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Chilling Challenge Aftermath by Jenny

I tried to tell Jenny that there were too many wonderful comments to try to categorize, compile and compare.  I told her all we can do is re-read, re-listen and re-chill.  She didn’t listen to me (no one ever does).  So, Jenny has done this amazing video for us.  I can’t imagine all of my favorite things in one spot.  Thank you so much Jenny.   ~Marie


three in gingham

Thank you all so much for your wonderful contributions to this challenge.  I relived all the “moments” and found new things to melt over each time!  The most mentioned song was El Mundo, followed by El Triste and No Puede Ser, then O Sole Mio, Night and Day, We Are Love, Tous Les Visages, the National Anthem (Pittsburgh and Boston) Granada and Maria (both solo and combined versions).  Most of their other songs were mentioned at least once.  A lot of touching moments were mentioned too, so for those and the earlier songs that are not out on CD, here is a you-tube compilation to have fun with.
It’s amazing that we all share such good taste!
~Jenny (tjnewman)