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The excitement is building!! If it’s exciting for us, can you imagine how Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca feel about their concert at Radio City Music Hall this Friday? They have dreamed of this since the beginning. In a walking tour of New York City 3 years ago they pointed to the Grand Old Theatre and said “Someday we’ll sing there” Their dream has come true and we are so happy for them!!!
For the next few days I will share pictures and the extensive history of this beautiful theatre.The picture in the heading is of the “Great Stage.” It especially brings fond memories for me; as a child my parents would take us to New York City to see the famous Christmas Spectacular at this historic theatre. The following is a partial history of “Radio City” from it’s web site. We’ll have more tomorrow!

When the stock market crashed in 1929, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. held a $91 million, 24-year lease on a piece of midtown Manhattan property properly known as “the speakeasy belt.” Plans to gentrify the neighborhood by building a new Metropolitan Opera House on the site were dashed by the failing economy and the business outlook was dim. Nevertheless, Rockefeller made a bold decision that would leave a lasting impact on the city’s architectural and cultural landscape. He decided to build an entire complex of buildings on the property-buildings so superior that they would attract commercial tenants even in a depressed city flooded with vacant rental space. The project would express the highest ideals of architecture and design and stand as a symbol of optimism and hope.

The search for a commercial partner led to the Radio Corporation of America, a young company whose NBC radio programs were attracting huge audiences and whose RKO studios were producing and distributing popular motion pictures that offered welcome diversion in hard times. Rockefeller’s financial power and RCA’s media might were joined by the unusual talents of impresario S.L. “Roxy” Rothafel. Roxy had earned a reputation as a theatrical genius by employing an innovative combination of vaudeville, movies and razzle-dazzle decor to revive struggling theatres across America. Together Rockefeller, RCA and Roxy realized a fantastic dream – a theatre unlike any in the world, and the first completed project within the complex that RCA head David Sarnoff dubbed “Radio City.” Radio City Music Hall was to be a palace for the people. A place of beauty offering high-quality entertainment at prices ordinary people could afford. It was intended to entertain and amuse, but also to elevate and inspire.

“The Boys” are enjoying some leisure time in Miami, but are also recording. I hope they get enough down time, they’ll need their best energy for New York!!

Twitters Tweets, Keeks and Brabbles: Ignazio has Brabbled a Picture of palm trees and ocean saying “Which is more beautiful than this?” Gianluca tweeted “Good morning Miami” and you can see a short Brabble video of Piero on Mundial during a recording session.

Check out Team Il Volo for a glowing review of the Orlando concert. “Il Volo at the Amway Arena-Orlando”, courtesy of thehotspotorlando.

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  1. Oh Linda! I want to be there so badly! I don’t even know if I can read part two. I remember when Our Boys were standing in front of the building wanting that dream! And here it is!! Good for them! You’ve earned Piero. You’ve earned it Gianluca! You’ve earned it Ignazio! I can’t be there but my heart sure will be!

    1. I remember that video, too. So precious the way they were dreaming of Radio City Hall. I get choked up realizing that dream came true for them. Wish all of your dreams to come true, but be careful, stay humble and true to yourselves, darling boys.

  2. Ditto Marie, All the very best of luck to you Ignazio, Piero & Gianluca going to Radio city Hall, you’e arrived, You’ve earned this experience. No question you will be outstanding. All my love & prayers are with you always.

    Linda superb information on Radio City Hall. Am waiting for the rest of your story.

  3. I grew up in a small town about 100 miles from NYC. During my late teens a friend and I flew to NYC to see the Christmas Show and of course the Rockettes. It was a wonderful show and it was a magnificent theater. Now, many, many years later I am living in Minnesota and NYC seems a long way away. How I wish I could be there!

  4. Linda, darn you! You’ve made us “wax nostalgic”! I wish we could be the too, Allene! I guess knowing that it’s not “a long way away” for Our Boys will have to do for us!

