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  1. It’s like Christmas morning on my computer!
    Piero, where have you been all my life? Am I just now hearing this man? Gianluca, how beautiful! Ignazio, I know your amazing sound!
    Thanks Guys!

  2. Received the email at 11pm that it was downloaded. Screamed and stayed up until 3am to listen again and again. My students are listening as I write this, they don’t have a choice. Love the video too! Favorites: O Holy Night, Christmas Medley, Panis Angelicus well the whole album really. Nazio really needs to sing some R&B he has the chops for it.

  3. That video is such a sweet tease. Not fair! Now I can’t wait for the performance and the DVD. I would never tease like that. But that’s a whole other story for a whole other blog.

  4. The video is based upon a wonderful arrangement and orchestration borrowed from the Andy Williams archives. Just like the Night and Day orchestration is borrowed from the Sinatra library (Nelson Riddle arr.) These arr. and orchestrations are some of the best in the business so it is good to hear them being used again. Perfect for our guys and their quality singing style.

  5. Myron, their agents are doing all the right things with beautiful music and our Guys are so into good American music and they do everything well! Hope they really do a bossanova as Gianluca said. I loved that music.

  6. Marie, sent it on Oct. 18th. Will wait a while longer, then forward again. Thanks.
    Do you know what all the comments were about, regarding the new Christmas album and you tube?

  7. I received my CDs from Barnes and Noble yesterday [ a day ahead of release date, could hardly believe it ] and have been listening to it, just wonderful. Ave Maria, O Holy night, wow !!! .and Feliz Navidad, the whole CD. Thank you guys for this beautiful Christmas gift.

  8. P.S. sorry, did not mention, the conversation is on Mundial. The last post was about it being sold too early. Mundial’s comments are not translated, so don’t know what was said by them. Go ahead and read.

  9. What I was reading was that folks are mad because YouTube has Buon Natale already. People can see and copy it who didn’t buy it. Unfair to the boys. Is that what you mean?

    1. I looked all over Youtube. Even filtered for time periods. The only video is the one that was released last night at around 11:30PM by IlVoloVEVO. I subscribe to the channel so that sent a message just as soon as they uploaded it. Based on conversations, they may have had some to sell during the Latin America tour because a lot of the people cannot get it as readily as we can. As much exposure as the boys have had through social media, I don’t think they are losing much of anything. At the Pittsburgh concert, shirts, CDs, DVDs, programs and the like were being snapped up. I believe this is true at every venue.

      Mundial on Facebook “Oh my Lord! Less than 24 hours and they have their work on youtube? Sorry, but it´s a shame! Respect our boys effort!” I don’t know what they are talking about. I put every song title in the search engine and changed the filter for today and this week. All the material is old stuff.

  10. Yes, partially, but I understood aiso from one post that it was for sale @ National Auditorium concert. Of course,true or not, I don’t know. Never the less, it does seem unethical to me; especially if it is at the expense of IL VOLO. Granted, I know nothing about it, but I guess I don’t think in those terms. Anyway, the album is available now; congratulations to the boys.

  11. Guess all good things are worth waiting for, I have to wait til I get my pre-ordered CD in the mail, probably by the end of this week. It is not downloaded anywhere. There are snippets of every song on a site called BOL.Com Buon Natale The Christmas Album. From what I can here in the 10 second snippets (waiting to hear the whole Ave Maria b.c 10 seconds aren’t enough) but sounds like O Holy Night will bring tears. I wish more people knew the true meaning of Chrismtas though, Nowadays, very few people do. I still like the Peanuts Christmas special to this day because Charlie tells it like it is, what the true meaning is which not Jingle Bells, or shopping, it is about much more than material things. IMHO.

      1. I can tell Kyalpn. I just about cried by hearing just the 10-15 second sound bite of the song. Their beautifuly l blended voices coupled with the beautiful words to O Holy Night would equal perfect! Can’t wait to hear it and the entire CD when it comes! I didn’t get any emails about downloads. So I have to wait. Patience is a virture, they say!

