You have no idea how many times I have said “Be still my heart” while I am listening to them sing.

  9. Next stop for the Flight Crew is Miami!! No matter where, though, if we all get together, it would be guaranteed to be fantastic time!!!

    1. I so wish you were here, too, Loretta. In my story, I said I wish the whole crew, all of you, were with me. I know Deanne was there and I was sorry to not get a chance to meet her. Deanne, hopefully next time!

    1. You know it, Linda. It’s killing me that they are here right now in our grasp. However, I can wait until the next concert here, AND THERE WILL DEFINITELY BE ONE!!! It’s official – everyone needs to come down here! Save those Il Volo pennies!!!!!

    1. Not to worry, I can outrun the police (I mean in my car, not on foot). COLLINS AVE HERE WE COME!!

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