  5. I also grew up in a small town,but in high school our band was invited to march inthe Macy parade on Thanksgiving day. We also went to Radio city to see the Christmas show and the Rockettes.It was very exciting! Now I am going to see Il Volo and I ammore excited if that is possible!!!!

  6. Thank you Linda for the information on Radio City Music Hall. I am very happy to see our guys achieving their dream to sing in such a beautiful venue. I am also sad and a little depress that NY is just too far for me. And I don’t think another sad face in front of my husband will work this time (sob, sob).

    Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, all the best of luck at the concert. For those that are lucky enough to be there, enjoy and have a wonderful time.

    1. Ha Ha Elaine,

      It would not work for me either. I suggested Radio City early on and got told NO. A pretty penny would be spent with the airline tickets and a room, not to mention food. lol

  7. When I lived in New York back in the 70’s you could go to see a show at Radio City for only $8.00 ( I still have a ticket stub and a program- who knows why ?) For that money you started out with a short organ recital on the huge theater organ; then the orchestra rose up from the pit to stage level and they played an overture followed by a 40 minute show with the dancers and a few soloists and sets , costumes, etc. etc. all of which was followed by the movie of the day – a film with Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck. Incredible money’s worth. Now they don’t do movies very often but the Rockettes have special shows and travel a bit. I am looking forward to seeing this concert especially because of the dream you mentioned. Good for our guys.

    1. Myron, I also lived in NYC in the late 60s until 1973. I remember going to a few movies at Radio City. It was quite an experience!
      The theater is impressive to say the least and I wish I were going to hear the boys in that setting. Wow, what a thought!

      1. Penina – Do you remember that those shows would go on what they called “continuous showing” as many as 4 or 5 each day ? I looked at the old schedule and I could not believe it. There really was nothing like Radio City in those days. That sort of thing used to happen here where I live now – in Las Vegas – the star would do two or even three shows a night – 8pm 12midnight and 2am – sometimes and now we are lucky if they do one show and usually have two nights a week off.

      2. I don’t remember continuous showing as a phrase–but I do remember if you missed the opening of one and you wanted to see it, you just hung around until the next one started! Even the regular movie theaters were like that. My husband recalls going with his friends and hanging out all day seeing the same features over and over again. And there were double features and sometimes a pile of shorts in those days too!

  8. I read the Orlando review and I have two problems (so far) – the song – Beautiful Day is not “watered down” for Il Volo. The opposite is true – it is re-claimed in a classic way with full orchestration and much more singable phrase lines. Same is true of “Angel” – It is not “watered down” – period. Later I checked the time of submissiion for the article and found that it had been written even before the concert began. That happens quite a bit these days – do a little research – get the facts and then pass judgement without even seeing the concert. His layout of “Maria” was also way off base. This is why we Flight Crew members need to do our own reviews. I will have one for Radio City and I hope anyone else them from our group will do the same. Do we have someone going to the Atlantic City – Taj Mahal concert and the Wallingford, CT concerts ? ?

    1. Myron,

      I also read the Orlando review and did not think much of it again. I did not catch that the reviewer wrote the review before the concert began. That makes no sense at all. Thanks for pointing that out!

  9. Myron, Glad you commented on that review. The reviewer sounds like a hard rock fan, who wouldn’t know class if it hit him in the face. To be honest, I never liked the original “Beautiful Day.” He did mention the fact that the enormous arena was not well filled–but that is the fault of Live Nation. I sometimes feel it pains these reviewers that people of so many ages really love our guys and appreciate their performances!

    1. On that review page if you look after the review in the comments section there are a lot of people that disagree – including on how the place was well filled (maybe not sold out, but well filled). re: Live Nation I wish they would aim for more the concert hall or theater type place rather than this arena type place. Nice to have sold out lightly smaller place and better acoustics.

    2. I still wonder why the guy seemed to have not been all the way through the whole show but left early. Also, why he was baffled at why the audience was so strongly positive and giving standing ovations. This guy did not get it. Although he did say a few nice things I will give him that.

