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Just one day to go until one of the biggest concerts ever for Il Volo. The concert at the Radio City Music Hall is a dream come true for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. As promised here are more facts about this Grand Theatre. The picture in the heading is of the “Grand Foyer”

Just two weeks after its gala opening, Radio City Music Hall premiered its first film, The Bitter Tea of General Yen. Before long, a first showing at the Music Hall virtually guaranteed a successful run in the theatres around the country. Radio City’s huge screen and widely spaced seats make it the ideal movie house. Since 1933 more than 700 movies have opened here. They include the original King Kong; National Velvet, the film that secured Elizabeth Taylor’s hold on the silver screen; White Christmas; Mame; Breakfast at Tiffany’s; To Kill a Mockingbird, starring former Radio City usher, Gregory Peck; Mary Poppins; 101 Dalmatians; and The Lion King. In the early years, a standard movie run lasted one week. Later, extended runs of five or six weeks became common. Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, and Katharine Hepburn have taken Radio City box office prizes for the number of films screened here. All three had more than 22 of their films shown at the Hall. The popular movie-and-stage-show format remained a Radio City signature until 1979, when the mass showcasing of new films called for a new focus. Today, the Music Hall still premieres selected films, but is best known as the country’s leading hall for popular concerts, stage shows, special attractions and media events.


Lights twinkling on the tree, skaters gliding across the ice, carols ringing in the air and the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Rockefeller Center is the nation’s favorite Christmas destination. The spirit of the laborers who decorated the first tree on the site almost seventy years ago lives on in the giant, gloriously lit spruce that graces the Plaza throughout the holiday season. The tree lighting ceremony draws huge crowds eagerly awaiting the official start of the season. And for weeks, happy kids and harried commuters are stopped in their tracks by the sight of the gossamer angels with golden trumpets and the sound of music in the winter air.

For 80 years, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, starring the Rockettes, has continued to create lasting memories for generations of families that have made this cherished show a holiday tradition. As America’s #1 holiday production, the Christmas Spectacular is attended by more than one million people annually and has played to 74 different cities outside of New York with its regional touring production.

Since 1932, the Christmas Spectacular has played at the famed Radio City Music Hall and today’s show still features beloved favorite numbers, including Parade of the Wooden Soldiers and the Living Nativity, which have been performed since its inception.

This year, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular celebrates 85 magical years of the Rockettes and will perform to cities outside of New York including Nashville, Chicago, Dallas and St. Louis.

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Not much coming from the “Guys” today.Check out some photos of Il Volo on Mundial with some fans from Miami Beach. Also a video from Gianluca singing “Come Fly With Me.”

This is just a guess, i’m assuming they will fly to NY today to settle in before the concert.

We on the Board of “The Flight Crew” are as disappointed as Il Volo and all of you, that they did not get a nomination for a Latin Grammy. We also realize that they are young and with their amazing talent and dedication they will receive many awards during their careers. In the interest of moving on we wish to concentrate on a very exciting time of their careers; a concert at Radio City Music hall on Friday, September 27th. We hope all of you that love Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will join us in celebrating this milestone with them!!

Safe trip to NY Guys!!! Tomorrow is the day!!!


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  1. This site is amazing! Glad I signed up to follow.Always current with tons of info!

  2. Can’t believe no Latingrammy nomination,but They have so many fantastic years ahead of them. Their time will come! On the brighter side, tomorrow is NewYork concert. Can’t wait!

  3. Linda spectacular article of Radio City Music Hall & about the Christmases past & present which I didn’t know. Your research is impeccable. Did you ever think of being a reporter at one time in your life?

    Our Angels have more to think about right now than not getting an award at the Latin Awards. Now their dream is going to be fulfilled. Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero I am praying every step of the way. No question we will see the roof of the Radio City Music Hall raise up during your performance. Your concert is going to be best concert ever performed at Radio City Music Hall. The people won’t let you leave the stage because of their love for you. You are going to have a success you have never experienced before. You have so many people praying & cheering you on with all the love everyone can muster. You thought Orlando was spectacular now comes the climax. God bless you & your performance.

    1. Ahhh, Loretta!
      You said it so beautifully! Thank you!

      Sweet dreams, Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca, and all your fans! Drink in every moment of the experience, guys!
      You are Loved, You are LOVE, WE ARE LOVE! Yum!! (; >)
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. Great article on Radio City Music Hall. It is really quite a place and if this has to be sort-of the end of the USA tour for now, What better place. In the future, if you remember that “day in New York with Il Volo” video on youtube they had another dream place: Carnegie Hall. That would be also quite a place to sing – superb acoustics. Although not as big (2800 seats).
    Once again, thank you for the great series on Radio City.

    1. Lovely!
      OK, guys,
      Put Carnegie Hall on your dream list!
      Your dreams come true so beautifully!

      Speaking of dreams, wishing you the sweetest!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. I can’t be inside so I’d settle for outside to see that ole roof come blasting (see floating) off !!! God Bless guys! Fans, be kind and generous and LOUD for our boys Everyone enjoy! You won’t see the likes of this concert for many days/months/years to come!

  6. I just looked on the ticket site for Friday – (last night you could not order tickets on line – now you can) there are less than 60 seats left out of 6200. I bet it will be sold out by concert time. I will be jumping up and down by this time tomorrow. My son just graduated from college recently and this makes me feel like our guys are graduating from college tomorrow night. Like the song says: ” if you can make it here (Radio City – New York) you can make it anywhere. ” I guess I am overboard. Oh, well, it is always exciting to be here.

