The Place Where Cellphones Have No Bars


I know you already don’t believe my story but, that place does exist.  It is the black hole my sisters refer to as The Family Cabin.

Let me digress;

I have done my share of primitive camping.  My first husband and I were hikers.  We even back-packed into Yellow Stone National Park.  We spent nights in large iron cages in the woods so that bears could not take off with an arm or a leg while we slept.  It’s sort of a reverse zoo affect.  My travel buddy, sister, and I have been into Alaska’s Denali National Park to get as close to Mt. McKinley as possible.  We went as far as humans are allowed to go without special permission from the Forestry Service.

Now, back to The Black Hole  Family Cabin;

I have managed to avoid trips there this summer,  much to my family’s dismay.  I much prefer spending my days off blogging with all of you about my favorite subject –  how much I love Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.  For some reason my family thinks I’m obsessed.  Missing “Sisters Weekend” October 4th, is not an option!  They call it a three day weekend.  I call it 28 days short of a month.  Oh, we have TV and DVD.  Heck, we even have a dishwasher!  But, no cellphone bars!!  What I have neglected to tell you until now, because you really won’t believe this part…NO INTERNET ACCESS!  Now, I ask you, how can that possibly be in this day and age?  Now that’s Primitive Camping!  No contact with you guys for nearly 72 hours!  I don’t know if I can do this.  I know I don’t want to do this!

I have a plan.  After everyone goes to sleep I’ll drive the 2 1/2 hours back home, while listening to Il Volo.  Then talk to you guys, read my email, leave emails, Pick up some donuts.  Then drive 2 1/2 hours back, while listening to Il Volo.  I’ll tell the girls that I love them so much that I drove for miles to bring them donuts for breakfast.  They won’t believe me, of course, but, I’m the oldest sister and I can stare the others down.

Have I mentioned that Big Foot lives there?  According to the local’s  it’s true.  One of the best foot prints ever was discovered there.  I have seen the plaster cast.  That dishwasher isn’t going to do much good when Yeti comes knocking on the cabin door!  If I had my trusty computer I could Google “The 10 Things Big Foot Hates Most” and end up the family hero instead of the family Il Volo nut case.

Worse than Big Foot is the fact that I won’t be playing Il Volo Music or watching Il Volo DVD’s.  Two of my four sisters blame those Sweet Faced Boys for my absence from the family and don’t want to see or hear them.  Can you imagine?  FOOLS!  I’ll  have my tiny MP 3 under my pillow!

So, Please think of me that weekend when you’re phoning and blogging!

Well, it’s almost Halloween.  What’s your horror story?


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  1. I had a couple of trailer & used to camp with my kids aftermy marriage. BUT with what you are facing then I wish you luck & sanity. TRY to have a wonderful week or week-end & if worse comes to worse go to bed pull the pillow over your head & listen to your MP3 player to get your sanity back. Good luck

  2. Marie, my family also says I’m obsessed with Il Volo, so I can’t even talk to them about how wonderful Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca are, much less get them to listen to my CDs. Yes, going that length of time without our boys will must definitely be a hardship! for you. If I hadn’t found this site, I would have ended up talking to myself about Il Volo and especially Piero and my family would have put me in the nut house.
    Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca have a glorious and fun time at the Radio Music Hall!

    1. Marie, Allene, and all who are told or believe you’re obsessed with IL VOLO…

      Not long ago my sister said, “I’m worried about you” in reference to IL VOLO. (Because I was excited and surprised that my photo shows up when doing a Google search for “Humberto Gatica IL VOLO images”. …It’s now between 3rd and 6th on the page!)

      Then just this week my sister told me that a friend thinks she’s obsessed with going to the gym.
      What a perfect moment for me to respond!

      L, I said, I know something about the words “obsessed” and “passionate”.
      You are passionate about going to the gym. It makes you happy, makes you smile, gives you energy, you’re feeling better, you’re losing weight, you’re stronger, you’re enjoying life more. That’s not obsessed. That’s passionate, and it’s a good thing!

      Same thing for me. I know you have thought I’m obsessed with IL VOLO, but in truth, IL VOLO makes me smile, brings me joy, energizes me, reminds me of the best things in life, like “We ARE Love”! I am passionate about IL VOLO!

      Because I understood my sister’s passion and respected her and encouraged her about it, she softened and seemed to understand about my joy and passion for IL VOLO’s glorious music, their hearts, the gift they are to Planet Earth!

      Who knows, Marie… maybe you’ll find a little crack of an opening, and you can gently widen it to the point where the sisters will enjoy a moment or two or twenty of music with you. Be ready! Pick just the right songs, including if you only have an opening to share one or two or three, etc.