      1. One thing I did like was the fact that he said something to the effect of “These guys can really sing.” But like you said, he just didn’t get it. The wide range of songs that these REALLY young guys sing is so amazing–and you can tell that they also study singers from the past. Gianluca has really studied Sinatra, and I feel like Piero looks up to and follows Placido Domingo. And it doesn’t bother them that their friends don’t listen to their kind of music. Maybe I am trying to say that they are unique individuals with incredible talent and brains. And they work much, much harder than kids their age. I remember reading how Piero says he is from a humble family and he is paying for his brother and sister’s education. And you look at Gianluca and Ignazio with their parents. They welcome their parents as an important part of their lives and they recognize the sacrifices made to help them. I worked with young people all of my career, and I can safely say that this is incredibly mature for young guys in this day and age. Whew! So much for my soap box appearance!

  10. Dreams do come true with your wonderful talent, hard work and wonderful personalities. The very best for your Radio City Music Hall

  11. What a fantastic write up, Linda. Can’t wait for Part 2. I am a native New Yorker, even though I live in Florida, and always will be. My heart is still there always. Radio City Music Hall and the whole Rockefeller Center complex was and still is spectacular. Good luck Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero Friday night and enjoy what will be unforgettable moments.

  12. Do I gather that Il Volo was passed up by the Latin Grammys today ? or did I read that wrong?

  13. Do you think it’s because they are Italian singers. Maybe the Latin Grammy’s can’t get around that–too bad.

    1. No that couldn’t be why, they were nominated for 2 last year. It is depressing,while I am sure they’d like their hard work recognized, they do not need a shelf full of awards, their CD sales and ticket sales should speak for themselves, we love them. We do not need any critic or grammy voter to validate them for us. They are the best young singers on the planet. Cannot wait to hear their next 2 cd’s the Christmas one and I’ve read over at another site that what they are recording now are love songs! They will have their share of accolades during their career. I feel bad that Gianluca says he can’t believe it. A career like theirs will have it’s ups and downs. Miami was an UP and Radio City is a definate UP!!

  14. Myron, what is the “story” with the Latin Grammies? Do you think Il Volo’s great success in the Latin Pop scene has put some of the judges” noses out of joint? Who makes these decisions?

    1. I was really…. (excuse me) when I saw that list. I know a few of the albums mentioned in the list and they are beneath Il Volo in sound quality; technical quality, balance quality; choice of literature; and vocal quality (well, most everyone is beneath them on this). After being nominated last year they should have been again and this time WIN !

      I suggest that everyone here in email the regular USA grammy awards like a petition. Over and over and everyone on this site – email into the Grammy org. It is time for FAN POWER TO TAKE OVER !!!
      We who have had so much joy from these boys can now stand up for them. Sorry I don’t have the correct email address right now but I will have tomorrow unless someone else gets it first.

      You and I all know this does not change anything in our love of this group but I am sad for the boys who are now heading into New York for the climax of the tour at Radio City. They need to focus on that and not this.

      Hey ! Grammy people ! Wake up because Il Volo Flight Crew is coming a knocking on your door !

      1. Myron, I I just went to to send an email. Thanks for the suggestion. I told them to stop giving awards to all of these over glorified rap, “hip hop artists” whose songs do not give a positive message like IL VOLO ‘s music does. I implored them to at least listen to the CD (We are Love) and not turn a deaf ear. I had written the grammy organization about 5 years ago to ask them to honor Dan Fogelberg posthumously after he had passed away so young from pancreatic cancer. He was never awarded a grammy in his lifetime and I thought his songwriting was just as worthy as everyone else they choose to award. I do not believe they ever did honor him which is a pity. For the boys not to have gotten a nomination is also a pity. No one has ever said that life was fair and we learn this sad fact of life every day.

  15. Linda, you missed the Brabble Ignazio posted of someone playing a haunting clip on the piano…I would think it was him, but I don’t know.