  12. I had it somewhat wrong, it is Linus who tells what the true meaning of Christmas is when Charlie asks if there is anyone out there who knows, Linus says sure, he knows. It is on You Tube. “the true meaning of Christmas” and also under “Linus monologue on Christmas”, it is the sweetest 1 1/2 minutes. God Bless Charles Shultz what a legacy and gift he left for children and adults.

  13. O Holy Night! Ave Maria! I’ll Be Home for Christmas! …
    Not only glorious music. I FEEL in my heart that they mean every word. They are fully present with the meaning! …Tears, lump in my throat!

    And Santa Claus Is Coming to Town… LOVE the big band sound with it. Humberto Gatica and Christian Robles (their sound engineers / mixers) did an awesome job!

    As I perceive it, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree has this great period music that really works with it. (Ya really can “Twist” to this one!)

    Grateful to be able to purchase Panis Angelicus again. Giving it to a friend who has a wonderful memory of it from her childhood!

    Love Linus’ monologue. Thanks for sharing! My sis will love it, too.

    My CD (pre-ordered to arrive today) was on my front porch. Yay! Sounds so great on my car stereo!

    Advance Christmas blessings to all, with special thanks to Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca for living the meaning of Christmas,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. I agree. They have to mean every word to sing like that Jeanine. Thanks for the blessing.

    Jenny, new chill. Piero at the end of O Holy Night! And the entire CD.

  15. Ignazio? Every note out of his mouth gives me chills! When he’s not singing he gives me chills! I thought that was understood. I also like his two friends though.

    1. Along with their amazing voices and heartfelt spirits on this CD is the creativity and personality of the musical arrangements (instruments). Love it!

      I’m with you, Marie! … I just was listening and had to stop what I was doing to sit in transfixed awe, listening to Piero’s ending to O Holy Night.

      I’ll Be Home for Christmas… so passionate from all of them!
      Ignazio … wow!

      White Christmas…
      Just listened to Bing Crosby, “Mr. White Christmas” himself, singing it. Our Boys did him proud!

      I know I’m partial on one hand, and on another, it seems like Our Guys really are out-singing so many legends. What do you think, Myron and everyone? Are they really out-performing our traditional greats?

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine, I believe so. Gian’s Night & Day gives me chills and Frank Sinatra would be proud of him. Every song they sing is more beautiful than our legends – not to put them down; the amazing part is they are so young and not even American! They really care about all good music and are into all kinds. Don’t know how they even find the time for it all.

      2. Thanks for your input, Ann! Totally agree with you about Night and Day! And honestly, I thought their White Christmas was better than what I heard from Bing on YouTube.
        I’m just in awe every day!

        They’ve introduced me to more than one musical artist, as I listen to what they say about who they listen to! (; >)

        Can’t begin to imagine how glorious their voices will be in their 30’s!

        Sweet night,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Yes! When? Detroit PBS already has it posted as a premium gift for pledging, which means it will be out after they are done. (My opinion)

  16. going to collect my copies (3) tomorrow at Barnes and Noble. can’t wait to hear them singing O Holy Night and Ave Maria. I will enjoy comparing This singing of Ave Maria and Gianluca’s rendition when he sang it alone in Italy for the earthquake victims. how his voice has matured! well the other Cd’s will get waylaid for the next 2 months while I play Bon Natale every day, and give it as gifts for Christmas. I usually play my Il Volo music loud, and I think people sometimes hear it when they are passing in the street because one neighbor told me that he sees I like classical music, and he wouldn’t know any other way. tomorrow night when I come home from dinner, the house will be closed up and I will just let the sound fill my whole house and I will be going to Heaven and let the world pass by

  17. I have found that all Il Volo, but especially Buon Natale needs to be cranked up high. Wow! The tight harmonies, Piero channeling Elvis, etc., etc., etc.

    1. I did have an email from Interscope and was able to download Marie. The religious themed songs of Ave Marie, Silent Night Panis Angelicus, and O Holy Night are very stirring and beautiful. Piero hitting that last note in O Holy Night, wow. Their blended voices are really angelic there is no other word for it. Now we fans will be greedy for more and hope we get to hear some of their Christmas concert they will do when home in Italy (at the Basilica of St Franics of Assisi) hopefully there will be downloads available somewhere from it! I’m sure if there are we will be informed here on the Flight Crew site, the place to find out anything of importance!