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. And here’s another idea, Marie and all….
        (Did I say I’m the idea lady?! : )

        How about, Marie, that you think about an IL VOLO song for each of your sisters. And say to them (in your own way),
        I know, I know, you’re not that thrilled with my appreciation for IL VOLO. Please humor me and give me 15 minutes to share some gifts of love with each of you. I’ve chosen a song for each of you that makes me think of YOU, and I’ve written down how each brings a smile to my face as I think of you. Maybe even a poem with each (!!).
        Examples could be
        ~ “Smile” for one sister because she can smile and see the bright side even in hard times. Maybe you have a specific memory of how she helped you through a hard time with her positive smiling attitude.
        ~ “Beautiful Day” for another sister because she enjoys reveling in the beauty of each day and helps you appreciate the joys in life, such as…
        ~ “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” for your third sister because she can see the “rhyme and reason” for surprises in life. And she appreciates how far each of you have come in life, for example…

        Marie, this could be the ticket! Go for it!! (; >)

        Oh, and then drive home and get the doughnuts… (just kidding – sort of! ( ; >)

        We’ll miss you, Marie, but can’t wait to hear your story of how your whole sisterhood turned around this weekend!

        Loving you LIKE A SISTER!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. OMG 3 days with no contact with us! What will we do? For heaven’s sake don’t forget your MP3, or you will have a painful withdrawal!!
    Never having been the outdoor type myself (tramping through the supermarket being my idea of a hike) I don’t think I would survive the weekend! Good luck!

  4. Marie your postings are so entertaining. I often use examples of your writing style with my students. Thank you by the way for the material. I will be thinking of you often as you brave the wilds. Personally, I believe roughing it is a three star hotel without in room coffee. Yikes! I cannot imagine three days without access to the world at large and Il Volo in particular. I spent one day at a family picnic without phone service and began going through the shakes. Three days! SMH

  5. Marie, you always brighten up my day. I wish I had your wonderful writing style. Hey ! getting away from I.T. might not be so bad. Big Foot , on the other hand, now there is a lunch companion to be concerned about.

    1. Marie you absolutely must cancel! Oct 4 is Ignazio’s birthday, you will not be able to see any news about what he did, no videos, Do you want us to send up smoke signals to tell ya what is going on?

  6. Marie, I too enjoy your writings, love your poems too. I understand your dilemma. 2 weeks ago I went on a cruise with classmates from college. Royal Caribbean charged .75 /min. for wifi conection so I did not connect my tablet to wifi. I spend more than a few minutes when I get on this site. I have all their music on my little ipod and I have the O Sole Mio video and the EPK video [their introduction] on it too so I got to see their faces while listening to them. Then on one of our meetings I showed the We Are Love DVD [I brought the video for just in case there was opportunity to share our boys ]. My friends were impressed. This was how I got through those days with no web connection. As soon as we got back to the hotel I checked for wifi connection and checked on the latest news here. The friend I shared the room said “you’re addicted to these boys ,aren’t you?” I am but this is the good kind of addiction.
    Bring a portable DVD player and watch your video fSo Marie, hang in there, we’ll be thinking about you

  7. I am so happy to be part of this wonderful group. I also enjoyed Dr Nancy Berk’s review of Il Volo in Pittsburgh. My day begins and ends with Il Volo news and videos. Addicted to Il Volo and proud of it.

  8. There is no 12 Step Program for Il Volo Anonymous. We are entirely happy with our addiction. Although it is eating into my shopaholic tendencies, I spend more money on CD’s, DVD’s, and the other sundry things.

    Hey, am I junior Flight Crew or an official/unofficial member yet!?!?!

  9. Oh Marie, I can heartily sympathise. I have had occasion to be without Il Volo for 2 or 3 days at a time and it was very difficult. Talk about withdrawal pains! But you can’t not go – our friends here have already given you the best advice – take your MP3 and your video and watch and listen to our boys there. At least you’ll get to see and hear them – and when you go home you will have a wonderful time getting caught up with what you missed! After all, it’s only a weekend – so enjoy being with your sisters.

  10. Seriously, Marie? Your trip is on October 4? Shouldn’t you celebrate your dear Ignazio’s birthday with us here on this wonderful loving blog. I know family is the most important, but we are your family too – the Il Volo Flight Crew Family! You know in my culture the oldest always has the most authority. Don’t just stare them down, make them obey your wishes. If you must go, make sure to pack all the Il Volo essential (MP3, headphones, T-shirt, posters, photos…anything with our guys pretty faces…). And yes execute your plan and get them those donuts if nothing else work. Make sure to watch out for Big Foot though.

    Actually Marie, what I try to say is that I we will really miss you here. This blog is just not the same without you! I wish you a wonderful “sister weekend” out there in the wild in your lovely family cabin.

  11. Oh, Marie!! What will we do without you for 3 days? We’ll be going through our own withdrawal without you. Don’t worry, though, everyone will hold down the fort here while you’re away. Just think, usually the weekends go by so quickly. You’ll be back in the swing before you know it!

  12. Well Marie you haven’t left yet, so no sad faces. Overdose on Ignazio, my Piero,and our dear Gianluca. By the time it wears off your weekend will be finished.

    1. Sorry, Lijoy, he’s not Your Piero. You have to share him with me, Allene, Mary B, & most of all, Elizabeth. But at least, we’re willing to share, unlike some of our Flight Crew Sisters who like to fight over “You Know Who”.

