Chilling Challenge Aftermath by Jenny

I tried to tell Jenny that there were too many wonderful comments to try to categorize, compile and compare.  I told her all we can do is re-read, re-listen and re-chill.  She didn’t listen to me (no one ever does).  So, Jenny has done this amazing video for us.  I can’t imagine all of my favorite things in one spot.  Thank you so much Jenny.   ~Marie


three in gingham

Thank you all so much for your wonderful contributions to this challenge.  I relived all the “moments” and found new things to melt over each time!  The most mentioned song was El Mundo, followed by El Triste and No Puede Ser, then O Sole Mio, Night and Day, We Are Love, Tous Les Visages, the National Anthem (Pittsburgh and Boston) Granada and Maria (both solo and combined versions).  Most of their other songs were mentioned at least once.  A lot of touching moments were mentioned too, so for those and the earlier songs that are not out on CD, here is a you-tube compilation to have fun with.
It’s amazing that we all share such good taste!
~Jenny (tjnewman)

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  1. Oh Jenny, I went as far as Gianluca’s thank you to his fans. If I had gone any farther, in one viewing, my heart would have burst! Took a breath. Made a cup of tea. Going back to finish.

  2. Jenny – Mille Grazie – You are a special lady – I can’t believe you took the time and effort to compile a treasury of our favorite Il Volo songs. So happy to be a recipient of such an incredible gift. Hugs

  3. Jenny Thank you so much for the earlier videos of the boys & especially of Ignazio my precious. Now I can keep the link & play those again.. For you to take the time & effort to put that together is amazing. The last one of Mia show how tender & soft hearted the guys are & I was crying all the way through it. God bless you.

  4. Hey Gang, The board girls and I were talking. We think it would be a crime to lose this playlist, Elaine’s Concert playlist and Michele’s pictures/video’s. So, early next week I will add “Video Playlists” to our “Around The Blog” (over there in the black). That way we will have these amazing video’s at our finger tips. Now, don’t we just have good ideas?

  5. Jenny, beautiful video of early beginnings of our boys. Thank you so much, quite an undertaking! Just to make sure, seems there are 3 links listed, but is there just one video? Novice asking.
    Had not noticed until recently that Ignazio was wearing earring in his left ear at that time also. So nothing new for him.
    Thanks again, wish I had your ability (computer).

    1. Jenny, thank you. Even though we’ve seen most of them a zillion times, it’s great to have them all in 1 place. Ignazio singing with Alana and Andrea Bocelli’s message to Gianluca are both so heartwarming!

  6. Thank you so much, Jenny, for putting this entire video together. I have often wished I had the knowledge to do the same thing. It is very special to have those early songs all together. And Marie, putting a link on the side for us to re-use is a marvelous idea! Please do that – I think we all will appreciate it immensely. Thanks again – and happy listening!

  7. Great idea about the Video Playlist section Marie. I am still working my way through Elaine’s. Mind you, it takes longer when I have to find and play an original version at the same time to see if the voices have changed! I think they have – they sound rounder and a little more mellow but that could just be me!

  8. Bellissimo! Jenny – what a great idea! I love having them all in one place! I am also going to print all the chilling moments and look for the rest that were mentioned one by one!

  9. Thanks Jenny for doing this. I need all the help I can get. I am terrible with anything relating to a computer. They really scare me!! So thank you again.

  10. oh Jenny, thank you SO much–we are all longing for them, this is so wonderful. I wish they would record Il mare Calmo–but even if they did a present recording would not replace these wonderful early videos. You made my day!!

  11. Thanks so much, Jenny. All of our favorites in one place. We will all need a cup of tea or something stronger to calm all the chills we’ll get from watching these!

  12. Jenny, thank you so much. Going back in time was a treat.

    Again, Board, you are on the ball. Great idea about putting the links on the site so we can watch at any time. Thank you!

  13. Home from my trip, Jenny, and just had to start into your tremendous, gives-me-chills gift! Thank you so much!

    I’ve had in mind (and made a little start on) an “IL VOLO party in a page” (web page with links chronicling special IL VOLO moments). Now I know that I will have separate play lists for each section. Thanks to you and Elaine for the inspiration for my own fun to come!

    And thank you, too, Jenny, for the Chilling Challenge. I have so many wonderful moments to relive from each of your contributions!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. Thanks Jenny for putting this together and flight crew board for the new video section. I have not been able to put in my 2 cents worth of comment but most of the songs mentioned are my chill moments too.
    I noted that some of the chill moments are from when they were younger.
    I know this is out of topic but I saw this you tube video of a song called La Nostra Favola performed by the 14 yr. old Ignazio. Does anybody know if this is a classic Italian song ? The English version of this song is called Delilah and was made popular by Tom Jones years ago. I’m wondering if they will perform this song sometime in English, make this song the new O sole Mio or Sorrento. I don’t know what the song is about [ I have to check lyrics translate ] but it sounds beautiful and would be a fun song for them to perform.
    Check out you tube for Ignazio’s performance of this song. What do you think ?

    1. Victoria, it is by Jimmy Fontana, who wrote Il Mundo and just died recently. The Italian version is a love song, nothing like the English words. Look up “La nostra favola lyrics” in Google and click on translate this page to get the lyrics in English. Great song.

  15. Jenny, thank you for answering my question. So its not one of those hundred year old songs like O Sole Mio. I did look up the translation and also checked Jimmy Fontana’s version on you tube. Ignazio sang his version with such passion , one can’t help but cheer him on. I also looked up the Delilah lyrics, I was not familiar with the lyrics, I did not realize that it’s a sad and tragic song. Thanks again.

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