    1. I think the difference is incredible. How can that be? The orchestration is better. The English is better. I could even hear the power and maturity in those voices. Our babies voices are growing up. But weren’t they just the cutest things in 2011?

  18. Thanks for the video to review, Jenny!

    I was thinking tonight how overall (not just with this song), I sometimes recognize which songs are new and which are from previous albums. All are gorgeous! Even still, here are the differences I notice:
    Piero… really reaches into the silken realm and even shows an occasional edge now, where before power and rich depth were more notable than these. I also feel Piero’s emotion is coming through stronger and stronger!
    Ignazio… I experience his voice now as richer with more depth and more silk. Where before his power, his emotion, his lovely edge, and his cascading heights stood out for me.
    Gianluca… I find Gianluca’s power and expressiveness have risen to match his silken suave voice.

    In the first lines of I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Piero’s and Ignazio’s voices so beautifully match and blend in tone and energy.

    In-Joy-ing it all!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. It is also amazing to hear how Gianluca transitioned from his earlier tenor to this rich melodic baritone. As was stated earlier, they have not even fully grown into their voices. Wow!, we are in trouble when that happens. I already had a love for the voices of Piero and Gian, I am beginning to appreciate Ignazio’s voice more and more. There are certain songs that I can hear him singing in the future that fit his edginess.

      1. Absolutely agreed, Lijoy!

        Gian’s voice is transforming so much into his rich baritone register that I really wonder about whether it soon will be time to enlist Gatica and Robles (their sound engineer / mixer team) to create some new arrangements, even for current songs, to fully showcase Gianluca’s melodic baritone (in 2014 tour and recordings).

        Myron, anyone have thoughts on this??

        And as for Ignazio, his voice is becoming richer, smoother practically each time I hear him!

        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Listen to an early Caruso and then at RCMH, major difference in expressiveness and tone. Actually all three can sing the phone book and it would bring me to tears.

  19. I had never seen that video. Thanks Jenny! It was sweet. You can tell he was nervous. His voice is different now. I thought it was pretty good then. I must have grown with him. Cool!

  20. Jeanine, I do the same thing! Gianluca especially is introducing me to a lot of artists. every time he says he is listening to one, I look it up on U Tube, or if he likes a girl, I go and look her up. I also look up the countries they are touring, so I am learning a lot of geography as well. besides singing. they are also educating me on the world and ofcourse Myron educates me on music, so I am getting a lot of knowledge which sometimes surprises my family, they want to know how I could know all this. the key here is if you love someone, you want to find out all about them down to their likes and movements. that’s what we all do isn’t it?

  21. Deanne, I totally agree. We are learning a lot from three young teenagers coming from 3 different little towns and put together after they entered a contest! They are eager to learn about different artists and countries and are growing up before our eyes and acting so natural and down to earth we feel that they are part of our family and wish they were.

  22. We’re on the same page, Deanne and Ann.

    I’ve got Tracy Chapman “Baby Can I Hold You” (thanks, Ignazio, for sharing your current fav!) and even Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory”. Really, I liked Gianluca when he did a short little bit from “The Edge of Glory”. So sorry his recording is no longer available! It was adorable.

    I noticed in the Boys’ Day in the life in NYC video their open-mindedness and their willingness to experience new things.
    Remember how Ignazio said,
    “One week ago, didn’t like disco, but now I love it.”
    and later
    “To be recognized in Times Square is incredible … is a new sensation for us.”

    Thanks, Jenny, for the video of Gianluca and Charise singing rehearsing The Prayer. BTW, that led me to other videos tonight, including one where David Foster said he wrote it for Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. I didn’t know that!

    You are great ambassadors of Life, Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  23. Give me a moment for that vision….Ok…Her voice is very beautiful. Ahhh Italians. They must love women more than anyone else. There’s always pictures of beautiful, graceful women in the background! There were a few cheese-cake shots here too. Watch carefully for the 6 pack!

    1. That was from the Taj – just before the Atlantic City concert – no wonder he looked so relaxed! LOL

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