8f7bb29ccf7411e2bcd822000aa80037_7DID YOU EVER……

1) … Glance at the “Takes Flight” CD cover and just smile at it?

2) … Say “Il Volo” and someone looks at you with a blank stare and you have the urge to poke them in the eye?

3) … forget to turn on THEIR CD before stepping into the shower and trudge naked back to the living room to do it?

4) …Go to the music section of your local discount store, find Il Volo CD’s behind Il Devo CD’s and move them all to the front?

5) … Want your own blog site so you could chat day or night about your favorite singing group?  (Oh wait, you’ve got that!)

6) …Sit in the car and wait for the song to end before you get out?  (Surely, we all do that!)

7) …Feel the need to throw something at an interviewer when they say “EL Volo”?

8) …Feel bad for the next song you love, when you hit “rewind” because you have to hear “Il Mondo”!  One more time!  Right now?

9) …Play Il Volo loud at the drive-thru knowing if the employees hear it, they too will be in love and you have done them a great favor?

10) …Forget your favorite CD in the car.  Go out in your robe to get it?  In the dark?  When it’s cold?

11) …Know that the person you’re talking to doesn’t want to hear about how much you love Piero, but you tell them anyway?

12) …Wish Marie would stop writing about Ignazio’s dimples?  (Not gonna happen!)

13) …Worry that someone will steal your car while your Il Volo Cd’s are inside?

14) …Wish Gianluca stayed at your house so often he had his own pillow?

15) And Kelly’s personal, “…Buy complete body care without even smelling it because it’s called ‘Beautiful Day'”.

16) This one is yours!  What’s your #16?   Did you ever….


130 thoughts on “DID YOU EVER…..”

  1. Not much luck Marie. When I clicked on the Buon Natale Tshirt to buy it said that the item is no longer available!!! I’s okay I already have 4 t-shirts. The one I got at the concert but since they didn’t have my size I stuffed a throw pillow with the one I bought because I liked the photo on it . I have had 3 others made at photos kiosks, I would really like a hooded sweatshirt. I have to check out their website to see if they’ve put up anything new. When I looked at ebay in August there were literally maybe only 2-3 items avail. with their name attached,,now there are a lot more but primarily CD’s and DVD’s that we already have.

  2. I meant to write that I put the Tshirt over a throw pillow as the cover, I certainly didn’t stuff a pillow with the t shirt, Funny how your brain thinks one thing and you write another! ha ha. I have made 12 calendars for fans and as I recall Marie offered to make you one but your address was not forthcoming!

  3. Sorry Chris, I meant to email you my address. I’ll do that.
    I knew what you meant about the pillow. What a good idea. I wish I had thought of that. I really liked one of the t-shirts at the concert but all they had was small (like that would work! I’ll take 4 please and sew them together at home so it will fit). Small would have made a nice pillow! Of course I also have 4 that fit. When I ordered the Buon Natale t-shirt from ebay it said it was the last one, but I thought it meant in my size. Sorry.

  4. Alrighty, i’m not paranoid BUT someone was peeking and listening!!!!
    Incidentally, I have one of Christine’s calendars and it’s fantastic!!! If she could make them by the gross and sell them she’d be rich
    She didn’t charge the fans, which we appreciate,, they;re wonderful!

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