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The concert in Chile on the 29th was as fabulous as usual. The Guys seemed to have thrived on the adoration of their fans.

The concerts for the next three nights are in Buones Aires, Argentina at the Gran Rex. It’s unusual to have three back to back concerts at the same venue; there must have been a huge demand!!!

The Teatro Gran Rex is an Art Deco style theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina which opened on July 8, 1937, as the largest cinema in South America.

Located near the centre of the city at 857 Corrientes Avenue, it was designed by the architect Alberto Prebisch, who was also in charge of the construction of the Obelisk, one of the main icons of the city.

The design of the interior was influenced by that of Radio City Music Hall in New York and construction of the theatre was completed in just seven months in association with the engineer Adolfo Moret. The opening caused a sensation and the Argentine intellectual Victoria Ocampo praised the theatre as an outstanding example of modern architecture from the pages of her influential literary journal, Sur.

Today, the theatre has 3,300 seats and, together with the Teatro Opera on the opposite side of the street, is one of the city’s most important venues for the staging of international shows.

Chiquititas was the highest-grossing event in the history of the theater. Based on the children-oriented soap of the same name and with the complete cast of the show, six seasons of live musicals were performed at the Gran Rex from 1996 to 2001 during the Winter Holidays. Over 1 million tickets were sold, with the 1998 season being the highest-selling season ever (and the highest attendance ever at the Gran Rex to this day): 240,000 tickets sold.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca tweeted yesterday, We had so much much(?) doing some interviews in Buenos Aires, They will be released soon” he later tweeted “Hungry” then ” I ate a lot tonite, too much Argentinian beef #sogood”

Piero tweeted, “I love this city #buenosAires Buonanotte #Argentina and #the world” He tweeted today “3 shows at #Gran Rex Theatre in 3 days, lets start tonight!”

Ignazio tweeted “Cristian Castro “Asi Era Ella” ( referring to the popular Mexican singers’ new song release)

Check out Team Il Volo for some new articles “Il Volo In Chile” and “Il Volo live in Chile” with a video. See also “Il Volo offers three shows in Argentina” Piero states in this article “We do not have a favorite city, but we surely will go live in Los Angeles” Please remember these articles are translated from Spanish!

See All things Il Volo for some great photos and videos.

Il Volo has 10 more concerts left, including tonight, in their South American Tour. There has been much speculation of where they are going and what they are doing at the end of the tour. Except for 11/29 at the Mall of America and 12/1 in Detroit there has been no announcement from managemnent of their plans. If all the speculation was true they would have to be in 10 places at once. Lets see what developes.

You still have the rest of the day today to vote on the “Peoples Choice Awards”

Love and Luck In Argentina Guys!!!


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    1. Kitty I didn’t make that promise. Although I thought about it long and hard. If I listen 10 or more times, eventually I can translate pieces and parts. I can use an online translator for written stuff. The interviews cause me headaches. Sorry Josie, I won’t make this a habit.

  1. Loretta…BOTH of the “Minnesota Mary’s” will be at the MOA…together…on Black Friday!!!! Can’t wait!!! Hoping they are all in good health!

  2. My P.S. post above doesn’t make any sense, unless you saw my post that came before it. Somehow, that one got lost when the page changed. We certainly are a bunch of jabberboxes aren’t we? Wish I knew what was said in Ignazio’s conversation with the older gentleman at the concert last night. That Ignazio is a real sweetheart!

    Concerning the boy’s health & voices. I think that since we agree that they have to have been heaven sent, we also know that they have been surrounded by highly experienced, and highly qualified people, who also have a vested interest in their well being. The boys, themselves, are old enough to know how they feel, and smart enough to speak up. In addition, they have a parent with them, who deeply loves them, and has taken care of them all of their young lives. Who better to have on the scene! Does all of that take away our loving concern, not in the least! For sure, what is needed from us is first of all, prayers, and second of all, trust. I feel that all will be well, and that all our love, and support will help to get them through.

    Ruth, sorry I didn’t reply to your question about if I went to their concert on Sept. 1. No, I didn’t because I wanted to take my son to see the “LION KING” for his birthday, and couldn’t afford both. Saw them when they were here last year. As it turned out, we bought tickets 3 months early for Halloween night, but my son got sick and we couldn’t go. So probably lost the price, even though we had not even picked up the tickets! What a bummer!

  3. Lijoy, go for it. Good luck Of course, that video made me cry, that he is so sweet.

  4. Hi, folks,

    I just watched
    Il Volo- Nuestro Amor
    posted by Rodrigo Leguizamón
    published November 2nd, but I don’t know if it was from the concert on the 2nd or the 1st.

    I didn’t put a link because Marie’s profile still says to put a description and not a link while they are still researching copyright laws. Marie, has that request changed?

    They sounded great! Totally amazing me again! It looks like they still sang their usual parts. I’m in awe. They sounded fabulous!

    Does anyone know what this says? It was posted on Mundial with Piero and Gianluca’s Tweets.
    “Actualizaciones de nuestros ángeles…todos menos Ignazio, que debe estar malito. Brasil…allá van nuestros ángeles!! Buon viaggio ragazzi!!”
    I am 100% clear on the last sentence. The other part uncertain on, and I don’t actually know who wrote it anyway.

    Buona notte,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. Hey jeanine, see you’re still up, or maybe not by now. I asked josie if she heard the conversation between Ignazio, and the older gentleman at the concert last night and shegraciously provided it. Now made me tear even more. I think it is on the next page,but things seem a little confessing to me on here tonight.

    Hope you had another nice day! Happy how things worked out for you to teach. Yea! Have a good night.

    1. Hi Kitty,
      Loved the translation!
      Better young men I’ve never met!

      Off to sleep. Sweet dreams,
      Jeanine D.

  6. Thanks for your comment about teaching. That was decades ago, and yet still a valuable lesson in listening to that still small voice of guidance within.
    Jeanine D.

  7. Thank you Josie for your translation. There isn’t another man o earth like Ignazio, he is so kind & respectful.
    Maryc hope you & Mary Bohling have a great time at the Mall of America & can get an signing or at least see the boys. Your so lucky. I was listening to my Christmas CD last night which I just received a couple of days ago. I loved them singing Ava Maria & the song Davidad with Belinda & the one with Pia Toscano. Both girls sang better than I have ever heard them sing with the boys. Of course the guys were spectacular.

    1. Sorry Loretta I don´t agree with you. There is another man like Ignazio on earth, his name: Gianluca Ginoble, (lol)

  8. Kelly, Linda, Marie, remember how we sent Ignazio a birthday card? I was wondering if we could do a Christmas Card for the 3 of them and send it the same way – via Barbara – or maybe even direct? then each of us could write them something. what do you think?
    I see from Gianluca’s tweet that Australia is next year, so East is next year, more touring! could we as a site get our message over to Barbara that we are very concerned about heir health and voices with the tight schedules hey have to keep. we would have to do it this years before they finalize plans. they may not take us on, but at least we have them hear our feelings as fans. what do you think? we will need Myron’s imput here

    1. The man asked to them sing Smile (they had only sung 02 songs and they´d sing Smile later) After they have sung Smile the man stood up and said thank you very much at least 3 times and Ignazio said: with pleasure, we are here to sing for all of you, and the man said thanks from my heart and Ignazio replied thank you, bye sir

  9. Ignazio is so adorable and sweet. they all are and we can only hope that they remain that way throughout their exciting journey and become more and more popular and we’ll knows throughout the world. I am at this moment watching and listening to our wonderful boys on their We Are Love DVD and loving it for at least the 100th time !!!!

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