  13. Elaine, your right. I am the eldest and they should obey my wishes. If I give you their phone numbers will you tell them that?

    My Dear friends Linda and Loretta, If I do run into Big Foot I’m giving him your addresses.

  14. I presented the DVD In Flight at a party and all were impressed. I didn’t know there was a second DVD. I have two CDs of We Are Love and the first Christmas album. I like to express myself in writing, especially about three talented singers. It seems Gianluca is a fan of Frank Sinatra – I have “Where or When” on my Playlist and all Il Volo songs. Looking forward to videos of the RCMH performance tomorrow evening.

    1. Welcome, Marie Sunseri!
      You’re in great company here. So glad to have you join us and share!

      You said it! … “Addicted to IL VOLO and proud of it!” (; >)
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. LeeLee long as I get HIM on the 4th. Did you see the picture of him kissing a girl with black hair, I was scrolling through the pictures on Mundial or Team Il volo or Tumblr I forget which but I saw her face. I could tell who it was from the top she had on. She didn’t even close her eyes. I would have closed my eyes & my & mouth & given a tender kiss like he gave me (sigh, sigh). Didn’t dream the other night doesn’t work for me so not going to try. What keeps going through my head is the song Caruso

    1. You ladies are a riot. I enjoy this so much. I too would have withdrawal symptoms,Marie. Linda,your history on the venues is great. Loretta, you so kindly asked about my hip. I’m doing so well. No walker and no cane anymore. Back to water exercises. Tomorrow I have my last P.T. session. I pushed myself when I went to Pittsburgh to see the boys. In the long run, I think it helped me recover faster. Thanks for asking. Keep up the clever banter. It makes my evening.

      1. Great news, June!

        I believe what you said about helping you recover faster. Same for me in driving 744 miles round trip to B.C. IL VOLO concert. Amazing recovery for me from an injury. Love, joy, and laughter are tremendous healers!

        Sweet night,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. Marie, I too enjoy your excellent literary postings here. But what I fear for you is that your sisters weekend may be an IL VOLO intervention in disguise. That is scarier than Bigfoot! You have to make your sisters understand that there is NOTHING that will separate you from the love of IL VOLO.

  17. Marie, I will be praying for you to remain strong on what might prove to be the camp out from hell. Not only do you have to be separated from IL VOLO & the Flight Crew, but you also have to worry about what Loretta & Linda will be doing with Ignazio on his birthday while you are gone! Too much horror for one weekend!

  18. Despite Lynn’s concerns, Marie, I’m going to believe that this is the turning point in your relationship with your sisters. Maybe you’ll come home IL VOLO buddies. Wouldn’t that be cool?!

    As Divine Grace angels say, “Impossible ain’t what it used to be!” (; >)

    Keepin’ the faith!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  19. Hmmm Lynn, I never thought about it like that, you’re sooo right, leaving him with Me and Loretta will really drive her nuts (more than usual) 🙂

  20. OK! That’s it! I’m not going! Can’t trust any of you! I will definitely lose my family but, I’ll be able to keep Ignazio safe from Linda and Loretta’s evil plans. Besides, Lynn made me nervous but, just for a second. Il Volo intervention indeed! Like that could ever work!

    Really I have to go. Damn. I’m taking Jeanine’s advise, from an email, and will personalize a song for each sister. Jeanine, My sister Donna has dimples at the base of her spine. I’ll start there with Little Things. By the time I’m through I’ll have Big Foot Humming Il Mondo!

    Linda and Loretta, You can both start worrying now ’cause I will be back to claim what’s mine! Those Piero people can be nice and share. I, on the other hand, am extremely selfish!

    1. I am originally from New Orleans – moved to Athens, Ga during Hurricane Katrina. Il Volo Sept 2012 performance was cancelled – the venue was Fox Theater in Atlanta. Maria/Marie

    2. Marie you have been to my blog, do I look like the sharing kind? Remember rule #7-When possible, you will be asked politely first and then you must surrender. Piero is mine, I found him first! LOL

    3. I love it, Marie! I knew you’d find a way to get Little Things into the sisters’ line-up! (; >)

      Hey, Big Foot can play the base drum! (; >)

      Waiting with anticipation to hear all about it,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  21. Lijoy, I like your attitude and your blog.

    Linda, your attitude sucks! and it’s next weekend. So don’t get grabby yet you wicked, man stealing, trollop of a woman!

  22. Linda, you can’t see this but I’m stomping my foot. That means I’m really, really mad. or I am counting like a horse. Anyway, You’re forgetting that I’m Italian and have friends in Florida who have lots and lots of cement at their disposal. Don’t push me, Friend.

  23. Hey, wait a doggone minute! Lijoy, we Piero people may seem nice and sharing. But, Piero is mine. I am holding him for Elozabeth!

  24. It’s getting closer and closer to show time! Oh, how I wish I could be there. “Break a leg” Piero, Ignazio, and Gianuca, as they say in the theater. Our hearts are all with you tonight!

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