By Special Request – Night and Day

By MFA Tower Theater September 12, 20313
By MFA Tower Theater
September 12, 2013

Earlier today Christine wrote,  “You don’t by any chance have Night and Day stored away on video that you are holding out on us, do you?”  So I told her I do!  Unfortunately I only have part of Gianluca’s solo because the concert police came around and told us to stop!   Hahaha!  Just kidding not real police!

Anyway, I have already mentioned that it did feel a little rude to take videos right on the front row, but I was not the only one!  I have to admit it was sort of a relief to just watch for a change.  I love to take pictures, if I have a camera in my hand – I just can’t help myself!   What better models could a photographer ever have than Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!   I can’t think of a single one!

So here you go … half of what would have been an AMAZING video!

Il Volo – Gianluca   Night and Day
We Are Love Tour 2013   Tower Theater
September 12   Upper Darby, PA

18 thoughts on “By Special Request – Night and Day”

  1. Oh thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love it, love it, love it. Even three mins. is enough. I can hear M Fazzara at the end say “Oh okay” when the concert police told her to stop! You should have said “hey buster” I need this for the Flight Crew!! Thanks again ever so much!

  2. Half is still amazing! I agree Michele, our guys are the perfect models. You know if I was to sit so close to Gianluca, the concert police will probably be escorting me out because I will be all over him grabbing, touching, screaming…Hmmm, maybe 1st row is not such a good idea?!

  3. *happy sigh* You know I’ve loved this song all along; his voice is just perfect. Thanks, Michelle!
    I think I’m going to have to figure out how to get front row seats next time!

  4. I was swooning, just left me breathless the way he sings that song. I could listen to it all day. Thank you. Love that sweet boy so much. They were actually speaking English so well in Brazil, they are amazing and now want to learn Portuguese!!! What else will they do for their fans? Their talents are endless.

    1. Oh, you can´t imagine how proud I am to listen Gianluca speaking and singing in portuguese. His accent is so adorable. I love him more and more and more….

  5. I’m still trying to master Spanish. Can’t believe their ability to absorb languages as they have. In a video I saw from Miami I believe Piero is talking to Nazio in Italian, the waitress comes up and Gianluca, without a second thought answered her in English! In another interview the boys were debating whether the questions should be in Italian or Spanish. My only bilingual at this time is American and British English…believe me there is a difference.

    1. After this time of following the guys in Latin America and friending some Latinos, my Spanish competency is increasing. Most times I use an online translator, but I noticed yesterday that I was able to read a few posts without help. Yeah!

    1. Ignazio had it on a Keek about a month ago. I had to go look for it; I was all over Instagram and Brabble before I even thought to look there. If I can access it from my computer, I’ll post the link…

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