    1. No Myron, I don’t think you went overboard here. The boys have steadily been achieving their dreams little by little- hit recordings, American TV appearances, sold out concerts, singing with Streisand & Domingo, & now a concert at Radio City! When they win their American Grammy, they will all have earned PhD’s. I hope you will post your RCMH concert experience & let us know how the performance went musically. I am sure they will be at the top of their game.
      OMG-I wish I could be there!

      1. Myron, Lynn, Thanks for your enthusiastic sharing, and congratulations, Myron, on your son graduating from college (!), followed by your / our boys graduating to Radio City Music Hall!!

        Love your attitude, Lynn. Totally agreed!

        Jump and cheer for me (and all of us), too, Myron!

        Woo hoooo, guys! It is happening!! Big hugs and happy dances!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Well, that is OLD NEWS – today – Friday – they ARE SOLD OUT and this very comment is way out of date ! For once, I am happy to be behind the times on the news.

  7. REPOST: Dispite how much we love, honor and respect Gianluca, Piero,& Ignazio,the fact is that they are human and as such, they are most likely a bit jittery and anxious tonight!
    RCMH is a somewhat different ball game, in a different playing field. Come morning, no doubt they will be well prepared musically, of course, but some jitters mixed with excitement will surface momentarily, and they should stop, and realize that who they are and what they’ve already been doing is what has brought them here. FULFILLING A DREAM! Just breathe guys, and don’t change a thing. Be yourselves. You are terrific in every way, and have absolutely earned this. You will hit a home run! Know that all of us will be cheering for you in our thoughts & prayers. We are so very proud of you. Hang in there!

    Remember, they are coming to see YOU, because they want to. You don’t have to do anything except be ILVOLO!

    Love & blessings always!

    1. Totally. You’ve got me tearing up, Kathryn! Thanks so much for re-posting!

      Lovin’ Sharing the Love with all of you and IL VOLO,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Did you see the picture on il volo mundial? Radio City is sold out! I think the boys may be a litle nervous, but after all, they appeared with Barbra Streisand in front of all sorts of celebrities–and they were cool and collected and marvelous. I know this show is going to be great! And, no Myron, I don’t think you are going overboard. I still remember that charming little video of them in NYC saying they wanted to appear in Radio City Music Hall. The next step, of course, is Carnagie Hall!

  9. The picture showing Il Volo’s Performance at Carnegy Hall sold out was sent to Il Volo Mundial by Piero. I have just left the boys a message under that picture because I think they keep track of what’s on that sight. How about all of us who have Facebook wishing them well under that photo and those of us on twitter wishing them the same on twitter? Lots and lots of best wishes to keep them from feeling nervous.

  10. Kathryn, I think you have expressed what all of us are feeling today. Yes Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, I will be thinking of you tonight and will eagerly await to hear all about your concert. Love to Il Volo from Minnesota.

  11. It is an exciting time for all us, and I know that our thoughts and hearts will all be with Our Boys tonight!

    I have a question: Has anyone heard about the release date for the CD with Barbara Striesand? (I’m not sure about that spelling)

  12. Sheridan I have been looking all over Il volo Mundial for the picture of Carnegie Hall & the boys playing there. & even was looking for your comment but I can’t find it, could you please enlighten me. I would love to see it, what year was it?

  13. Il Volo Mundial Facebook. I’m sorry, I always forget to put the “facebook” part down

  14. That’s a good article TJ, its good Gianluca is in the right spot & he has his Dad & Granpa to get him where he should be. Also the other boys have their parent behind them. Ignazio his whole family, & Piero his family & Grandpa. These guys aren’t going to stray because their parents are with them all the way & will pull them back where they should be. These guys aren’t going be left to flounder.

    I feel sorry for Beiber because it was mentioned before that he got in with the wrong crowd so he feels he doesn’t have to listen to parents or anyone, too bad for him. Parents do come in handy at the right times. & our boys are respectful to their parents because that is the way they were raised & watched over. These guys have been shown love all their life & only know how to show love to others.

  15. Head’s up for us Flight Crew people – the concert reviews will be out on Saturday morning and New York reviewers can be rather nasty sometimes – not always. (that’s the way they have fun – ahem ! ) Those of us who attend can tell our side of the story as well.

    1. I don’t have it in front of me right now but I seem to recall the Beacon theater concert got good reviews.

  16. Thanks for the head’s up Myron. While it’s nice to get a good review, I don’t really care what the critics say. I have eyes and ears. We have eyes and ears!

  17. I lived in NYC for a number of years. New Yorkers can be pains in the neck — BUT, those New Yorkers who are accustomed to theater have a great appreciation for quality. I may be biting my words tomorrow at this time, but i really feel that our boys will be appreciated in New York much more than they may have been in other areas. And, by the way, I bet many of those glorious Miami fans were originally New Yorkers!

    1. Sheridan, I hope you were kidding with that New York crack. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions, but since we are supposed to be a family on this site, it would be nice to try not to offend anyone as much as possible. Yes, there are quite a few New Yorkers here in Miami, but it’s not like it used to be. Now there are people from all over the world here so it very multi-cultural, just like New York!!!!

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