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The concert in El Salvador was fabulous with huge crowds! Way to go, Il Volo!!

The next concert is in Nicaragua tonight October 20th at the Teatro Ruben Dario.

The Rubén Darío National Theatre (Spanish: Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío) is the national theatre of Nicaragua. It is located in the capital, Managua, and was named in honor of Nicaragua’s (and one of Latin America’s) most renowned poets, Rubén Darío.

The National Theater was one of the few major buildings to survive, within the centre of Managua, after the devastating 1972 Managua earthquake.

The Theater
The Nicaraguan National Theater is a leading venue for cultural life in Managua, including music, theater and the visual arts. [1] The theater serves as the most important theater for shows and concerts.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted 2 hours ago, “Getting ready”
Piero tweeted yesterday ” Taking off for Nicaragua” He also tweeted, “”Yhis is my way of saying to the world how much I want you”
Ignazio tweeted last night ” Managuaaaa, going to bed, getting some rest to get ready”, He tweeted this afternoon, “Good afternoon, so hot here (Managua)

Check Team Il Volo for two articles and an interview:
“The voices of Il Volo conquered their fans in Costa Rica”
“El Salvador, a romantic evening with Il Volo”
“Rede Vida (Brasil) An interview with Il Volo” video of interview.

Check Mundial for some good photos and videos.
Look at All Things Il Volo for nice photos and the latest Fan Story.

We hope the “Guys” feel better and have gotten some rest. I know they have not been feeling up to par, but from their latest pictures they look well and as handsome as ever!

Love and Luck tonight!


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  1. Thank you Linda for the information on Nicaragua and the venue. By the way, the picture on Gianluca’s tweet “getting ready”…he looks GREAT and soooooo handsome!

  2. Great job, as usual, Linda. Saw the photos and the interviews – handsome and sweet as ever!!!

  3. Feel like I’ve been out of the loop this weekend. Thanks Linda. So glad the guys are looking better, and are having continued success on the tour. Gianluca does look so handsome but he always looks great. 🙂

  4. I have to say I am feeling exhausted just looking at the pictures of them arriving in Honduras. the fathers and Barbara look more exhausted than the boys. this is hard work they are doing, I just feel sorry for them that they have to go at such a pace, I don’t care if they are young, why do they have to go at such a pace!!!what’s the hurry!!! I am just longing for the tour to end, and pray that next year will be more sane, this is not how I wish for them to live their lives, they need some balance and normalcy. Barbara, do something! nobody can keep smiling and taking pictures and being interviewed and singing and being pleasant for such long hours, its just not possible, you’ve got to get grumpy at some point.

  5. I think we all hope any future tours are at a much slower pace. Looks like 16 more concerts after tonight! Then we can only imagine what the scheduled will be when they get back to the US! We know November 29 is booked!

  6. My opinion…and just my opinion…I think one half of the year should be for Latin and America and the other half should be for North America. I don’t know how that would work with all the promotion work and whatnot, but It would be one way to allow them a lot more time to rest.

    1. I am more radical than that! I think they should alternate years. One year North America–and not the whole year either, and the next year a tour in South America. How they can keep this up is beyond me. Yes they are young, yes they are thriving on it, but sooner or later the other shoe is going to drop. And then they won’t tour at all!

      1. And I’m more selfish than that, lol. I’m just gonna say it. 😀 I couldn’t stand it if I went to a concert and had to wait 2 whole years to see them again.
        I think there needs to be more time between dates, regardless. One or two days here and there is just a brutal pace for anyone to keep up–mentally as well as physically.

      2. I agree. It’s totally nuts! They shouldn’t do ANY back to back concerts either. They have to take care of their voices.

  7. I agree with spacing out concerts and could not dream of waiting 2 years. And then, there’s also studio time for their albums (very important!) and possibly filming for a Disney film (?!)

    It’s so easy to come up with great and wonderful adventures for the guys. The trick is to bring booking those performances back into 3-dimensional reality and, truly, not to be in a rush.

    Each moment is precious (as Ignazio reminded us, his IL VOLO brothers, and the RCMH audience), so I say drink in each moment. It’s all good. As long as we stay focused on the journey (in each moment of now) and not the destination, then there is no rush because it truly is all good.

    Waxing philosophical again…
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. I think sometimes the management believes that there is a limited window that has to be struck while the iron is hot, so to speak. I don’t think they have our vision that this is just a beginning for Il Volo and there is so much more in store for their future. There is such positive energy that comes from “The Boys” rushing is counterproductive.

  9. I feel that way too Lijoy. It seems management wants to capitalize on the age factor. Doesn’t management realize that their fame doesn’t rely on their short time on this planet but on their amazing talent. There’s no rush. I love them now.. I’ll love them in 10 years. I’ll love them in 25 years if I’m lucky enough to be around. WE know they’ll still be around!

    1. From some of the interviews it seems that the guys know that they belong together forever. I just hope some idiot does not try to influence them in a different way. They already try to satisfy their need to be individualized by having the solos in each show. There is real strength in their being together. Even after these 3-4 years, there is such a joy when they sing together and the way they look at each other and have conversations in the middle of a song is just precious.

  10. I hope no one never tries to influence them to separate, what makes them so special is their different voices and different personalities. The sound they make together could never be duplicated!!

  11. Good evening, Ladies. My prayer, too, is for Piero, Igazio, & Gianluca to remain forever IL VOLO. But I am also realistic. Does the name Yoko ring a bell with anybody? Sometimes wedding bells can break up the strongest of groups. I certainly pray that nothing will cause the Brothers to part from each other. But at some point they will want to have their own families. Who knows what the added pressures of wives & kids can do? I hope their future lives will bond them together even tighter. And when they grow into their adult voices, they may be so awesome, we won’t be able to listen without crumbling to pieces. Many of us are almost there already!

    1. Reality sucks. I prefer to create my own reality. Besides I live by rule #5 Sanity is only a personal reality. So let’s crumble with a smile on our faces and songs in our hearts. We still have at least 10 good years before the boys get domesticated.

    2. This is what I worry about too, Lynn. They are all so caring and loving that none of them are the type to put career over family. Their families are very much a part of who they are. And once they get married, they will have other responsibilities, other loyalties, etc. I pray and hope they will all get along together now and forever.

  12. Why worry?
    Play Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when they fall in love, their spouses and families become an even larger IL VOLO family?! They all love each other so much that they want to stay connected, continue singing as IL VOLO, and support the 3 IL VOLO brothers, who will then become like uncles to each other’s kids!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if any musical and professional influences in their lives totally get it that their Gold is in their performances and recordings together, while continuing to honor their individuality and welcome their luscious solos?!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we knew that they are going to be OK as people and as IL VOLO, that they will weather any storms that come their way, and that they have the best angels on earth, or should I say they ARE the best angels on earth?! As I said before, it feels to me like “IL VOLO is God’s secret weapon.” I’m pretty sure that affords them extra special protection! (; >)

    Knowing it’s all good, in fact, wonderful!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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