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By all accounts the concert in Orlando at The Amway Center last night was another huge success! We’re waiting to hear from LeeLee who attended her second concert two nights in a row.

The Amway Center not only hosts the Orlando Magic but tons of musical performers and many other events. With a venue as nice as this the Amway Center is a must see and quite an improvement over the old Amway Arena. The Amway Center recently opened on October 1, 2010 on 400 West Church Street in download Orlando, Florida at a total construction cost of $480 million no expense was spared. In the future tha Amway Center will look to hosting Rodeos, Monster Truck Jam Shows and maybe even a UFC fight. The Amway Center is home to the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic and the Orlando Predators of the AFL. The Amway Center took over for Amway Arena that was among one of the oldest venues in the NBA. The Amway Center box office provides a seating capacity of over 18,500 for NBA games. The Amway Center tickets for upcoming events should be a hot item. The venue has all the most recent venue technologies and amenities.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted from Miami, “I have been left speechless by your continued support, THATS amazing!! Thank you #miami #wearelovetour” He tweeted from Orlando, Fantastic concert in Orlando, see you soon,” He tweets, “Going back to Miami!!! can you believe it???!!?”
Piero tweeted Saturday night “Speachless #Miami, I’ll never forget this night”!!! He later tweeted, “After one hour and a half talking on the phone with my #mom, now I can go to sleep, love you Mama, I miss you, buonanotte.”
Piero tweeted early yesterday “For me there is one goal, let me feel your feelings through my voice”
Ignazio tweeted “Amazing people tonight in Orlando” Then this morning “Good morning beautiful”, then “At the restaurant”, “chocolate!!”

Team Il Volo has several articles worth reading “Il Volo’s Big Success in Miami”, “Il Volo Ready to Woo Honduran Fans”, “Il Volo language of Love” and “Il Volo Anxious To Be in Nicaragua.”

Check some good photos and videos on Mundial.

Ignazio’s Birthday!, please remember to sign the card. If you requested, but have not received an invite, let Kelly know!

Il Volo is back in Miami! Word has it they are going to finish some recordings. I hope they take a few days here to relax, although a lot of rain is predicted for the next few days.

The next concert is a big one, Radio City Music Hall In NY on September 27th, The Guys are very excited! I hope they get some down time while in Miami, they deserve it!!!!


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  1. These arenas are ok – maybe too huge – but now comes a real theater – Radio City Music Hall – remember their “day in New York” video from two years ago ? They talked about dreaming that they could some day perform in Radio City – well now it is coming true. Bravo for them.

    I am excited to be back there again. It will be the fourth concert of this tour I have been to – I should be “ho-hum” by now and shouldn’t it be boooooring by now ? Well, a friend of mine that lives in Guadalajara wants me to come down there and join them for that concert. -Ha! That one I can’t do, sadly.

    1. Have a fantastic time, Myron!

      And, no, I do not believe you or I or any of us on the Flight Crew blog could be bored at the fourth concert! I’d sure by happy to attend four times to find out! (; >)

      I’m hoping you’ll write up your experience of Radio City Music Hall, perhaps with a few comparisons to other experiences if you like. That would be fun!

      And, yes, I keep seeing Our Boys dreaming and experiencing their dreams come true!

      Definitely interested to see what will happen with the Latin Grammys. Anyone betting on Mas Que Amor? I would love it if someone would translate those lyrics, as I’m guessing they’re a shade different from We Are Love.

      Here’s to a wonderful rest for our boys and a refreshed glorious time for all at Radio City Music Hall!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. Minor point – the tour schedule listed to the left on this page is missing the Atlantic City concert at the Trump Taj Mahal for Saturday, Sept. 28 (unless I missed a notice that it was dropped ? )

    1. Linda, I totally agree with Loretta. Interesting, fun, and a class act! You guys do a fantastic job and are greatly appreciated!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. You sure do your homework, Its nice to know about the theatres & their history. To tell the truth I think the Westbury Theatre is the wrong place for them to do a show because the platform is supposed to turn so that everyone can see them & I thought Gianluca was going to fall off his stool he was sitting on trying to turn around to let everyone see him singing. Poor guy ended up standing. Instead of the stage turning they had to walk around the platform. I would not like to buy a ticket there & have to look at the back of a performers head. My opinion.