    And passed over for the Latin Grammys?! What the heck? “El Triste” shoulda been enough for that!

  16. I just checked. Mas que Amor is holding its own at number 5 on the Latin Billboards chart for the week. And they haven’t even toured Latin America yet! So the Latin Grammy judges can take a hike.

  17. Kelly I couldn’t find that brabble either on Ignazio’s twitter site.

    LeeLee I put my comment on your page of the notice of the Orlando show, Wonderful you had a perfect time. It looks as if people want to go to more than one cioncert from now on because they can’t get enough of the guys.

  18. I certainly hope people are not taken in by reviews by reporters who know next to nothing about music. At least they don’t know anything about GOOD music , and don’t appreciate it when they hear it. Nana, I am so envious of you. Be sure to bring to us all the details of our boys and the concert itself. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca please, please, don’t pay any attention to these no-nothing reviewers. To all of us you are the best singers in the WORLD!

  19. Penina all I did was type in English & Italian lyrics for Caruso & then I pulled up Pavarotti’s version of him singing it. & followed along with what he was singing in Italian & tried to follow in English from how Ignazio is singing it. Of course Ignazio won hands down, what else??

    Now LeeLee are you going to fly up to Radio City now?? I heard they were sold out so check before you go.

  20. Penina all I did was type in English & Italian lyrics for Caruso & then I pulled up Pavarotti’s version of him singing it. & followed along with what he was singing in Italian & tried to follow in English from how Ignazio is
    singing it. Of course Ignazio won hands down, what else??

    Now LeeLee are you going to fly up to Radio City now?? I heard they were sold out so check before you go.

  21. Oh BOY!, read Vivian Liebgold’s account of her first concert in Miami, on “Team Il Volo”. I think she should come over to this site. she says “it’s hard to come off the high” and her question “how does one come down from such a high and return to the real world? am I going through withdrawal?”
    My answer to her is it takes a long time, and if you continue to follow them daily, then you may never come down. and yes, you are going through withdrawal, and you may never be rehabilitated I hopes she looks at this site

    1. Hi, Loretta! All I did was go to 2 concerts in a row and everyone is asking me if I’m leaving to go to the next concert! I told them that if they were willing to fund the airfare and ticket, heck yes I would go. However, that did not fly. So here I sit, just wishing I was there. I know it is going to be FANTABULOUS!

  22. re: Grammy – two suggested ways: go to and click “contact” where they provide an email format. This gets passed on. Another suggestion is to go to and click the page that gives the local chapters and find the one that is closest to you.

    Re: Radio City – just a few minutes ago, the site said that tickets were longer available on line. However, sometimes a few tickets show up at the last date. The last time I looked when they were on line it was very nearly filled. I hope so.

  23. Beautiful write-up, Linda! So interesting!

    Optimism and hope…
    How perfect that Our Boys are singing in a place that reflects this, even as they are living their dream of singing in the beloved Radio City Music Hall!

    Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca… You carry with you not only optimism and hope, but also Love, joy, sweet laughter, and soaring beyond the clouds!
    May your wonderful evening performing in Radio City Music Hall fulfill your dreams and more!
    Since I can’t be with you in person, I am with you in the Spirit of Happy Dancing!

    As far as the Latin Grammys, I don’t quite understand. El Triste definitely should have received amazing honors. And Mas Que Amor. If not also Constantemente Mia. Please don’t take this as any kind of reflection on the caliber of your work.
    Instead, please take the
    **admiration, love, awe, and gratitude of your enamored fans**
    as a much better reflection of your amazing music and performances. Take a deep breath, and move on, doing the glorious work that you do, uplifting the planet one person, one heart at a time.

    From our perspective, you are THE BEST!
    Love, gratitude, and comfort, as well as anticipation for Friday night!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine,

      I sure hope the boys read this blog and your post. I don’t understand why El Triste did not receive amazing honors either. I love to watch the you tube video of them singing that song. It is so beautiful and they really put their all into singing it. You can just tell how very proud Jose Jose is of the boys singing that song. One of my very favorite songs to listen to. Who am I kidding, all of their songs are my favorite.