    1. I am with you on that theater Loretta. I think it is an AWFUL place to have a concert. The fans pay for good seats and half the time the boys have their backs to them. In addition to that, they put the musicians in the audience so the poor people who are sitting next to them go deaf–and I bet the music drowns them out completely for the people sitting there. In the videos from Westbury the music is overpowering at times–you could tell the person taking the video was sitting next to the drums, or a few seats away because every now and then a stick or a cymbal could be seen in the lower right of the video. I thought it was terrible.

    1. I have moved Deanne Smith’s concert experience to My Il Volo Experience under “AN IGNAZIO MOMENT IN ORLANDO”. We didn’t want to lose this one!

  4. How do I sign the birthday card for Ignazio’s October birthday. Count me in with all the rest who wish him nothing but the best.

  5. an answer to a question on the Saratoga Springs page where comments are closed. Someone asked me about a tweet to Gianluca where I asked if he got an email (which was not answered) about something that happened this fall. This fall a friend of mine that teaches freshmen voice at the University put together a video of about 4 minutes of just Gianluca singing from the PBS concert and also the one song they sang at near the same time from a Telemundo Show called ” Un Nuevo Dias” (from Miami) – the reason is that he feels (and other voice teachers agree) that Gianluca demonstrates the most nearly perfect vowel shape and tonal placement for those vowels of any professional singer working today. The other guys are very good. But they feel Gianluca does it on a consistent basis. shape, placement in the mouth and over-all tonal quality. So he shows this video in voice class each week as a reminder. I sent an email to Gianluca (via Barbara). He should be proud of that little side story. Recently, I did hear back from them.

    1. Myron, what songs are they finishing recording, do you know? Their Christmas CD is already in the can, what could they be doing? I thought they would be releasing EL Triste, but on what CD, they wouldn’t release another so soon after this year’s We are Love, would they? I asked this question at another thread here this morning and it is buried and no one answered. Sorry if its a stupid question Mryon, but I’d like your opinion regarding if you know if Gianluca gets nervous before singing in large theaters such as Radio City, If he does, what can he do to calm down? I don’t want this career to swallow him up. He seemed to really enjoy himself in the Chicago performance though. I remember hearing Streisand say that she used to have horrible stage fright. I don’t think Piero gets nervous at all, because he was so confident on stage when I saw him, but what about Gianluca? I notice a difference in their performances too. In Pittsburgh, they were not as pumped up as Chicago, and Miami’s reception of them was the “be all and end all” from what I’ve read so far, cant wait for those videos to show up. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

      1. Christine, a great artist here in Brazil, who is 67 years old, a comedian, actor, theater director and now he is presenter in his talk show, also says that the real artist always getting nervous before the presentation. He always asks to his guests if they are nervous before the presentation and all answer yes. So I think is normal.

      2. Christine – I have never talked with him long enough to get his own words on that so this is mostly observation and a little family history. You may know this already – there is an interview taken with his parents before the boys were big here in the states in which they told how as a child he was so shy that they worried about him in school. He loved to sing with his Grandpa but when asked to sing for the whole family he could not look at them he had to face the wall or the corner of the room in order to sing. If you look at early videos you will see that he has a hard time looking at the audience directly. As time went on he worked at it and got much, much better but one of his tricks is to really get immersed in the music so deeply that it becomes his defense against shyness. If you have met him in person he is the sweetest, most caring young man with a wonderful smile because it is just you or maybe two of you. When on stage he must get into that “performer mode” so that he can be free to let his passion out in the song. Look at the videos from 2009 or 2010 and compare with his singing of “Night and Day” (for example ) in Concorde (good close video) and you see a huge difference. In fact, just look at the PBS special from last year and compare to this PBS special – WOW what a difference. But we should all know that it has been a struggle for him to get this good with an audience. Having been shy (not that bad, though) when I was young I kind of know what he must have gone through. I tell you I love these guys, but I have an extra special place in my heart for that special young man.

        As far as from one town to another, that is typical of touring – for you the performer, in your mind some cities are higher on the list of priority than others (we hope it is not that way but you can’t help it) and the other factor is how was the road trip there ? are they rested? etc.

      1. I agree with you both LeeLee & dancer, just think how proud & humbled they feel & appeciated of the US. they are always saying Latin America are their biggest fans. Now they see so are we, Of course I am Canadian but I love them to bits to.

  6. Thanks Myron! I know that you are so fond of Gianluca, he is special indeed, but I worry that this lifestyle would swallow him up. Yes I saw the interview with Mother and Dad and even his mother said she was shy and Ercole said that they worried that his shyness would be a hinderance in his life, he has come a long way. They have such different personalities. Ignazio is so laid back, I don’t think anything bothers him. Piero is a firecracker and Gianluca, while I don’t profess to know him at all, just from what I see, is maybe too sweet for this world. Nice guys finish last, but he is so talented, he will finish first. Here is to hoping that the boys get at least 1 Latin Grammy nomination which will be announed in 2 days on the 25th, pray everybody! They need some recognition for all this hard work they are doing.