  24. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be at the Radio City Music Hall to listen to the Boys again. My wish is that I had all the money in the world to be able to follow the boys from Concert to Concert. I just cannot get enough of their beautiful voices.

    Nana, I am jealous of you getting to go to see the boys at Radio City Music Hall also. Just kidding, have a wonderful time. I will also be waiting to read your review of the concert.

    1. Jeanie, your wish is my wish too. Let’s dream big!

      Jeanine, I like your thoughts…optimism and hope. Instead of getting upset and mad about the Latin Grammy, why don’t we focus on positive energy and hope for a better tomorrow. I never understanding the games that are played in those awards and I don’t always agree to the results. And most importantly, our guys are winners in our hearts. Let’s show them our love and support. Let’s continue voting for them on the World Music Award.

      Love you guys, you are the best!

  25. Jeanie, I wish you had all the money in the world too and that I was your best friend who went everywhere with you!

    Elaine, I couldn’t agree more! Let’s just continue our whole-hearted support like we always do. THEY are doing just fine!

      1. Okay, Okay LeeLee, I will take you with me. See, I told you I would have a lot of best friends. lol ROTFL!

  26. There has got be something wrong with how the votiing goes or how the voting page can tell how many times a day a person votes. I have been trying for a few days to vote for Il Volo on group & album & I have been told for days I have voted already when I haven’t been able to vote at all. because when I do a red line comes up & tells me I have already voted. I already left a message on the contact page & told them this. So I don’t think their voting is full proof.. SO as far as I am concerned & to hell with award voting OUR YOUNG MEN are the WINNERS in all categories. Singing, presence, style, voice, looks, attitude, sense of humour, all songs & anything else someone wants to add that I forgot.

  27. Loretta, I agree with you 100%. Piero, Gianluca, Ignazio are THE BEST in ANY CATEGORY! Jeanie, I too wish I had scads and scads of money so that I could just follow Il Volo all around the world! Maybe I should buy a Lottery ticket. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca I will be with you in spirit, if not in person at Radio City Music Hall on Friday!

  28. You fans are the best! Those of us who are not going to RCMH, please combine all our positive energy for the lads and they’ll “rock” the roof of the beautiful old theater!

    1. Marti,

      I have no worry at all that the boys will rock RCMH! I think the reviews will be great for that Concert also. They love New York and I think that New York will love them back.

  29. lol Allene,

    I do buy Lottery Tickets when that Pot gets big. It is not working for me. But you might be a winner.

  30. I agree with comments here about our boys not getting a nomination.
    Yes, El Triste alone should have gotten them that recognition. This year I thought that Luna Nascosta should have gotten them the Oscar award for best song. The song was beautiful, perfectly sung. The other songs were not much compared to Luna Nascosta. The awards people don’t seem to know what beautiful music is.
    RCMH is a beautiful venue, been there once. I’m sure the boys will have a great concert.
    Nana, Myron, have a good time and tell us about it.
    Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, have fun doing what you do best, singing for your fans. Thanks for the pleasure you give us.

  31. Dispite how much we all love & honor Gianluca, Piero, & Ignazio, they are still human, and as such are probably pretty jittery & anxious tonight!
    RCMH is a whole different ball game. By morning, knowing how prepared musically they will be, I’m sure the rest of the jitters will subside if they stop and realize that who they are, and what they already do, is what has gotten their dream to come true. Just breathe guys, and be yourselves! You have definately earned this. Know that all of us will be with you in our thoughts. Don’t change a thing! Hang in there, we are so proud of you! Love & blessings.

  32. Kathryn, that was a beautiful sentiment & I wholeheartedly agree.

    Piero, Ignazio, & Gianluca-You Are IL VOLO! Now show New York & the whole world exactly who you are. Because we here already know you are the greatest voices this side of heaven. Love to you boys & to the team who supports you.

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