    1. You got it right, that is for sure. Makes it all the more interesting to follow these guys.

  7. having listened to video from each concert (some more than others) I would say that they have kept the standards of quality very high throughout so far. That is great ! In New York they get full orchestra again which is right for that wonderful theater.

  8. They were certainly pumped up for the Chicago performance. They must have rested well before they performed. I have never seen Gianluca smile so much and he was having a good time. Gianluca may not clown around like Ignazio and Piero but he makes up for it in the passion he puts into each of his songs.

    1. Hi Jeanne – Gianluca is definitely loosening up. In Miami, he was having fun with Ignazio when they were singing Grenada and in Orlando, I don’t recall what they were singing, but Ignazio being Ignazio made Gianluca laugh in the middle of the song. Then at one point, when Ignazio and Piero were bantering back and forth, Gianuca was at the end of the stage looking at the audience and shaking his head, but with a beautiful smile on his face. You can tell they were all having such a good time.

  9. Yes Penina that is what happened at Roy Thomson Hall my son & his friend had to sit against the right wall facing the stage & that is where they had the drums & they said they were drowned out. I got a box seat which the Roy Thomson Hall told me they would be perfect that I wold see well. Balogna, I got better seats at Massey Hall. This time when Ignazio came down the left aisle I was able to shake his hand as I sent a video to the last Il volo site of someone taking the picture of me standing up & without my canes made sure I he was going to see me.

  10. I found the English lyrics to Caruso. Now I never liked Pavaroti, I thought he was very conceited & he thought he was the best singer in the world. Now I listened to Pavarotti sing Caruso & followed along with the Italian version to the English & I have to admit he did a good really good job.
    I have listened to Ignazio sing Caruso from the first concert to the Miami concert & he has improved that song 1,000,000 times better than when he first sang it & now he is far better than Pavarotti. Ignazio sang excellent the first time I heard him sing because he gave his whole heart & soul in the song but now he has made Caruso his own, just like Gianluca has made Night & Day his own far better than Frank Sinatra every sang it.
    Piero’s solo of No Puede Ser is out of this world. These brilliant young men have talent, style & perfection all rolled together & handsome looks is a bonus.

  11. WordPress doesn’t leave the pictures up long so they can be copied for a file folder. When I press pictures the pictures go to a blank page. Anyway Mundial had some beautiful pictures of the Miami concert so I now have 210 pictures of Ignazio, some pictures have the other boys but mostly of Ignazio. Do I love Ignazio or do I love Ignazio??..

    1. Loretta you are just passionate about Ignazio! Someone has to be so why not you? Enjoy the fruits.

  12. Did you all see the picture of Ignazio kissing a girl on the lips she had black hair. It was on one of thereTeam Il volo or tumblr or Mundia lsites I forget which but I sure wish that was me. I’d never wash my lips again..

      1. Linda, I don’t know why, but I believe her. I don’t think she would wash her lips. Makes it hard to brush your teeth, but I’d bet she’d find a way.

    1. I’m smiling, Loretta, because when I saw that photo, I immediately thought of you!

      They say that the brain doesn’t know the difference between something which really happened and one’s picturing it happening. (The same part of the brain lights up, whether real or imagined.)
      So, Loretta, dream on!! And you’ll have one happy brain! (; >)

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Girls I can always lift my lips up from my teeth to brush them. He would be kissing the outside of my lips so I would make sure when I wash my face I don’t touch the outside of my lips. Same with eating I can put the spoon in my mouth & take the food off of the spoon with my tongue. Girls I have it all figured out. I have to preserve the kiss as long as i can. Clever aren’t I?

  14. Good night all you beautiful ladies, I am off to bed to dream of Ignazio kisslng me ON THE LIPS,OOOHHHH I just might have heart palpitations again. (sigh, sigh) If I don’t go to church tomorrow I just might stay in bed & make the dream last longer. Night all.& sweet dreams yourselves. Linda, LeeLee & MarieI don’t want to see either of you in my dream.

  15. I just saw a wonderful picture of Piero that he tweeted. They must have been in a recording session. I was having Il Volo withdrawal pangs when I didn’t hear from he Flight Crew yesterday! A day without Il Volo is a day without sunshine!

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